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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Agents

(470 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Costa Rica:
"Dear Yuliana, We had an amazing trip to Costa Rica!" Alexis · Feb 1, 2023
"Bryan and his team provided exceptional service from planning the trip to hands on 24/7 support or question through out our 2 weeks journey!" Susan & Bob · Jan 31, 2023
"We (2 adults + 2 boys) planned our trip with Sergio from Serendipity Adventures focused on animals and nature for the end of December/beginning of January." Daniel · Jan 28, 2023
RandallOlmanFranciscoAlexMarkYulianaChristopherCharlotteNancyRosaSergioBryanVeronicaDennisPhilNuriaPaolaKatherineJean CarloFiorella

Morocco Travel Agents

(525 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Morocco:
"My wife and I were not dissapointed and Louis delivered a tailor made itinerary that met all our expectations and more." Wayne · Feb 1, 2023
"I am so happy we used kimkim to plan our trip to Morocco -- and even happier that kimkim paired us with Megan." Karen · Jan 31, 2023
"Hakim is a gem!" Samuel · Jan 25, 2023

Greece Travel Agents

(463 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Greece:
"Everything happened exactly how Eleni planned." Rebecca · Jan 4, 2023
"Thanks to KimKim team and Amalia for the thorough planning." VIDHYASHANKAR · Dec 11, 2022
"Two families with teenagers worked with Dimitris to plan a tour to Greece and it was amazing!" Serena · Nov 29, 2022
TasosDimitrisChristosHarrisChrisRebeccaStefanosEiriniIfigeniaEleniGeorgiaChrisAmaliaAngela (Aggeliki)HaraAntonisInaEleniIreneMariannaNadiaStephaniaParaskevasEvyeniaAntonisThanosDimosDimitriosEffieMariaFilippaGeorgina

Italy Travel Agents

(270 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Italy:
"Worked with KimKim and specifically Cecilia at a local Italian travel agency to plan our honeymoon to Italy in Fall of 2022." Dmitry · Jan 21, 2023
"Maria Grazia was a delight to work with." Andrea · Jan 13, 2023
"Chiara from Storywalker filled in all the details - and it worked out beautifully!" Lauren · Jan 9, 2023
TasosHarrisGloriaFabioEmiSoniaLisaAndreaMonicaIfigeniaEleniTomazJessicaLoriChrisAlessandroFrancescaInaIreneMariannaValeriaElenaMaria GraziaStephaniaParaskevasCeciliaMorenoChiaraFabioBARBARADeborahGiuliaSaraAriannaLorenzaAlbertoFilippaLuciaChiaraNicolò

Iceland Travel Agents

(513 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Iceland:
"My May trip was one of the best and most exciting adventure travel I have had in many years and it was all because of Terry!" Christine · Jan 28, 2023
"Silvía was amazing in helping to plan our trip, as well as with helping coordinate several last minute changes during our trip." Stephanie · Jan 10, 2023
"We had our first trip with Kim Kim to Iceland and Emanuela Grieco was our travel designer." Ana · Jan 8, 2023
HalldorPreetiEmanuelaPaulineMicheleJennyOthmanTerryRinoldaAndrés ÚlfurSigurðurJanelFrancescaDuncanHalldórSilvíaLisbetEvaÈricHannaElísa Guðlaug SnælandGuðmundur Óli

Norway Travel Agents

(333 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Norway:
"Christina did an absolute job planning our trip in Norway." michaela · Jan 24, 2023
"Christina was there for me the whole way making lasting minute adjustments for me as life happened with delayed or missed flights." Mary · Jan 22, 2023
"When Andre moved on to another area, Linda took over, everything was seamless." Pauline · Jan 16, 2023
LindaJuliaTriciaChristinaMeréeCarleeEzdiTom ChristerKarolinaGaiaKristaJoannaMariaMathiaAnnaLisaMarKarenEthelEline

Spain Travel Agents

(188 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Spain:
"Our trip was everything we had hoped it would be and Marina made it happen!" Elisha · Jan 13, 2023
"Yuri who assisted my booking from start to finish was informative and helpful." Samuel · Jan 9, 2023
", and Marta was there every step of the way." David · Jan 6, 2023

