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Morocco Travel Agents

(721 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Morocco:
"Megan was so very easy to work with." Priti · Sep 7, 2023
"Mohamed has been very helpful putting the itinerary together based on our interests and specific requests, understanding that we weren't looking for a fully organized trip and wanted to discover Morocco on our own." Cla · Sep 4, 2023
"We would like to mention that out driver Hakim Hamzawi was extremely professional and took utmost care of our needs during these nine days." Rajgopal · Sep 4, 2023

Italy Travel Agents

(458 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Italy:
"Ina helped us craft a perfect honeymoon." Simran · Sep 21, 2023
"Our trip guide Alberto was great." John · Sep 19, 2023
"Wonderful trip planned with Arianna!" Vincent · Sep 18, 2023
TasosHarrisGloriaFabioEdmondoEmiSoniaLisaAndreaMonicaIfigeniaEleniTomazJessicaLoriChrisAlessandroFrancescaInaIreneMariannaValeriaElenaMaria GraziaStephaniaParaskevasCeciliaEvyeniaMorenoChiaraFabioBARBARADeborahThanosGiuliaAriannaBenedettaLorenzaAlbertoPaolaBarbaraEiriniChiaraClemensFrancescaMartaMelanieVincenzoMartinaCaterinaElisa
Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Agents

(671 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Costa Rica:
"Gustavo gave us the best ideas, and the catalina island trip was definitely the highlight, while we didn't come at the peak season for Manta Rays, we saw a giant 15 ft Manta Ray on our trip!" Jason · Aug 28, 2023
"Charlotte and the team were always responsive and answered all of my many questions prior to the trip." Jessica · Aug 27, 2023
"The people at KimKim (Fio, Nancy, and Charlotte) that put everything together, answered all of our questions, and helped us while we were there- they were just fantastic." Cosimo · Aug 26, 2023
RandallCatherinaOlmanFranciscoAlexMarkYulianaChristopherCharlotteNancyRosaBryanVeronicaDennisPhilPaolaKatherineJean CarloHoldenErwin

Greece Travel Agents

(689 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Greece:
"Rebecca and the Grecianlux team did a phenomenal job with planning our honeymoon trip to Greece (Athens, Paros, Milos, and Santorini)!" Holly · Sep 20, 2023
"Antonis did a great job planning our trip to Greece." Darcy · Sep 19, 2023
"I was nervous about using an online travel company, but Chris made it easy." Deborah · Sep 18, 2023
TasosChristosHarrisChrisRebeccaStefanosEiriniIfigeniaEleniChrisAmaliaAngela (Aggeliki)HaraAntonisInaIreneMariannaNadiaStephaniaParaskevasEvyeniaAntonisThanosDimosDimitriosEffieNikosAlexandraGeorginaMarilizaDimitriosAfroditiThaliaNikos

Norway Travel Agents

(491 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Norway:
"Anna has done a fabulous job organizing this trip for us." Marina · Sep 21, 2023
"Mar created a fabulous trip for us." Stephanie · Sep 19, 2023
"Mar and her team made things so easy!" Catie · Sep 14, 2023
LindaJuliaTriciaChristinaMeréeEzdiTom ChristerGaiaKristaMariaMathiaAnnaMarEthelEliiseElineVeronikaAnuFenneRagnarTommyKaisaKristiinaSten

Iceland Travel Agents

(691 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Iceland:
"Terry was incredibly helpful in planning a trip that met the different interests of four people ." Carol · Sep 18, 2023
"The trip was well-planned by Gummi (Guðmundur Óli) who created a road trip that explored the Golden Circle and various sights along the Southern coast of Iceland." Gary · Sep 18, 2023
"Jenny from Kimkim was amazing." ernie · Sep 18, 2023
PreetiEmanuelaMicheleJennyOthmanTerryRinoldaAndrés ÚlfurJanelFrancescaDuncanHalldórSilvíaLisbetEvaÈricHannaElisa Guðlaug SnælandGuðmundur ÓliKrešoAdamVeronikaRitaMiglé

