Trip requests for Myanmar from kimkim travelers

Myanmar 4 Days

We are family of 3, husband(53), wife(51) and daughter(17yrs). After my business meeting, we have time from August 12 morning to August 15 evening. Our flight leaving Yangon is at 11pm. We want to experience Yangon about their culture for 2 days and Inle...

Family of 2 adults and 1 child visited Myanmar in August 2017

Myanmar Adventure Tour - 15 Days

I am interested in a 15-day tour of Myanmar with lots of adventure!

A couple visited Myanmar in October 2017

2 Weeks Exploring Inde Lakes, Mandalay, Bagan, and Yangoon

We don't like pre organised tours but like to pick them as we go. Would like to spend couple of nights at Inde Lakes, Mandalay, Bagan and back for 2 nights in Yangon to fly home, Would like to book 4 star accomodation and internal flights please

A couple visited Myanmar in November 2017

Myanmar July / August

I am interested in 'Highlights of Myanmar - 10-day tour'. We have already bought airline tickets and will be arriving during monsoon season. My son and I will be arriving first (I'm arriving July 20th and he is arriving July 23rd) and I think we can...

A couple visited Myanmar in August 2017

Myanmar highlights in April, 12 days

We are wanting to travel and see the main tourist highlights (definitely Golden Rock), we love to eat local and experience local culture as much as possible. Would rather use a private driver than bus or tour group. We have traveled a lot including india,...

Group of 2 friends visited Myanmar in April 2017

Cultural and beach trip of Myanmar

Hi there, We are a couple in our late 60s/mid 70s...we already have booked flights from Hanoi to Yangon. We are fit and healthy, but one of us not interested in trekking or long hilly walks, flat walks of 2 or 3 hours fine. Our interests are in music, the...

A couple visited Myanmar in January 2018

3 Week Tour of Myanmar

I would like to plan a trip to see highlights of Myanmar. I would like to work around a sailing trip in Mergui archipelago March 18-23. Definitely want to see Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan. All suggestions appreciated. Preferably not sitting in a...

Traveler visited Myanmar in March 2017

Myanmar First Experience - 2 weeks

We are in our fifties. Both relatively fit though one of us doesn't climb or trek. Like to see the main sights and some not so popular, love to meet and be with real people. Both real foodies. Have traveled to many countries in SE Asia but not Myanmar....

A couple visited Myanmar in April 2017

Yangon, Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock), Bagan

We would like to see and experience what Myanmar has to offer in a short period of time. We are a young active couple (early thirties) and we like to pack a lot of things in our visit. At a minimum, we like to see: Yangon, Golden rock, Bagan Would like...

Group of 5 friends visited Myanmar in March 2017

Trekking & Biking Tour in Myanmar

We are interested in a Highlights of Mynamar trip including trekking and biking. Some initial questions: What level of difficulty is the bike tour? Have biked on level one tours in U.K. Can we get a visitors visa at the BKK airport? What are the costs...

Group of 2 friends visited Myanmar in February 2017

Hiking with a guide in Myanmar

I enjoy hiking and would like to have some experience outside Bagan. Maybe 5-7 miles is okay. In Yangon I can probably find my way around okay, but in Bagan and possibly Mandalay I would like a private guide for a few days. I don't have transportation...

Traveler visited Myanmar in February 2017

Trip to Burma - See Mandalay, Bagan and Rangoon

I will be arriving Mandalay from Chaing Rai, Thailand, on Feb 3. I need to be in Rangoon on business February 9. I would like to spend time in Mandalay and Bagan before traveling to Rangoon. I will be traveling alone; I would like to see the best...

Traveler visited Myanmar in February 2017