Portugal Travel Agents

(135 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Portugal:
"Beatriz was able to put together an incredible trip that let us see all the places we wanted to see in both Portugal and Morocco." Kelli · Jan 23, 2023
"Overall it was a great experience traveling with KimKim as our tour company and Marta was absolutely great." Shital · Jan 5, 2023
"I could not ask for anything more with regards to Pedro and his services during our Portugal trip." Agnes · Jan 4, 2023

France Travel Agents

(134 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for France:
"Ambre-Marie was amazing!" Kaitlyn · Feb 1, 2023
"We really couldn’t have asked for anything more with the Exceptional and Perfect trip Clément and his team put together for us!" Chrissy · Jan 7, 2023
"Ambre-Marie worked with me for six months to plan this!" Liana · Dec 28, 2022

Colombia Travel Agents

(302 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Colombia:
"Margarita, who planned our trip was always ready to help." william · Jan 31, 2023
"Andrea organized my trip." Mona · Jan 30, 2023
"Michael put together a wonderful adventure for us along the Colombian coast." Jennifer · Jan 28, 2023
CamiAndreaLisaMargothRafaja HannaFelipeMichaelWendyDavidMargarita

Peru Travel Agents

(331 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Peru:
"I would like to thank Kimkim and Kristy especially to make our trip a reality." Tamri · Jan 10, 2023
"At a moment's notice, Jesus and the KimKim team were able to get refunds and organize a whole new trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in just 3 days." Jacob · Jan 5, 2023
"Francesca was fantastic!" Noam · Jan 4, 2023
SteveKatyMartinaKristyJessicaJohannaJesusAnneNicholasLiz KarenFiorellaBridgetLorenaLuciaLuisaFrancescaRuthLupe

Croatia Travel Agents

(235 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Croatia:
"We are first time clients for travel with Kim Kim and had the privilege to work with Nikola to plan a 16 day trip to Croatia with my family (husband and three young kids)." Erin · Jan 11, 2023
"None of this would have been possible without Nikola." Sara · Nov 1, 2022
"Anna-Maria Frid planned my family's 10-day trip to Croatia." roy · Oct 25, 2022

Mexico Travel Agents

(61 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Mexico:
"The rest of the team including Leslie and Ximena were helpful in organizing the entire trip from beginning to end to make the entire experience seamless and easy." Abdel · Jan 25, 2023
"Leslie was super kind and accommodating throughout the planning and booking process- I highly recommend using her and KimKim." Deena · Jan 11, 2023
"From beginning to end, a big shout out to Natalia and Ximena!" Charlotte · Jan 7, 2023

Chile Travel Agents

(142 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Chile:
"Jason provided great service." Bakulesh · Jan 31, 2023
"Lorena was excellent in tailoring our plans to suit our interests and time-frame." Eric · Jan 25, 2023
"The adventure was well designed and great choices were made by Lorena, I mentioned a cruise through the fjords of Patagonia and she came through with beautiful well thought out and enjoyable trips." Malcolm · Jan 22, 2023

Vietnam Travel Agents

(108 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Vietnam:
"Trang was very helpful from the planning stage till my last day of my trip." Vinodan · Jan 30, 2023
"I would highly recomend using Alex for travels in Vietnam :)" Susanne · Jan 27, 2023
"Throughout the planning stage I dealt regularly with Long." Dianne · Jan 26, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaLinhHuyenDeanJackHienLongThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangHaDatMinhSunnyAlexLucyTerry

Jordan Travel Agents

(301 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Jordan:
"Oriana was amazing as we had to plan and reschedule this trip three separate times!" Tom · Jan 23, 2023
"Could not recommend Kimkim and Samir more." Caitlin · Jan 7, 2023
"Samir and our guide and driver (Anees) provided us with the most amazing experience in Jordan we could have asked for." Madhuri · Jan 7, 2023

Argentina Travel Agents

(109 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Argentina:
"Cannot recommend Jason enough." Jeff · Jan 25, 2023
"We had an amazing experience working with Emilce for our delayed-honeymoon trip to Argentina!" Taylor · Jan 22, 2023
"Jason planned an incredible honeymoon for us that exceeded all of our expectations." Christopher · Jan 16, 2023