Portugal Travel Agents

(270 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Portugal:
"For Portugal in particular, I am very happy to recommend our agent, Pedro, who was extremely helpful in the planning phase and throughout the trip." Annabel · Sep 18, 2023
"Beatriz of Espiritu Travel was with us every step of the way." Tom · Sep 17, 2023
"Pedro was very patient and flexible as we built the itinerary and very responsive to our questions while we were in Portugal." Julie · Sep 16, 2023

Spain Travel Agents

(317 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Spain:
"Karenina, our local specialist, was making sure everything went smoothly every step of the way!" Lisa · Sep 18, 2023
"From the time I looked up Kimkim and reached out to find out some details on Spain, to the final day of our amazing trip - everything was done so professionally by our assigned travel expert, Carmen and the team!" Aparna · Sep 14, 2023
"Helena was always prompt and made the process easy." Maggie · Sep 13, 2023

France Travel Agents

(222 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for France:
"Amandine put together a trip of a life time for my wife, son, daughter in law and myself." joe · Sep 14, 2023
"Mathilde's knowledgeable and instantly responsive communications and advice during the planning, adjustments and coordination of our itinerary and logistics was awesome leading up to and throughout our five day anniversary trip." Jim · Sep 13, 2023
"Valentine helped us to plan an amazing first time trip to France for us!" Tyler · Sep 10, 2023

Vietnam Travel Agents

(177 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Vietnam:
"Really recommend working with Camellia too." John · Sep 7, 2023
"Hien was simply exceptional!" David W. · Aug 29, 2023
"Hien was creative and flexible in finding an itinerary and suggesting specific places to stay, including the out-of-this-world Tam Coc Garden and a one-night Nostalgic Cruise overnight in Halong Bay." John · Aug 27, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaLinhHuyenHienLongThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangHaDatMinhAlexLucyTerrySandySunnyKienLinhJennyAileenLisa

Croatia Travel Agents

(321 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Croatia:
"Nikola helped us create the perfect itinerary which mixed islands with ancient cities, and provided great guides who helped us understand the complicated history of the country." Kara · Sep 20, 2023
"Nikola is first rate, totally extraordinary ‼️‼️‼️ Every detail of our trip was covered in advance plus daily check ins." Susan & Bob · Sep 20, 2023
"What especially stood out were the excellent choices of hotels (and even rooms within those hotels) that Nikola selected for us." Greg · Sep 20, 2023

Japan Travel Agents

(70 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Japan:
"To Fei - and all who helped make this such an enjoyable trip with so many memories to keep." Michael · Sep 11, 2023
"Angel worked with me to build out options for a trip itinerary and patiently helped me refine it." Charlie · Aug 28, 2023
"We had a fabulous trip to Japan thanks to Sandy and the Kimkim team." Deborah · Aug 20, 2023

Colombia Travel Agents

(373 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Colombia:
"Margarita and her team were amazing." Shailee · Sep 6, 2023
"Our travel specialist, Margarita, did a masterful job of arranging a complex itinerary with fantastic guides, flawless transportation, and numerous both educational and fun activities at each of our stops." Noaman · Aug 20, 2023
"David, the contact with Chaska tours, the local company, helped up plan a trip that we wanted that included urban experiences, countryside experiences, and exposure to the culture and people of Colombia." Leslie · Aug 17, 2023
LeoAndreaLisaMargothRafaja HannaFelipeMichaelWendyDavidMargaritaDean

Australia Travel Agents

(71 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Australia:
"Liz did an excellent job at planning everything for us!" Cynthia · Sep 21, 2023
"Such a long holiday cannot go without few issues but Connie was amazing." Sharon · Aug 19, 2023
"Liz planned a wonderful trip that enabled us to experience the best of Australia and New Zealand." Jodi · Aug 6, 2023

