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Hello, I’m Anette. I was born in Germany’s Black Forest and I’ve been living in Ireland for 18 years now. I’ve always loved exploring new places, meeting the locals and gaining an understanding of different ways of life. I’m a big nature lover and I like to find the spots that aren’t in the guidebook. That all makes Ireland my perfect place to be.

I live in the beautiful County of Kerry. My new-found passion is athletics (high jump and sprints). I also enjoy long walk in the amazing Irish Country Side and on the beach with our dog Spock.

My job with Kleemann Ireland is in the organization of coach tours, getting them to all corners of the island. And now that my kids are getting a little older, I get to enjoy guiding an occasional tour too.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Kleemann specializes both in pre-packaged tours and also in bespoke experiences. Our brochure contains a wealth of ideas and places to stay while you’re in Ireland. Every trip gets the personal touch of one of our dedicated team.

A typical itinerary would include your travel, accommodation, and transport while you’re here. We include your day trips to take in the sights, and fill your nights with theatre, music, and dance.
More and more we organize tailored trips for groups both large and small. From golfers to hill walkers, from farmers to engineers, and those who just want to spend a few days getting a sense of the country and its culture. We know Ireland inside and out. We live it and love it and we’d be happy to turn our experience into yours."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I’ve had itchy feet from a young age so the minute I finished school I took off to conquer the world. My passion was going to be my profession. It first brought me to a travel agency, then I furthered my knowledge with a Bachelors in Tourism. I’ve lived and worked in London, Greece, and The Canary Islands.

To earn some money during my studies I worked in an Irish Pub in my hometown of Freiburg. I found that I loved the easy-going way of the Irish, so after finishing my studies I decided to see if the Irish in Ireland were as nice as they were in Germany. Long story short, I fell in love with the country and an Irishman. I’ve been working now for 18 years for Kleemann Vacations."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"While living in London I decided to visit Edinburgh in Scotland with my friend – on a very small budget. After our train ride to Scotland, we noticed that my friend’s money had been stolen. That left my cash alone to cover the trip. It was going to be enough to pay for accommodation or to have some fun and see at least a few of the sights.

We asked at the police station for help and they were kind enough to help us find student accommodation for which we could pay later. The next morning we ventured into the City.

The Castle looked amazing but we couldn’t afford the admission charge. Without noticing (and this is true), I had entered the castle grounds, but my friend could not get in. An elderly local who offered to bring my friend in using his annual pass of the castle. He gave us a free tour and afterward, brought us home for tea and scones. Then he had his son play the Bagpipes for us, right there in his kitchen. We felt blessed that day."

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