Ireland Travel Agents

(70 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ireland:
"Rachel put together a perfect itinerary adapted to our needs in a very short period of time." Quoc-Dien · Jan 9, 2023
"We are so thrilled with the trip Austin planned and organized for us!" Libby · Jan 6, 2023
"I can't say enough good things about kimkim and Dean, our local specialist." Mary · Nov 23, 2022

Australia Travel Agents

(34 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Australia:
"Liz was wonderful." Julie · Jan 22, 2023
"We had a wonderful time and I can’t say enough good things about Liz and KimKim." Annie · Jan 17, 2023
"Liz was instrumental in the planning, ensuring that we got to see all of the sights, but not over-scheduled." Jennifer · Jan 8, 2023

Egypt Travel Agents

(75 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Egypt:
"Ibrahim planned an itinerary based on my requests and gave me options for hotel and cruise boat options and then booked the ones as I chose." parisa · Feb 2, 2023
"Sherif and his team at Dunes & Beyond (DB) in Egypt and his associates in Jordan (Karma House Travels ) made our dream holiday come true!" Meera · Jan 11, 2023
"Sherif is incredible." Samantha · Jan 9, 2023

Ecuador Travel Agents

(165 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ecuador:
"I reached out to Kimkim team for help and I was fortunate enough to have Lucia & Angel as my trip advisors - they were both amazing and thanks to their wealth of knowledge and experience, we were able to plan the perfect trip that included our top destinations and every adventure we wanted to experience while visiting this wonderful country." Diana · Jan 27, 2023
"ERIKA was wonderful to work with and designed the perfect trip for us." Beth · Jan 14, 2023
"Lucia was very responsive and quickly answered our questions." Vidya · Jan 10, 2023

Nepal Travel Agents

(479 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Nepal:
"Working with Sangita was WONDERFUL!" steph · Jan 6, 2023
"Ngima organized our trip perfectly and when we met him we clicked immediately and became friends." Tanja · Jan 2, 2023
"From my start with Erin being so patient helping me form the perfect itinerary, to Krishna helping me while I was in Nepal, my trip was seamless." Jenna · Dec 27, 2022
New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Agents

(31 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for New Zealand:
"Sabina developed the most action-packed 23 days in New Zealand's south island." Caley · Jan 12, 2023
"The trip was aggressive at the beginning and a little unsure about a few details initially because we had to be on target for making the schedule early in the trip, but everything worked out well and we communicated with both Liz and the in country support agent Sharon to ask a few questions and sort out a few minor details." Jennifer · Jan 9, 2023
"Lydia and her team at New Zealand Self Drive Tours were fantastic!" Jaya · Jan 4, 2023
South Africa

South Africa Travel Agents

(57 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for South Africa:
"Lucy was an incredible travel planner." Conor · Jan 12, 2023
"Lucy and her team were so kind to accommodate any request we had." Parinaz · Nov 29, 2022
"Many thanks to Lucy at Salty Travel, who set us up with a fantastic holiday in Cape Town/environs and Johannesburg, South Africa." Caroline · Oct 31, 2022

Patagonia Travel Agents

(51 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Patagonia:
"From the beginning, Erin was super responsive and helpful to assist us in designing and tailoring our trip wishlist to include every hike and activity we asked for, affirming all the highlights we wanted to see and do." Stacy · Jan 31, 2023
"It's really hard to narrow down our favorite parts of the trip, but one huge positive of using Erin and her team at Dittmar was that they were able to find experiences that were off-the-beaten-path, give us great advice on the better-known hikes and sites, and tailored the entire trip to our exact requests." Caroline · Jan 20, 2023
"Natalia from KimKim was super responsive, intuited our needs for accomodation, personal transfers , and overall logistics." Louise · Jan 20, 2023