Thailand Travel Agents

(76 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Thailand:
"My travel planner Alex was great and took care of every detail." eve2.0 · Aug 26, 2023
"From the moment I requested information for our trip to Thailand, Thao knew exactly what we were looking for." Patricia · Aug 25, 2023
"Tina provided us an unforgetable itinerary of unique experiences in three different areas of Thailand." Claudia · Aug 15, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaLinhHuyenHienLongSarunyaThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangAlexLucyTerryTinaSandySunnyKienLinhJennyAdaAileenLisa

Chile Travel Agents

(196 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Chile:
"Dream vacation in Chile and our local specialist, Jesse, made it all possible." Clara · Sep 16, 2023
"Jesse was extremely responsive and receptive to our what we wanted." Melanie · Sep 15, 2023
"After we left Rapa Nui, we had more time in Santiago and in Valparaiso, and we loved the experiences arranged for us by our in-country specialist, Lorena." Joel · Aug 22, 2023
KristyErinMeryLauraEmilceLeandroLorenaPaulGabrielaAnaHervéMatiasAngelEmiliaJesseJimenaSolFranciscoPaulo Salvador

Peru Travel Agents

(380 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Peru:
"Firstly, a huge applause for Johanna Fabian, our Trip Planner." Kakoli · Sep 21, 2023
"Liz Karen provided great service in working through any questions/issues that arose with local vendors." Bristi · Sep 11, 2023
"We had an amazing trip in Peru, planned by Martina with Kimkim." Bilin · Sep 10, 2023
MartinaKristyJessicaJohannaJesusAnneNicholasLiz KarenFiorellaLindaFrancescaRuthCarolina

Argentina Travel Agents

(160 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Argentina:
"Ana was amazing in putting together our trip to Patagonia." Camila · Sep 8, 2023
"Ana and her team put together an itinerary that ensured that we saw the best that the country had to offer." Albert · Sep 6, 2023
"Our Kim specialist, Agustina, was fantastic: responsive, thoughtful, friendly." Una · Aug 31, 2023
KristyErinJohannaMeryEmilceNataliaLeandroLorenaPaulGabrielaFrancescaAnaHervéMatiasClaudiaAnaAgustinaEmiliaCamilaJulietaSolPaulo Salvador
New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Agents

(70 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for New Zealand:
"Franck captured everything we wanted to see in NZ in our short 10 day visit, plus so much more." Karen · Sep 15, 2023
"Vickie was wonderful in her suggestions for our NZ South Island tour." Joelle · Sep 7, 2023
"Hi Liz, The trip to New Zealand and Australia was probably one of the best we've ever had." Jim · Aug 25, 2023
South Africa

South Africa Travel Agents

(94 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for South Africa:
"Anna-marie checked in with us periodically throughout the trip to ensure all was going well." Kari · Sep 12, 2023
"Out specialist Lucy made sure that we had the most incredible experience." Lori · Sep 10, 2023
"Everything was great great hotels, great activities, and Anna-marie was awesome!" Richard · Sep 9, 2023

Mexico Travel Agents

(98 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Mexico:
"Our trip specialists Lizbeth, Ximena, and Isabelle were all amazing - quick to respond and always had the information I needed." Claudia · Sep 5, 2023
"Leslie is an amazing organizer for the trip of a lifetime." Rob · Jul 29, 2023
"Thank you, Rene and Lizbeth from Kimkim, for helping us make unforgettable memories together with this incredible vacation." Melanie · Jul 29, 2023

Ireland Travel Agents

(96 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ireland:
"Shauna was very easy to get a hold of, and it was a great advocate for us throughout our trip." Kerrick · Sep 15, 2023
"Dean and other members of the team were professional." R · Sep 15, 2023
"Dean made sure that everything we did, was doable with an infant." Debbie · Sep 11, 2023

Ecuador Travel Agents

(213 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ecuador:
"Our local specialist, Mathias, was very accommodating as I had many requests and questions." Lisa · Aug 7, 2023
"Tamer was an INCREDIBLE travel agent for our trip to Ecuador!" Nimisha · Aug 4, 2023
"Mathias responded shortly thereafter and, over the next couple of weeks, put together a fantastic itinerary for us - all the while keeping our wishes and budget in consideration." Jhilam · Jul 31, 2023

