Trip Requests from kimkim travelers

Buenos Aires & Iguazy falls

Hi there....we would like to see the highlights of Buenos Aries and the area and get the see Iguacu Falls as well. looking at spending about 10 days doing the tour and perhaps include Montevideo as well.

A couple looking to visit Argentina in October 2019

4-5 Days in Panama

Traveler looking to connect Colombia and Panama. Interested in spending 4-5 days in Panama, open to suggestions based on his time. No flight confirmed yet, but wants to travel as soon as possible this month in order to get best rates. Comfort budget (14...

A couple is visiting Colombia in April 2019

Cycling Trip along the Irish Coast

Keen to see the cliffs of Moher, by bike, and some other day trips around the ring of Kerry. Keen to hire road bikes, & helmets, and do day trips if possible, and book accommodation around this. We are regular cyclists from Australia, who ride around 30 to...

Group of 3 friends visited Ireland in June 2018

Scenic Hikes in West/Northwest Ireland

I'd like go on scenic hikes in the west/northwest of Ireland. I'd like to spend 2 or 3 days at the same lodging. Hike/sightseeing during the day, then a good dinner each night. A mix of short and long hikes. No problem if I have to drive from site to...

Traveler looking to visit Ireland in September 2018

Road Trip of a Lifetime to Ireland

Beautiful countryside, historic sites, quaint hotels, walkability, luxurious but affordable, trip of a lifetime, elder friendly, explore cities, fun nightlife, delicious food, good beer, true irish experience, sexy irish brogues, premiere shopping, unknown...

Family of 4 visited Ireland in July 2018

2 Women looking for an adventurous trip to Morocco

Looking to do an encompassing country tour for 3-4 days. Like the flexibility of tailored itineraries and curious if KimKim partners with any specialists who work throughout the whole country. We are 2 women in our 50s, so love adventurous activities and...

Family of 2 visited Morocco in June 2018

Family trip focused on historical and cultural highlights

Travel from Casablanca to Tangier via Rabat, Fes and Chafchouen We would like to visit historical and cultural sites plus the medina in Fes and a half day tour of tangier. We are a family group with limited time. We will be staying with family in Casablanca...

Group of 4 friends visited Morocco in June 2018

Desert trip starting from Marrakech

We would like a desert trip in Morroco starting in Marrakech and ending in Marrakech as well.

Group of 7 friends visited Morocco in June 2018

I want to experience the culture and traditions of Morocco

I would really love to experience the traditional aspect of Morocco and see how the Nomads live as well and go to old villages. Would love to see/ride camels in the desert and I want to also prioritize hammams and spa's for relaxation. I'm from Yemen, but...

Group of 4 friends looking to visit Morocco in

History and Culture Trip to Morocco

8-13 day trip covering a selection of popular destinations in Morocco with travel to historical destinations and some focus on the lifestyle/culture and activities to have an interesting families would be great. We are not sure if covering the dessert...

Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Morocco in July 2018

3 Friends Exploring all over Morocco

I will be in Barcelona for the last weekend of April and plan to visit Morocco for somewhere around 5-10 days after that. We have a friend who will be in Fez on May 2, but could meet in Marrakech on May 1 as well (but I assume that's not enough time to...

A couple visited Morocco in April 2018

Morocco Family Holiday to Enjoy Historical Sights and Shopping Bazaars

I am bringing my mum and dad from China as they are visiting me in the UK. I would like to take them to Morocco for a short visit and sightseeing. I would like to travel between 2 cities and enjoy historical sights and shopping bazaars. My parents are...

Family of 3 visited Morocco in June 2018

Highlights of Morocco for Family with Adult Children

Want to visit Marrakesh, Fez, Essaouira, Chefchaouen, Atlas Mountains. No camel ride necessary but day trip to desert ok. We are parents (in 70s) with daughter and her partner. Interested in art, food, nature, history. We fly in and out of Casablanca...

Family of 4 visited Morocco in August 2018

Trip to Morocco for a couple in our 30s

We're a couple in our 30s who would like to see as much of this beautiful country in a small amount of time, maybe 6 to 7 days. Our plan is to get to Morocco early April. We are not so particular with staying at an expensive hotel, just that it's clean....

A couple visited Morocco in April 2018

Morocco Luxury Trip: Marrakesh, Fes, Desert, Chefchaouen

We would like to stay in beautiful riads and luxury camp sites. We would like to visit Marrakesh, Fez, a night in the desert, and Chefchaouen. we would love to partake in a cooking class, camel ride, quad bike.

A couple visited Morocco in June 2018

Tour of Imperial Cities in Morroco

We would like to visit the imperial cities and whatever else you recommend while in Morocco. We are Europeans that live in the US and will be coming by plane from a European city but leaving to go back to the US.. We are well traveled but like advise and...

A couple visited Morocco in December 2017

Overview of Morroco: Country side, natural attractions, historical cities

Love countryside and natural attractions and old sections of cities, not intersted in Roman ruins. I have about 10 days and I'm not into lying on the beaches. Love local customs. Interested in Casablanca, Marrakech, Fez, Rabat, mountains deserts. Love...