Thailand Travel Agents

(48 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Thailand:
"Emilie Khautisen, our KimKim trip planner did an outstanding job of arranging transfers, hotels and guides." Gregory · Jan 26, 2023
"I was able to chose my budget, choose from 1/2 day & day tours, have transportation to & from the hotel & the assurance that Emilie would be able to answer any questions." Joanne · Jan 19, 2023
"When our flights were changed Ashley are travel agent made the necessary changes quickly." sarah · Jan 17, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaLinhDeanMartinTranHienLongEmilieSarunyaThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomBruceTrangAlexLucyPhoneTerryTina

Scotland Travel Agents

(15 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Scotland:
"Our trip to Scotland planned by Rachel exceeded our expectations and became the trip of a lifetime for us!" CIndy · Nov 7, 2022
"We travelled to Inverness, Orkney, Shetland, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, and Fort William." Michael · Oct 22, 2022
"Stephen, our support team, was fabulous -- always answering questions quickly and making on-the-fly adjustments as needed." Gail · Sep 16, 2022
Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Travel Agents

(60 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Galapagos Islands:
"Alvaro was a super specialist!" Allison · Jan 17, 2023
"Lucia and Angel responded immediately to our questions before and during our travel." Barb · Jan 11, 2023
"First and foremost a big thank you to our travel agent Linda." Parveen · Jan 3, 2023

India Travel Agents

(61 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for India:
"Great trip, unforgettable experiences and perfect organization by Jay and Bespoke Team." Aleksandar · Jan 27, 2023
"A very pleasant trip, made all the more pleasant by all of the attention given to us by our local, Ravi Tickoo and Active India." Victor · Jan 23, 2023
"Trip organize Ravi and trip liason Ajay were top notch!" Sara · Jan 12, 2023

Guatemala Travel Agents

(65 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Guatemala:
"Eduardo did a fantastic job organizing everything." Simone · Jan 25, 2023
"I especially appreciated that Eduardo was able to make last minute changes for us." Li · Jan 10, 2023
"Catherina and her team were very welcoming, helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating." Elena · Jan 3, 2023

Indonesia Travel Agents

(31 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Indonesia:
"after indicating our preferred destination and wishes we came in contact with Marc." Judith · Nov 22, 2022
"Marc suggested traveling to Sumatra which was a good call." Avi · Oct 31, 2022
"Marc Urban, specialist and coordinator for my recent Indonesian travel is exceptional." Linda · Oct 22, 2022

Turkey Travel Agents

(23 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Turkey:
"Berat but during our visit our guide was Mr." Fernando · Jan 6, 2023
"Murat did great putting our schedule together and helping us to make reservations to great restaurants." Jose · Nov 30, 2022
"I used Berat with Trail Travel through KimKim for my trip to Istanbul." Gigi · Oct 30, 2022

Japan Travel Agents

(37 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Japan:
"I would like to pay extra thanks to our travel agent Christine." Harvey · Jan 23, 2023
"Christine helped organize our Japan adventure." Danielle · Jan 6, 2023
"This was an amazing trip thanks to Claudia and then Kristy, who made it all possible." Maria · Jan 3, 2023

Brazil Travel Agents

(34 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Brazil:
"Rachel always checked on me and made sure the guides were taking care of me every step of the way." Sandra · Jan 27, 2023
"Rachel ass knows the best team and was in touch every single day to ensure we were having a blast!" Karthik · Jan 15, 2023
"We had been planning this trip for about two months, and Meghan helped fine-tune our itinerary multiple times." Deepa · Dec 31, 2022

England Travel Agents

(13 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for England:
"The food was excellent and the stadium was beautiful - now if only Tottenham would have played better :( Many thanks to Eleanor for planning our dream vacation." Kate · Jan 13, 2023
"Owen literally took care of every detail of our trip from the time we stepped off the plane until the time we stepped back on." Leigh · Sep 20, 2022
"Eleanor did a fantastic job developing the perfect trip for us Using her and Routescape i Are a real asset to KimKim." Sandy · Aug 17, 2022

Cambodia Travel Agents

(28 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Cambodia:
"Steve provided excellent service for the pre, during, and post travel journey." suzanne · Feb 1, 2023
"But Dat offered me comfort, support and was able to solve it in the fastest way possible insuring that I had a great trip." Razane · Jan 8, 2023
"Dat our travel advisor put together a beautiful itinerary for us to discover Vietnam (Saigon, Hoi An) and Cambodia (Siem Reap, Pnom Pen - excuse the spelling) in a way where you get a taste of everything like a tasting menu at a Michelin star restaurant." Sara · Jan 8, 2023
CamelliaSens AsiaSteveLinhHuyenDeanThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomTrangMinhSunnyAlexTerry
The Netherlands