Egypt Travel Agents

(99 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Egypt:
"It was relatively last minute, and Amr was great in working with us to make sure that we saw what we wanted within our budget." Caitlin · Aug 6, 2023
"I highly recommend working with Sherif for a customized trip." Paul · Aug 5, 2023
"Mohamed provided excellent help while booking the trip and answered questions, provided us with opportunities, and was responsive to our needs." Nathan · Jul 17, 2023

Nepal Travel Agents

(517 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Nepal:
"Sangita, Bipin, and Rabin were all very competent and helpful throughout the trip." Julie · Aug 7, 2023
"I was invited to Nepal for a work event and only had four days to visit Nepal With lots of flexibility, considering my interests and time limits, Raj and his team organized a simply amazing four-day trip for me." Clara · Jun 21, 2023
"Mera Peak trek - April/May 2023 From first to last Erin, Raj and Tendu ensured we had the experience of a lifetime." Melvin · May 15, 2023
NgimaRajAmandaPriyaSangitaKripaChhewangKunchokTashiErinSonam N.

Scotland Travel Agents

(51 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Scotland:
"Using kimkim and @Luigi Pasiani is the only way to travel to any country and get to see things that you would NEVER pick out on your own." David · Sep 19, 2023
"We had an incredible experience and Luigi was a dynamic, passionate and spectacular guide." Laura · Sep 18, 2023
"I had an general idea of where I wanted to go but Neil ( our Kimkim guide) added a lot more depth and culture to the trip." Patrick · Sep 6, 2023

India Travel Agents

(81 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for India:
"Ravi made every effort to understand what we were looking for and did an amazing job planning out the itinerary in detail." Maureen · Sep 2, 2023
"Thank you so much to Ravi and his team at Active India for their exceptional organisation and exciting itinerary!" Christopher · Aug 8, 2023
"Thank you Ravi and team for putting this together!" Marc · Jul 28, 2023

Jordan Travel Agents

(329 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Jordan:
"Samir at Enjoy Jordan was also always available if we needed further assistance with anything." Chris · Sep 12, 2023
"Big thanks to Mariam for planning such a memorable trip for us!" Nicholas · Sep 5, 2023
"Since the first contact, Samir was great trying to tailor our experience and trying to adapted to our budget." Dalila · Aug 22, 2023

Indonesia Travel Agents

(54 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Indonesia:
"Myriam was quick, knowledgeable, responsive, and kind at every portion of this experience." Jason · Aug 21, 2023
"Marc was great to work with and did a great job trip planning for us." Kathleen · Aug 16, 2023
"Planning our Bali trip with KimKim was super easy and Ana was super present with us as we had questions/changes." Kurt · Aug 16, 2023

Brazil Travel Agents

(56 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Brazil:
"Camille did an amazing job with our itinerary, hotel selection and all our guides were exceptional." Simone · Sep 6, 2023
"Chadya is exceptional and she catered to our every need even though we kept changing dates and programmes." anna · Sep 6, 2023
"Tackling a huge country like Brazil in just two weeks was a daunting task, but Chadya made the whole process easy and enjoyable." Carla · Aug 28, 2023

Patagonia Travel Agents

(73 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Patagonia:
"Thank you Erin @ KimKim for your work in setting up our unique vacation to Chile including all the details which made it stress free." Kimberley · Jun 27, 2023
"The trip was even better than I pictured it when Erin created the itinerary." Terry · Apr 12, 2023
"We took a boat excursion to Perito Moreno recommended by our kimkim agent, Erin." Devon · Apr 11, 2023
Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Travel Agents

(91 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Galapagos Islands:
"We had a wonderful time in the Galapagos, partly on our own and partly with guides and drivers arranged by Isabel." Pat · Sep 16, 2023
"Thank you Nick and Tamer for creating an excellent itinerary for our trip to the Galapagos." Jimmy · Aug 16, 2023
"Alvaro and Daniela were absolutely amazing to work with and helped so much in planning our trip." Ashley · Aug 7, 2023

