Trip requests for Colombia from kimkim travelers

15 days in Colombia with Camino Verde Trek

We want t fly into Bogota on November 23 and leave from Cartagena on December 9. We like outdoor adventure and ecosystems along with a little culture. Love to hike and ski. We live in a ski town in USA.

A couple visited Colombia in November 2017

Colombia tour with NYE in Cartagena

Visiting Colombia in December for about 10 days. We are looking to do as much as we can, and experience diverse things as Colombia has so much variety! (ocean, mountain, city, coffee, museums, history, nature). We would like strictly private tours as we...

Group of 3 friends visited Colombia in December 2017

10 days Colombia - Bogota, Cartagena, Coffee region

I am being flown to a conference in Bogota with my boyfriend joining at the end of the week. We would like to spend a couple of days in and around Bogota and then definitely go to Cartagena. I would like to see some natural beauty too, potentially the...

A couple visited Colombia in October 2017

Honeymoon in Colombia!

We are traveling for our honeymoon and would like a mix of adventure and relaxation. We are definitely interested in exploring the historic and cultural sights, would like to eat good authentic food but also want to do a little partying. Would like to...

A couple visited Colombia in May 2017

Tayrona National Park

Hi There - we were wanting to do a trip to the Tayrona National Park and will be flying into Santa marta on the 18th of June at 4:15 and departing on the 22nd of June at 1pm. We would love a mix of walks and nature as well as culture and was also interested...

A couple visited Colombia in June 2017

Colombia Highlights: Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena

Hello, Colombia is on my bucket list but none of the small group tours seem to be departing when I am able to travel. I am interested in Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena but am open to suggestions. I like food and language tours. Perhaps the odd museum. ...

Traveler visited Colombia in July 2017

Coffee Plantations and Little Villages

We want to spend 2-3 days in Bogota and then Armenia, Medellin etc. We want to stay on coffee plantations and in little villages at private homes with cooks and staff. We want to go to markets and fairs and also do horseback riding and shows with meals...

Group of 9 adults and 2 children looking to visit Colombia in June 2017

Northern Colombia: Cartagena, Playa Blanca, Santa Marta/Tayrona

I am traveling 2 friends, and we are flying into Cartagena on June 8, and flying our of Medellin on June 18t. We would like to spend 2 days in Cartagena, maybe go to Playa Blanca if possible, then head to Santa Marta/Tayrona, and also go to Cabo de la Vela...

Group of 2 friends visited Colombia in June 2017

Best Places To Visit In Colombia

I am interested in a trip that takes us through the 5 regions of Colombia.

A couple visited Colombia in August 2017

I want to visit las lajas and Cartagena

I want to visit las lajas and Cartagena in my trip and I need tours for these two places, thank you.

Traveler visited Colombia in May 2017

4 or 5 day near Bogota, Medallin, Cali, or northern Peru

I would like to do a 4 or 5 day trek the last week of June 2017 in nature in the area around Bogota, Medallin, Cali, northern Peru, or the west coast of Colombia. My ideal dates would be to begin the trek on the 26th, 27th or 28th of June, and finish at...

Traveler visited Colombia in June 2017

Seeking a relaxing exploration of Colombia

My wife and I would like to take a trip to Colombia that combines some exploring with plenty of relaxing time. So, we'd rather experience a few locations in some depth, rather than trying to hit all the highlights Colombia has to offer. I think 9 or 10...

A couple visited Colombia in September 2017

Colombia Amazon Rainforest

We will be in Colombia for a wedding, prior to the wedding we want to fly from Medellin south to the Amazon to visit the rainforest, perhaps even stay in lodgings at the rainforest and explore the wildlife. We are looking for tours and packages that fit in...

Family of 1 adult and 1 child visited Colombia in June 2017

Want to experience Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota like a local

We would like to see these cities like a local, some tours, some exploring on our own, some cycling or hiking perhaps, and a little down time. We'd love cultural activities, maybe coffee farming. Regarding hotels, 3 star lodging is ok if it's nice and...

Group of 9 friends visited Colombia in January 2017

Active trip in Bogota, Medellin, Coffee Region

We would like to spend a couple of days in Bogota, a couple of days in Medellin and spend a few days in coffee triangle, for exmample in Manizales and stay at a Finca if possible. We would like to do some outdoor activities and visit a coffee farm. We like...

A couple visited Colombia in January 2017

Wildlife and national parks in Colombia

We would like to see the biodiversity and wildlife of Colombia and some of the rural culture. We would be interested In seeing the Andes and amazon but also don't mind going to the west coast. We are starting in Bogota and have from nov 15-20 before meeting...

A couple visited Colombia in November 2016

Cartagena, Tayrona, Purace National Park

We have our flights in and out of Colombia booked. We arrive in Cartagena and would like to spend a few days there, and 3 nights in Tayrona. Here are a few places we're considering — Medellin/Choco region, Cali / Popayan, Natural Los Nevados (Manizles,,...

A couple visited Colombia in December 2016

9 Day Tour of Colombia

We fly into Cartagena on Jan 22 and out of Bogota on Jan 31. Outside of exploring the cities, we want to zip line, trek, kayak, see wildlife, go to the beach, etc. I keep hearing about Tayrona National Park as well as the Rosario Islands, so would be...

A couple visited Colombia in January 2017