The Netherlands Travel Agents

(7 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for The Netherlands:
"We only had 4 nights in the Netherlands, but Mieke put together a great itinerary that made the most of our limited time." Barbara · Aug 8, 2022
"Working with Mieke was great." Sarah · Jun 12, 2022
"We had an absolutely amazing time traveling to The Netherlands and Belgium thanks to Bas from Beat the Dutch Travel who we met through kimkim." Cindy · Jun 10, 2022
British Columbia

British Columbia Travel Agents

(5 reviews)

Bolivia Travel Agents

(27 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Bolivia:
"Overall, an amazing trip and well worth the extra $$ Milenka our local specialist was very patient with us and organised our trip with next-to-no fuss." Alex · Dec 31, 2022
"Milenka was always available to help." Kenneth · Jul 12, 2022
"Milenka was a great travel agent and arranged everything so there was nothing I needed to do but enjoy my trip." Amanda · May 22, 2022

Switzerland Travel Agents

(11 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Switzerland:
"We predominately worked with Tomaz & Zala." Anne · Dec 28, 2022
"Tomaz and team planned a perfect vacation for us in Switzerland." Manasa · Oct 25, 2022
"Tomaz and Zala did a fantastic job planning our trip to Switzerland." Megan · Sep 20, 2022

Finland Travel Agents

(12 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Finland:
"Aurelie from KimKim was a great contact who helped us throughout." Erin · Jan 9, 2023
"We chose NORD DMC with Julia and Thao behind everything, and when I say everything, I really mean it!" Ana · Jan 25, 2022
"Elina & Sonja organised a great itinerary which gave us a taste of the different types of environment in the Arctic Circle." Carolyn · Aug 10, 2019

Panama Travel Agents

(12 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Panama:
"Reyna was awesome from the start." Luke · Jan 15, 2023
"Working with Zulmy was a great experience as together we were able to setup a fantastic, first time trip to beautiful Panama." David · Jul 12, 2022
"Our local specialist Zulmy was with us every step of the way." Ellen · Feb 13, 2022

Canada Travel Agents

(3 reviews)

Kenya Travel Agents

(18 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Kenya:
"Joseph worked with me to create an eclectic trip that catered to our unusual needs." Carmel · Jan 7, 2023
"Joseph and Susan worked so hard and so patiently with us to make sure we got to do and see everything we wanted to." Shana · Aug 21, 2022
"Joseph and Susan kept close contact with us from the gecko until the end." Marcia · Jul 13, 2022
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Agents

(85 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Sri Lanka:
"Our tour operator Dhanushka was very professional and accommodating and helpful in order to make sure we received the best trip possible with the most positive and enjoyable experiences." Meghan · Dec 5, 2022
"Everything was perfectly organized by our agent Yasantha." Sabine · Sep 7, 2021
"Mohit, our agent, was very attentive to our requests and planned a great schedule for us." Sabir · Mar 8, 2020

Philippines Travel Agents

(24 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Philippines:
"Cami made everything easy and was very responsive and easy to reach even during times where we ran into hiccups she was there to help problem solve." Laura J. · Jan 23, 2023
"Cami put together an amazing itinerary for our scuba-loving group." Candace · Jan 14, 2023
"My time in El Nido was amazing, and it was all thanks to Leo and the staff at Uncharted Earth!" Dorothy · Dec 9, 2022