Turkey Travel Agents

(44 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Turkey:
"We had wonderful meals arranged and reserved by our kimkim travel specialist Berat." James · Sep 8, 2023
"Berat Ornek is a rockstar!" Kumar · Sep 4, 2023
"Berat did a wonderful job of ensuring all the details were taken care of prior to our arrival and set us up for a great time." Joe · Aug 28, 2023

England Travel Agents

(33 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for England:
"Marion worked with me for almost a month, adjusting things to help fit our budget and recommending things to help us get everything into the trip." Betsay · Sep 14, 2023
"When I started to plan a trip for me and my fiancé to London and Paris the thought was so daunting, however, Stephen and William at Kimkim made the whole experience so easy and stress free!" Kaitlyn · Aug 24, 2023
"Thank You Stephen and your team for working with us with adding people to our trip last minute." Jamey · Aug 23, 2023

Guatemala Travel Agents

(86 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Guatemala:
"From the beginning Eduardo was amazing in answering all of my questions and planning the trip the way we wanted it." Marielos · Jul 5, 2023
"La atención el cuidado de cada una de las personas que hicieron posible un tour maravilloso para mi hermana y para mi fue genial con personas geniales cada Guia en cada lugar nos enseñaron la historia de cada lugar el chofer Don David los guías Diana Sr Oscar Sr Odilio todos fueron extraordinarios GRACIAS y Eduardo quien fue nuestro enlace con ellos" Silvia · Jun 29, 2023
"Chris was incredibly attentive and insightful when it came to planning the perfect trip for us!" Tina · Jun 11, 2023

Finland Travel Agents

(25 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Finland:
"Kimkim’s Moonika delivered exactly what we wanted." David · Sep 16, 2023
"Valdis was very helpful throughout and very responsive as we asked questions and made tweaks in the itinerary." Miki · Sep 8, 2023
"Our local guide Moonika knocked it out of the park for our 11 day long Girls Trip!" Sara · Aug 21, 2023
MoonikaFrancesca MPreeti BMichele TSvavarTommy

Switzerland Travel Agents

(25 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Switzerland:
"Valentine planned an extraordinary 8-day trip through Switzerland, including stops in Lucerne, Grindelwald, Zermatt, and Montreux." Tyler · Aug 5, 2023
"Valentine did an excellent job planning our extension stay in Switzerland." Tommy · Jul 27, 2023
"Valentine was very helpful and would respond immediately to our questions." Nair · Jul 16, 2023
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Agents

(96 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Sri Lanka:
"And Dhanushka did a great job of planning the itinerary for us." Russell · Sep 19, 2023
"Dhanushka was a joy to work with in planning the perfect trip, and he even came to meet us in Colombo." Dina · Sep 2, 2023
"Dhanushka, the trip oraganizer was always available and replied to me messages immediately." Debralee · Jun 30, 2023

Philippines Travel Agents

(35 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Philippines:
"Cami was incredible." Danielle · Aug 28, 2023
"Cami’s (our local specialist) planning was fantastic." Wade · Aug 16, 2023
"Thao was incredible!" Rubi · Aug 3, 2023
The Netherlands

The Netherlands Travel Agents

(28 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for The Netherlands:
"We were thrilled with the trip that was planned and supported by our Kim Kim guide, Bas." David · Aug 28, 2023
"What a pleasure it was working with Mieke and KimKim on our family trip to the Netherlands and Belgium!" Scott · Jul 27, 2023
"Mieke was so knowledgeable and helpful, although we never met it seemed she was there every step of the way." Amber · Jul 24, 2023

Cambodia Travel Agents

(39 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Cambodia:
"Steve was so helpful in planning our trip to Cambodia." Jamie · Jul 20, 2023
"Our local specialist Steve Lidgey did an exceptional job planning a tailor-made trip for my friend and me." Rebecca · Jul 3, 2023
"From start to finish, Steve and his Cambodia team made our experience special!" Jasmine · Jul 2, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaSteveLinhHuyenHienLongThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangMinhAlexTerrySandyLinhJennyAdaLisa

