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Sabrina Spiess

Traveling has always been my greatest passion, which I turned into my profession after studying tourism in 2010. Then, I have been living in Canada for one year with a Work & Travel visa. After staying in Canada, I was travelling through South America for several months and staying in Argentina a few times, where I now live, in Buenos Aires - the Paris of South America. I have fallen in love with its diverse landscapes, culture, and people!

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"As a travel expert for Argentina, I will put together your personal travel experience for you. Marvel at the breathtaking Iguazú waterfalls in the subtropical north, experience the freedom of a rental car tour through the northeast of Argentina and marvel at the mountain of seven colors. Enjoy the popular Malbec red wine during a wine tasting in Mendoza. In the south, the glaciers of Patagonia await you, hike in Bariloche or immerse yourself in the culture and architecture of Buenos Aires. Argentina has something to offer for everyone! Feel free to contact me if you are interested in amazing tailor-made trips to Argentina or in combination with the neighbouring countries like Chile, Brazil and Uruguay."

How did you get involved in travel?

"The love for traveling started very early, when I was a child and we went on family trips each year. So, I have always loved traveling and get to know new places and immerse myself in the locals' culture and lifestyle."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"The most remarkable experience I have made during my travels was a hiking trip from the town Iruya, which is situated in the north of Humahuaca, Argentina, to a small village in the mountains called San Lorenzo. Walking through the colourful mountains in mere silence, meeting literally no one on the way, was really stunning. It felt like I was set back in time, because the village itself was small, nearly no electricity and the place I have stayed was basic. The people were friendly, warm and welcoming, and at night you could see the most beautiful starry sky I have ever seen."

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Classic Argentina: Buenos Aires, Patagonia, & Mendoza - 14 Days

This two-week escape to Argentina includes visits to a number of regions so you can get the most out of the culture. You'll also enjoy some incredible activities, including a hike on the surface of a glacier in Patagonia as well as a visit to a penguin colony in Tierra del Fuego. On top of all this, you'll travel to Argentina's wine region of Mendoza where you'll discover its famous Malbec varietal on a tasting tour.

Classic Argentina: Patagonia, Mendoza, & Iguazú - 14 Days

If you prefer active adventures to indoor amenities, this two-week Argentina expedition is for you. You'll enjoy many activities, starting with city tours of Buenos Aires followed by a trip to Patagonia for nature hikes and catamaran lake tours. Then it's back north to Mendoza wine country where you'll sample the famous Malbec, then a trip to mammoth Iguazú Falls, which is so big it straddles both Argentina and Brazil.

Buenos Aires, Bariloche, & Iguazú falls - 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary combines the best outdoor excursions in Argentina. First, you'll explore the concrete jungle of Buenos Aires and venture to the countryside for a traditional BBQ at a working ranch. Then you'll travel south for nature excursions in Patagonia before flying north where you'll straddle the border between Argentina and Brazil as you explore the largest waterfall in the Americas, Iguazú Falls.

Classic Argentina: Patagonia, Mendoza, & Iguazú - 8 Days

This eight-day itinerary covers three highlight regions of Argentina. Kicking off in Buenos Aires, you'll venture south to Bariloche for kayaking and hiking around Lake Nahuel Huapi. Next, you'll visit the wine capital of the country—the eastern region of Mendoza—for tastings and tours. The adventure culminates with a trip to the far north and a visit to Iguazú Falls, the second largest falls in the world.

Buenos Aires, Mendoza, & Iguazú - 8 Days

In eight days you can criss-cross Argentina, visiting its metropolitan capital, the wine region of Mendoza, and the northern border with Paraguaya and Brazil. In Buenos Aires, you'll enjoy city tours and a live tango show before jetting to Mendoza to sample the region's famous Malbec wine. Finally, you'll end up in the far north, where a tour of one of the world's great natural wonders—Iguazú Falls—awaits.