Slovenia Travel Agents

(57 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Slovenia:
"Our account manager Nikola was detail oriented, professional and extremely pleasant to work with." Evan · Dec 27, 2022
"Domen and Slotrips put together a great itinerary and experience in lovely Slovenia." Caleb · Oct 1, 2022
"Miha organized a fantastic trip for my wife and my honeymoon in Slovenia." Dave · Sep 12, 2022
the United States

the United States Travel Agents

(9 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the United States:
"Leo was amazing in putting together a seamless and unforgettable national parks trip." Michelle · Nov 17, 2022
"Cami put together a great vacation for us to the Grand Canyon and Sedona." Nik · Aug 25, 2021
"We took our dad on a birthday trip to Yellowstone and grand Tetons and Ben (and Kim Kim) did a great job identifying awesome accommodation options and taking into account that we did not want to spend the whole trip driving." Alexandra · Sep 9, 2020

Israel Travel Agents

(6 reviews)

Germany Travel Agents

(7 reviews)

Bhutan Travel Agents

(55 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Bhutan:
"Vishal was very knowledgable about Bhutan and helped me craft the ideal itinerary that balanced a lot of hikes, cultural sites, and relaxation." Eva · Jan 12, 2023
"Overall, the trip was amazing & Mieke had done a marvellous job with the details and itinerary." Sreeks · Dec 26, 2022
"Mr Vishal was our trip planner and he had made the process so easy right from the time we got in touch with him after deciding to spend our honeymoon at Bhutan." Prujal · Dec 25, 2022

Tanzania Travel Agents

(7 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Tanzania:
"Interactions with Taf during the trip were very efficient." Iwona · Sep 12, 2022
"We want to thank Magic Africa and Vivian Kironde for helping to coordinate, schedule, recommend and provide us with an unforgettable trip to the cradle of life." Marcello · Jul 30, 2022
"Taf had planned the most perfect trip for us, it truly felt like a dream." karen · Jul 15, 2022

Malaysia Travel Agents

(4 reviews)
the Dominican Republic

the Dominican Republic Travel Agents

(3 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Dominican Republic:
"Marina and her team made me feel very well taken care of and safe while visiting the DR solo!" Carly · Jun 22, 2022
"Marta was an absolute pleasure to work with." farah · Jul 22, 2021
"We can’t say enough good things about Marta." Lindsey · Apr 12, 2021

Namibia Travel Agents

(6 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Namibia:
"Namibian Adventure To Lize Enderstein and Cindy Botha, a huge THANK YOU !" Peter · Oct 5, 2022
"An amazing trip plan was put together by Lize and team to navigate us through 3 weeks of Safari, wildlife viewing, amazing accomidation and so much more." Nick · Sep 12, 2022
"The Kimkim team and Petru in particular quickly proved that all of my biases against travel agencies were wrong." James · May 17, 2021

Sweden Travel Agents

HalldórSilvíaElísa Guðlaug Snæland

Nicaragua Travel Agents

(9 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Nicaragua:
"Reyna worked closely with me to accommodate my needs and always made sure everything is okay and if anything else is needed." Keyla · Jan 1, 2023
"Reyna was a great agent through both the planning of this vacation and during the trip itself." Chris · Dec 24, 2022
"The hotels Reyna arranged our trip beyond our expectations." Birungi · Nov 19, 2022

Uganda Travel Agents

(10 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Uganda:
"Thank you, Taf, for coordinating this entire trip for us." Nancy · Aug 23, 2021
"My initial contact was Anne; which now I consider her as part of my family." Ivette · Jun 3, 2021
"Vivian was a true pleasure to work with." elizabeth · Feb 6, 2020

Belgium Travel Agents


Belize Travel Agents


Georgia Travel Agents


Mongolia Travel Agents

(16 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Mongolia:
"Adiyabold and his team were amazing in providing an excellent trip in Mongolia and making our honeymoon very special." elena · Jul 5, 2022
"Adiyabold and team were excellent" Wayne · Aug 27, 2019
"Oyunerdene has been a saint for helping us see the best of Mongolia." Trina · Jul 10, 2019

Romania Travel Agents

(25 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Romania:
"Raluca, was outstanding she took care of all are needs." David & Tammy · Oct 25, 2022
"Raluca was amazing!" Linda · Oct 19, 2022
"Florin is extremely knowledgeable about the area and the history and he takes care of his people." michael · Oct 16, 2022