Kenya Travel Agents

(27 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Kenya:
"Joseph was very responsive in tailoring the trip to fit within the limited dates we had available and organized a great itinerary with safaris in the masai Mara and lake Nakuru together with a night under the stars with masai chief seleten." keith · Aug 18, 2023
"Thanks to Joseph and Susan for planning an amazing trip in Kenya." Elif · Aug 8, 2023
"From the pre-booking process, to the entire trip, and even post-tripm our host/guide, Nicholas of Animal Kingdom Safaris was the best that we could ever ask for and truly feel that we made a friend for life!" Joseph · Jul 6, 2023

Germany Travel Agents

(15 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Germany:
"Kevin Perry-did an amazing job." Tiger · Aug 16, 2023
"Excellent job by Valentine and her team." Sachin · Jul 17, 2023
"Tomaz and Zala took great care of us from planning our itinerary to providing real time assistance when needed." Stephen · Jun 20, 2023

Bolivia Travel Agents

(37 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Bolivia:
"Thanks to Camila for planning this trip." Sal · Jul 18, 2023
"Camila was fantastic!" Jessica · May 16, 2023
"I cannot say enough about the amazing experience I had with Camila!" Collins · May 13, 2023
StephenKristyJessicaMilenkaJohannaLiz KarenLorenaFrancescaCamila

Bhutan Travel Agents

(69 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Bhutan:
"I cannot begin to explain how amazing my trip to Bhutan was - arranged by Sebastiaan at Windhorse." christine · Aug 16, 2023
"Mieke was a great agent." julie · May 23, 2023
"Vishal worked tirelessly to make changes to my itinerary as my circumstances changed." Brian · May 18, 2023
British Columbia

British Columbia Travel Agents

(9 reviews)

Malaysia Travel Agents

(12 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Malaysia:
"Nick was great at organising the trip for us; he was friendly and responsive, and made adjustments to the itinerary as requested, as well as providing helpful suggestions." Sabiha · Sep 10, 2023
"Faida was so helpful and went out of her way to make this trip exactly the experience I was hoping for and all on short notice!" Megan · Aug 22, 2023
"Amazing trip in Sabah planned by Nick, following our queries and matching our expectations." Corentin · Aug 19, 2023

Canada Travel Agents

(10 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Canada:
"Carl was very helpful and Kim Kim again came through for us." Susan · Sep 13, 2023
"Carl planned a food tour, bike tour, and Ferris wheel experience for our family of five while visiting Montreal." Kristin · Jul 5, 2023
"Excellent vacation and Carl was very helpful in trip planning in advance as well as help during the trip." Aaron · Oct 5, 2022

Tanzania Travel Agents

(13 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Tanzania:
"Nadia and Lucy were great to work with." Bala · Jul 27, 2023
"Interactions with Taf during the trip were very efficient." Iwona · Sep 12, 2022
"We want to thank Magic Africa and Vivian Kironde for helping to coordinate, schedule, recommend and provide us with an unforgettable trip to the cradle of life." Marcello · Jul 30, 2022

Slovenia Travel Agents

(63 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Slovenia:
"The planning phase with Nikola went very well and he was attentive to my requests on my likes & what I really wanted to experience." Hind · Aug 9, 2023
"Tarun did an excellent job organising our transfers around Slovenia." Mary · Jun 7, 2023
"Petra designed a terrific itinerary; modified it with our feedback." Andy · Jun 6, 2023

Sweden Travel Agents

(4 reviews)
HalldórSilvíaMariaElisa Guðlaug SnælandMiglé

Namibia Travel Agents

(10 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Namibia:
"Anyway, thank you for setting it up Lize." kai · Jul 20, 2023
"Namibian Adventure To Lize Enderstein and Cindy Botha, a huge THANK YOU !" Peter · Oct 5, 2022
"An amazing trip plan was put together by Lize and team to navigate us through 3 weeks of Safari, wildlife viewing, amazing accomidation and so much more." Nick · Sep 12, 2022