A couple visited Morocco in April 2018

Marrakech, Sahara, Casablanca

We arrive on Sunday evening in Marakesh. We want to explore Marrakech on Monday and depart for Sahara (Merzouga) on Tuesday, and explore the desert Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Thursday evening we want to be in Casablanca since we fly out of Casablanca on...

Group of 3 visited Morocco in December 2017

4 Friends Visiting Morocco for the First Time

A group of 4 friends visiting Morocco for the first time (flying in from U.S.) We fly in and out of Morocco via Casablanca and have fixed flight dates. We want to have these tours / visit these places: Marrakech, the Dessert tour between Marrakech and Fez...

Group of 4 friends visited Morocco in December 2017

Essential Basque Country Trip in 8 Days

We would like to spend 8 days on our trip. Hopefully in extended the time we could have a tour of a little of France coast line (Biarrita San Jean de Luz. Also like to Maybe go to Fuenterrabia and Pamplona and then swing back to to Balbao to sleep and fly...

Group of 4 friends visited Basque Country in May 2018

Dog Sledding in Northern Norway

This is for myself (59) and my adult son (25). We're both quite fit. We're looking for a 1- or 2-night dog sled trip. Currently, we can arrive late Friday afternoon, and have to leave sometime Monday. There is a remote possibility we could extend the...

Group of 2 friends visited Norway in March 2018

Iceland Last Minute Trip November

I'm going to London November 3rd and want to stop somewhere on my way back before I go home to NYC... My boyfriend and I were wanting to go on a short trip and thought of Iceland because it's close to New York.... but I'm also kind of thinking it's a big...

A couple visited Iceland in November 2017

17 day Peru adventure

We would like to Hike inca trail to Machu Picchu, Amazon stay in jungle, Lima food tour, Lake Titicaca. Inca ruins. Adventure, camping, small group. Rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, backpacking. We also will be visiting Galapagos on the same trip either...

A couple visited Peru in October 2017

9 day tour of Jordan

We have 9 days for a highlights tour of Jordan. The "Experience Jordan itinerary" on your website looks great but I feel I need to spend more time in Petra so maybe add an extra day there. What kind of hotel accommodation do you guys normally include in...

Group of 8 friends visited Jordan in April 2018

15 days in Colombia with Camino Verde Trek

We want t fly into Bogota on November 23 and leave from Cartagena on December 9. We like outdoor adventure and ecosystems along with a little culture. Love to hike and ski. We live in a ski town in USA.

A couple visited Colombia in November 2017

Eight Days in Iceland's Westfjords

I want to see a little bit of history. I'd love to see some Viking-age structures. I also want to take in Iceland's natural beauty. First and foremost, that's what I'd like to see. Anything that makes Iceland stand out geographically/geologically. I'm...

Traveler visited Iceland in August 2017

Family Trip on the Ring Road

Young family looking for adventure along the ring road. Interests: Geysers, hot springs, ice caves, volcanoes, icebergs, riding the Icelandic horse, whale watching (and the museum), anything Vikings-related, cooking traditional food, heli tour or hot air...

Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Iceland in May 2018

Volcano, Waterfalls, and Fjords in Iceland

We are looking for a self-guided four wheel drive tour to see volcanoes, fjords, waterfalls, and culture, and we have approximately 4-5 days. We are 60 plus years old and in good physical condition. We are adventuresome within reason. Very knowledgeable...

A couple visited Iceland in August 2017

Summer Adventure in Iceland

We want to see and experience Iceland. We're not big city people, and prefer nature and quaint towns. We like to drive ourselves and follow an itinerary. Hot springs, waterfalls, mountain scenery are all a must. We prefer bed and breakfast stays or...

A couple visited Iceland in July 2017

Two-Week Summer Getaway in Iceland

We've never been to Iceland and would like to get a sampling of the beauty of the country - driving on our own, and taking our time. If there is enough to do in one area, would like to stay more than 1 night, rather than having to move on every day. ...

Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Iceland in July 2017

Iceland Roadtrip Adventure

I will be traveling with 4 adult grandchildren and would like to see as much as possible in the time we have. I would like to travel in a vehicle which will hold the five of us comfortably. We will be going to the Lake Myvatn area for a couple of days. We...

Family of 5 visited Iceland in August 2017

Iceland Wonders in Two Weeks

I want to see the aurora borealis, ice cave, blue lagoon, and geysers. I am a 35-year-old female, and very adventurous. I love traveling, exploring, and experiencing new things. I love animals and nature and look forward to seeing the waterfalls and...

Traveler visited Iceland in September 2017

Iceland Adventure

We are traveling with two 17 year olds (our sons). We are a very active family who enjoys Nordic skiing and hiking. We also are interested in the music scene and culture of Iceland (including great food of course). We would like to enjoy the Northern...

Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Iceland in March 2017

Winter Norway Highlights: Cities, Fjords, and Northern Lights

I want to travel from Oslo to Tromso in roughly a week. I'd like to do/see the railway, Flam, fjord cruise (not essential, just if time permitting), the northern lights (must see) and dog sledding (must do). I would like to spend at least 1 night in Oslo,...

Traveler visited Norway in December 2017

Family Vacation: Mountains and Fjords

We only have such a short time we want to see as much as we can. We would love to do a glacier walk. We haven't got anything in mind as a definite to do list. We would like to hear from some experts! Seeing the fjords I guess, we want to see some...

Family of 2 adults and 3 children visited Norway in July 2017

Spring Break: Norway in a Nutshell and Bodø

We're flying in and out of Oslo. I thought we could do the nutshell tour, but it seems we might be too early in the year. A definite stop is the air museum in Bodo; we're planning to fly there from either Oslo or Bergen. We'd like to see the beauty of the...

A couple visited Norway in April 2018

Tromsø | Lofoten & Sognefjorden | Bergen

We are an active couple who prefer hiking and walking tours. We have 10 days to explore Bergen and the fjords and would like at least a few day walks as well as discovering the historic and cultural aspects of the area. If practicable we would like to spend...

A couple looking to visit Norway in June 2019

Surprise Norway Trip for Mom

My 2 sisters and I are surprising my mother with a trip to Norway for her 70th birthday. My grandparents were Norwegian, but my mother was born in Canada and has never been, although its been a life-long dream for her. We are looking to spend about 5 days...

Family of 5 visited Norway in August 2018

Hiking trip from Bergen

We are a family of four (kids are 12 and 14 very sporty) and would like to do a hiking trip in the fjords from Bergen and/or active activities (easy from Heathrow) for 4 days maybe a resting between two activities? Pulpit rock seem doable, Kejrag,...

Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Norway in May 2018

Solo Trip to Norway: Fjords, Northern Lights, and Viking History

I am going to be travelling alone after finishing a 2 week tour in Ireland and Scotland. In Norway I am hoping to see as many fjords and northern lights as possible in a week in October. I would also like to see some Viking history as well. I don't...

Traveler visited Norway in October 2017

Fall Norway Adventure

I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Norway this fall. I anticipate being there either the first or second week in October. I will most likely be traveling with a friend. We are two women in our mid 30s. I live in Seattle and she lives in...

Traveler visited Norway in September 2017

Colombia tour with NYE in Cartagena

Visiting Colombia in December for about 10 days. We are looking to do as much as we can, and experience diverse things as Colombia has so much variety! (ocean, mountain, city, coffee, museums, history, nature). We would like strictly private tours as we...

Group of 3 friends visited Colombia in December 2017

Self-Drive Iceland Vacation

We would like to do a self-drive tour. Some extra things we are looking to do are: snowmobiling, Grimsley Island for the arctic circle ferry ride, glacier hike, the blue lagoon, zodiac tour in glacier bay, and we need a car that would fit 4 adults with 4-5...

Group of 4 friends visited Iceland in May 2018

Authentic Sweden and Norway

We are picking up a new car in Gotenborg and then we would like to drive up the Swedish west coast to Norway's fjords, then perhaps to Copenhagen and back to Gotenborg. Then we will take the train to Stockholm for 3 days. We like authentic places, not...

A couple visited Norway in October 2017

Iceland Winter Adventure 2018

My family wants to see the northern lights, glaciers, frozen waterfalls, blue lagoon, cathedral, and hidden gems only locals know. My husband and 1 are in our mid 30's, our son is 6, my brother in law is in his early 30's and my inlaws are in there early...

Family of 5 adults and 1 child visited Iceland in January 2018

Birthday Trip to Tromsø in Winter

This trip is for my 65th birthday. I would like the experience whilst still being fit. We love the outdoors and are quite adventurous. All of the activities that I have read about sound appealing; it's just choosing the right ones.

A couple visited Norway in February 2018

10 days Colombia - Bogota, Cartagena, Coffee region

I am being flown to a conference in Bogota with my boyfriend joining at the end of the week. We would like to spend a couple of days in and around Bogota and then definitely go to Cartagena. I would like to see some natural beauty too, potentially the...

A couple visited Colombia in October 2017

Sicily bicycling and culture

Looking for a short, fun trip to Sicily in September. Two active woman cyclists, in our sixties . Would benefit from a moderate to easy cycling schedule ( supported?). Would like hotel bookings and guided tours set up, as well as some local activities...

Group of 2 friends visited Italy in September 2017

Norway Highlights at a Relaxed Pace

Looking to do as much as possible in 2.5 weeks in Spring 2018. Don't need lots of time in Oslo. Happy to start in Bergen. Want to fit in Lofoten Islands. Happy to do one-way drive as far as Tromso, or further, fitting in as much as reasonably possible....

A couple visited Norway in May 2018

10 year Anniversary Iceland Road Trip

My husband and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary next year. We want to do the Ring Road road trip with two of our close friends to celebrate! We are all from Texas! We would love to have a quick vow renewal ceremony somewhere special along the...

Group of 4 friends looking to visit Iceland in April 2018