Fiji Travel Agents


Albania Travel Agents

(30 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Albania:
"The whole trip was amazing, well planned by Ed." Richard · Dec 6, 2022
"Trip was great, well coordinated, Jared was always immediately available with help / guidance along the way, even when I was abroad." Melanie · Oct 4, 2021
"Ed put together a wonderful itinerary taking into account our specific wishes and really listening to what we wanted." Stephen · Aug 31, 2021
Czech Republic

Czech Republic Travel Agents


Wales Travel Agents

(5 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Wales:
"Both Kate and her successor, Alex, went out of their way to create a trip that met our interests." Ruth Ann · Jun 2, 2022
"Louise planned a lovely trip based on our wish to see beautiful coastal walks and pretty villages." Jill · Oct 26, 2019
"Thank you to our local specialist, Daniel, who provided five-star service!" Angelle · Jun 27, 2019
United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Travel Agents

(7 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for United Arab Emirates:
"Pradeep was great with planning our trip." Patricia · Sep 9, 2022
"Pradeep was an amazing, patient and most gracious host." Kenitra · Dec 23, 2019
"Pradeep is the best host ever!" Crystal · Dec 16, 2019

Rwanda Travel Agents

(5 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Rwanda:
"Agnes did a wonderful job helping me plan my trip!" Jennifer · Jul 16, 2019
"I booked a 6 day trip with Umoja to visit Rwanda together with my girlfriend Agnes was very responsive on the KimKim chat at helping me tailor the trip I wanted (seeing some of Kigali, chimps in Nyungwe, gorillas and golden monkeys in Volcanoes NP), and the quote from Umoja combined with KimKim's relatively modest commission made the trip much cheaper than comparable quotes I got from traditional agencies." Kiran · Feb 25, 2019
"Booking was incredibly easy and safe and Agnes (who organised the tour) followed up and kept in contact to ensure everything ran smoothly and that we were comfortable." Sarah · Dec 10, 2018

Botswana Travel Agents

the Azores

the Azores Travel Agents

(16 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Azores:
"Everything went well the canyoning was a very good and the best experience , the whale watching was not so good as the boat got broken in middle of ocean and needed to wait for 40 min for someone to tow the boat back which took more than an hour , the boat was basic and old compared to the other boat you see in the Marina doing the same service I hope this helps thanks a lot" Majid · Aug 6, 2022
"I would happily refer Kim Kim and Picos de Aventura to anyone who asks!" Jonathan · Oct 11, 2017
"You connected me with Picos de Adventura, a superb tour company and their "adventures" could not have been more fun or beautiful." Catherine · Jul 13, 2017

Zimbabwe Travel Agents


Hungary Travel Agents


Laos Travel Agents

CamelliaSens AsiaSteveLinhHuyenHienThaoAshleyLaceyKellyTomBruceTrangMinhSunnyLucyTerry

Madagascar Travel Agents


Armenia Travel Agents


Latvia Travel Agents


Estonia Travel Agents


Lithuania Travel Agents

the Faroe Islands

the Faroe Islands Travel Agents

(17 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for the Faroe Islands:
"From the moment I started planning, to the day we left, working with KimKim, Tummas, David, and Eydun couldn't have been better." Jenn · Aug 30, 2021
"Our guide, Tummas, was pure joy." Kathi · Jul 18, 2021
"David and Heimdal Tours were excellent." Evan · Sep 24, 2019

Zambia Travel Agents

(3 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Zambia:
"Paul, Mack, Davies, Chloe and Costa ensured we had a great stay here too." Jill · Aug 6, 2022
"The trip planned for us by Deborah and Tara at Elgin Africa was amazing." andrew · Nov 20, 2019
"We recently traveled to Zambia and I want to highly recommend Chloe and Off2Africa." Sara · Jul 18, 2019

Tibet Travel Agents


Gambia Travel Agents

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Agents

(3 reviews)

Ethiopia Travel Agents

(16 reviews)
Recent traveler reviews for Ethiopia:
"Its has been amazing 12 days trip with Mihiret being a tour guide and organized by Marco." Solovkin · Oct 7, 2018
"Marco was so helpful and always responded very promptly." Jen · Jun 25, 2018
"Marco and Yirga were very helpful, flexible, with a constant smile, and looked after us the whole time." Virginie · Jun 4, 2018