Panama Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Panama:
"Reyna did a spectacular job working with us to plan our itinerary and fun, exciting, informative outings." Denise · Aug 5, 2023
"Zulmy helped us to design our trip, and she and I went back and forth on ideas to come up with our final itinerary." Rebecca · Jun 23, 2023
"The itinerary and service provided by Reyna was excellent." Karen · Mar 20, 2023

Belize Travel Agents

(9 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Belize:
"Kimkim found us an amazing local agent, Eduardo, who suggested an itinerary including hotels, activities and transfers, and it was anbsolutely fantastic." Justin · Aug 21, 2023
"Catherina listened to what we wanted and we had a wonderful time." Ronda · Jul 19, 2023
"This was our first time in Belize and Catherina and her team did a great job of matching our travel style and preferences to the two resorts we stayed at, Blancaneaux and Hamanasi." Tim · Jul 2, 2023
South Korea

South Korea Travel Agents


Belgium Travel Agents

(3 reviews)

Israel Travel Agents

(8 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Israel:
"They put us in touch with Samir, who was able to deliver a travel package that surpassed all our expectations." Cindy · Apr 23, 2023
"Samir tailored the type of trip was asked for through Israel abs paired us with an amazing driver and Jerusalem guide." Claire · Nov 16, 2022
"First of all, I want to say thank you to Lena for sticking with us!" Danielle · Mar 1, 2020

Austria Travel Agents

(5 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Austria:
"This was my first time using KimKim and Tomaz, and only my second time using a European based travel agent." Tom · Aug 22, 2023
"Bas did a tremendous job on planning our trip, we loved every minute." Debbie · Jun 3, 2023
"Thank you to Tomaz and the team for all the planning." Jamie · Jul 24, 2022

Mongolia Travel Agents

(19 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Mongolia:
"Adiyabold and his team were amazing in providing an excellent trip in Mongolia and making our honeymoon very special." elena · Jul 5, 2022
"Adiyabold and team were excellent" Wayne · Aug 27, 2019
"Oyunerdene has been a saint for helping us see the best of Mongolia." Trina · Jul 10, 2019

Albania Travel Agents

(34 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Albania:
"As we got so used to from the Kimkim team (and we are getting spoiled after the years), from the first contact with Ed to the final goodbye at the Tirana airport from "Nik" (Kreshnik), our guide and driver, all went great." george · Sep 4, 2023
"Ed was very responsive and helped us with reservations before hand." Matt · Jun 20, 2023
"The whole trip was amazing, well planned by Ed." Richard · Dec 6, 2022

Nicaragua Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Nicaragua:
"First, I want to thank Emily, my trip organizer, who managed to put together a spectacular itinerary for me based on my interests and feedback." Clare · Aug 9, 2023
"Reyna did a great job capturing who we were and the kind of experiences we were looking for - we felt like we had great exposure to authentic Nicaraguan customs and life." fern · Mar 23, 2023
"Reyna worked closely with me to accommodate my needs and always made sure everything is okay and if anything else is needed." Keyla · Jan 1, 2023
the Azores

the Azores Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Azores:
"Marta was an excellent travel agent." Miriam · Sep 4, 2023
"Beatriz was wonderful and responsive as we tweaked the itinerary together." Rachel · May 8, 2023
"Everything went well the canyoning was a very good and the best experience , the whale watching was not so good as the boat got broken in middle of ocean and needed to wait for 40 min for someone to tow the boat back which took more than an hour , the boat was basic and old compared to the other boat you see in the Marina doing the same service I hope this helps thanks a lot" Majid · Aug 6, 2022
the United States

the United States Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the United States:
"My best friend, my dog, and I took an unforgettable road trip through California, all thanks to our incredible travel specialist Leo!" Olivia · May 21, 2023
"Leo, was a pleasure to work with from start to finish." Robyn · May 5, 2023
"Leo was amazing in putting together a seamless and unforgettable national parks trip." Michelle · Nov 17, 2022
the Dominican Republic

the Dominican Republic Travel Agents

(4 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Dominican Republic:
"Our trip to the Dominican Republic was amazing thanks to Kimkim and our local travel specialist Marina." Arlette · May 2, 2023
"Marina and her team made me feel very well taken care of and safe while visiting the DR solo!" Carly · Jun 22, 2022
"Marta was an absolute pleasure to work with." farah · Jul 22, 2021

