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Traveling has always been something very close to my heart. Kimkim gives me the opportunity to inspire people and share my passion for outdoor adventures, local cuisines, and historical sites.

How did you get involved in travel?

"I grew up in a family of curious and adventurous minds. From an early age I got to experience different cultures and explored foreign cities and landscapes during our trips to 24 countries in total. Looking back I could not be more grateful for each and every one of them. 

After finishing my education in Vienna I spent some time working at a hotel in Ireland. It was around that time I discovered my interest in Hospitality and Tourism and soon decided to move to Amsterdam to make a career out of my passion. 


Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"I have experienced so many incredible moments during my travels but one of my most memorable trips was probably my little Norway adventure in 2016. I (more or less) climbed all seven of Bergen's mountains during winter time. It turned out to be not only the most challenging activity I have ever done but also the most rewarding one. The views I got to experience were breathtaking and the feeling I had after reaching the peak was beyond all words. "

Central Vietnam Adventure: Hue & Hoi An - 5 Days

Travel deep into the cultural heart of Vietnam on this five-day excursion. It's an adventure that goes beyond popular cities to the lesser-visited metropolises of Huế and Hội An. Besides road trips along the stunning coast and tours of ancient sights, you'll also see how locals live on a visit to a traditional fishing village plus spend the day at a community project that raises money for disabled artisans.

The blue-and-white domed buildings in Santorini
Athens, Santorini, & Mykonos Exploration - 6 Days

This excursion takes you through the major highlights of the country's capital and two of its most popular islands, all in a 6-day timespan. In Athens, you'll visit the iconic Parthenon constructed in 438 BC, then go souvenir shopping at the bustling Monastiraki flea market. In Mykonos and Santorini, you'll lay on famous beaches, explore agricultural villages, eat fresh cuisine, and of course watch the sunset.

Amboise castle in the Loire Valley
Paris, Bordeaux & the Loire Valley - 7 Days

Traveling by train, this weeklong French adventure covers three destinations with a focus on history, architecture, food, and wine. Start in Bordeaux to experience the city's UNESCO-listed streets and world-renowned vineyards. Then head to Amboise for stunning castles and gardens surrounded by bucolic landscapes. Finish with two nights in Paris and let local experts show you the quintessential attractions.

Spend a day castle-hopping in the Loire Valley
France Family Adventure - 14 Days

This exciting, yet easy-going itinerary is the perfect introduction to France—especially for groups and families (ages 10 and up). Over the course of two weeks, you'll spend quality time in Paris, the Loire Valley, Provence, and the French Riviera with a fun mix of educational tours led by local guides and free time to explore on your own.

The elegant Cheverny Castle in the Loire Valley
Paris, Bordeaux & the Loire Valley - 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary is ideal for those seeking the splendor of French wine, history, and gastronomy. Traveling by train, you'll start in Bordeaux for architecture—both old and new—and tastings at some of the best vineyards in the world. Next is the Loire Valley for a range of gorgeous castles surrounded by bucolic landscapes. Finish the adventure in Paris and experience top sites with the help of a local expert.

Attend tours and tasting of some of Bordeaux's best vineyards
Bordeaux for Wine Enthusiasts - 5 Days

This 5-day itinerary is the perfect introduction to Bordeaux—hub of the famed wine-growing region in southwest France. Known for its stunning architecture (both old and new), this lively UNESCO-listed city will be your base for a series of tours to markets, vineyards, beaches, and beautiful chateaux around the region which you'll explore with the help of friendly English-speaking guides.