Wales Travel Agents

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Romania Travel Agents

(28 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Romania:
"Florin was great." Donna · Apr 30, 2023
"All the credit for the success of this trip was due to Florin Preda, our travel guide ( with the useful attendance of travel guide Bogdan Pistritu ), not only for his excellent selection and modification of activities (due to weather problems), but also for the remarkable sensitivity he always showed to attend our special needs during the tour." Francisco José · Apr 4, 2023
"We will like to thank our guide Florin for making this trip a fantastic experience." ivonne · Mar 22, 2023

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Fiji Travel Agents

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Uganda Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Uganda:
"Lucy organised a most fantastic itinerary for us in Namibia and Mauritius." Dee · May 2, 2023
"Thank you, Taf, for coordinating this entire trip for us." Nancy · Aug 23, 2021
"My initial contact was Anne; which now I consider her as part of my family." Ivette · Jun 3, 2021

Botswana Travel Agents

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the Faroe Islands

the Faroe Islands Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Faroe Islands:
"Francesca organised a fabulous trip to the Faroe Islands for us." Tanya · May 28, 2023
"From the moment I started planning, to the day we left, working with KimKim, Tummas, David, and Eydun couldn't have been better." Jenn · Aug 30, 2021
"Our guide, Tummas, was pure joy." Kathi · Jul 18, 2021
FrancescaFrancesca MPreeti BHanna LMichele T

China Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for China:
"Overall, I had a very positive experience booking with KimKim, who referred us to Peicy, our travel consultant, and I am looking forward to our next trip!" David · Jan 16, 2020
"Peicy helped us organized a fantastic 4 weeks trip to China." May · Jan 14, 2020
"The guides Max arranged were helpful and welcoming, and keen to answer questions and give us a glimpse into life in China as well as just the 'sights'." tim · Sep 14, 2019

Rwanda Travel Agents

(5 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Rwanda:
"Agnes did a wonderful job helping me plan my trip!" Jennifer · Jul 16, 2019
"I booked a 6 day trip with Umoja to visit Rwanda together with my girlfriend Agnes was very responsive on the KimKim chat at helping me tailor the trip I wanted (seeing some of Kigali, chimps in Nyungwe, gorillas and golden monkeys in Volcanoes NP), and the quote from Umoja combined with KimKim's relatively modest commission made the trip much cheaper than comparable quotes I got from traditional agencies." Kiran · Feb 25, 2019
"Booking was incredibly easy and safe and Agnes (who organised the tour) followed up and kept in contact to ensure everything ran smoothly and that we were comfortable." Sarah · Dec 10, 2018
Czech Republic

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Ethiopia Travel Agents

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Recent traveler reviews for Ethiopia:
"Its has been amazing 12 days trip with Mihiret being a tour guide and organized by Marco." Solovkin · Oct 7, 2018
"Marco was so helpful and always responded very promptly." Jen · Jun 25, 2018
"Marco and Yirga were very helpful, flexible, with a constant smile, and looked after us the whole time." Virginie · Jun 4, 2018

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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Travel Agents

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Recent traveler reviews for United Arab Emirates:
"This was our first time in Dubai and thanks to Pradeep, Fahim, and team, we had the best time!" Assata · Jun 3, 2023
"Pradeep was great with planning our trip." Patricia · Sep 9, 2022
"Pradeep was an amazing, patient and most gracious host." Kenitra · Dec 23, 2019

Zambia Travel Agents

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Recent traveler reviews for Zambia:
"Paul, Mack, Davies, Chloe and Costa ensured we had a great stay here too." Jill · Aug 6, 2022
"The trip planned for us by Deborah and Tara at Elgin Africa was amazing." andrew · Nov 20, 2019
"We recently traveled to Zambia and I want to highly recommend Chloe and Off2Africa." Sara · Jul 18, 2019

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Agents

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