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Rinolda Juodvirsyte

(14 reviews)
the Faroe Islands Travel Agent based in Iceland
Rinolda specializes in: Adventure trips, gastronomic explorations
Recent traveler reviews for Rinolda:
"Rinolda was excellent." - by Kathleen, Oct 6, 2022 · see review
"Rinolda, our KimKim specialist was super helpful and responsive, and created a plan that was perfect for us, even though we started planning really late." - by Asher, Sep 21, 2022 · see review
"Our agent, Rinolda created a fantastic trip plan for us." - by Christina, Aug 26, 2022 · see review

Francesca Stoppani

(11 reviews)
the Faroe Islands Travel Agent based in Iceland
Francesca specializes in: Northern Lights, Culture, Adventure
Recent traveler reviews for Francesca:
"During the planning phase, Francesca was highly communicative, accommodating, and responsive." - by Hannah, Dec 29, 2022 · see review
"Francesca was incredible!" - by Sabrina, Oct 14, 2022 · see review
"Francesca was very helpful and knowledgeable." - by Dana, Aug 19, 2022 · see review
the Faroe Islands Travel Agent based in Iceland
Veronika specializes in: Outdoor activities, hiking, city exploring
Hey, I fell in love with traveling totally unintentionally. But once you sit in that plane and fasten your seatbelt, there is no way back. I have visited most of European countries by the age of 24. Spent most of my time in the Nordics. Something about this rough and unpredictable weather... read more

Trip Reviews for the Faroe Islands

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Most amazing trip ever!
the Faroe Islands | Aug 19 - Aug 24, 2021

Jenn S.
Bradford, PA | Reviewed on Aug 30, 2021

I was expecting the trip to be amazing, but it was an absolutely incredible experience and blew my expectations out of the water. From the moment I started planning, to the day we left, working with KimKim, Tummas, David, and Eydun couldn't have been better. Everyone was so helpful, the day trips were so beautiful and the schedule was flexible. The hotel was great, transportation right on time and easy, and the destinations we went to I will never forget. Best trip ever and I can't wait to come back!!

Local specialist: Tummas Rubeksen

Tummus and the Faroe Islands - a fantastic guide and incredible nature
the Faroe Islands | Jul 3 - Jul 11, 2021

Kathi D.
Czechia | Reviewed on Jul 18, 2021

One of the best trips I've been on! Our guide, Tummas, was pure joy. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, prepared and fun. Because the weather is unpredictable, he always had a plan "B" which for us was as good as "Plan A". Lunches were delicious and fresh. The daily trips were well planned and we loved being able to experience some the of hidden gems and experience some of the local, off the beaten track cafes and restaurants. I will remember this trip always and will never forget the kindness and generosity of the people of the Faroe Islands and Tummas. A must holiday.

Local specialist: Tummas Rubeksen
Tummas Rubeksen
Local specialist in Tórshavn | Reviewed on Jul 18, 2021

Thank you for your kind words Kathi! I really enjoyed every minutte of your company. It's people like you that make my job the best in the world 😊

Top notch outfit. Tummas was my guide and was...
the Faroe Islands | Nov 19 - Nov 23, 2019

akilan A.
Dallas, TX | Reviewed on Nov 24, 2019

Top notch outfit. Tummas was my guide and was able to modify the tour based upon my activity level. Extremely knowledgeable about Faroese culture and history. Would not hesitate for a second to use them again.

Local specialist: David Whale
David Whale
Local specialist in Faroe islands | Reviewed on Nov 26, 2019

Hi Akilan. Thank you very much for your review. We are so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the Faroe Islands. It was a pleasure to meet with you in person after all of our online communication. Hurry back in the summer! Best regards David and Tummas

Northern lights
the Faroe Islands | Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2019

Surekha P.
Hialeah, FL | Reviewed on Oct 07, 2019

A taxi picked us up at the airport.
Taxi transfer to airport.
It was good but felt like there was not much to do. We were on our own a lot of the time.
The printed itinerary felt like there was a lot to do.

The Mulafossur waterfall was amazing.
We sat the trollfingur and the giant and the hag.
The old capital was adorable. The scenery was stunning. We did an amazing hike with Tummas in the mountains. Wow. Scared and enjoyed it at the same time.

Local specialist: Tummas Rubeksen

7-12 days in the Faroe Islands
the Faroe Islands | Sep 12 - Sep 21, 2019

Evan B.
Los Angeles, CA | Reviewed on Sep 24, 2019

David and Heimdal Tours were excellent. Their service is personalized and they are dedicated to making your tour as smooth and convenient as possible. They will cater to your interests and are quick to respond to all inquiries and questions. They appear to be committed to highlighting and preserving local Faroese culture without exploiting local communities. We had a great time in the Faroe Islands and are very glad we experienced the islands with this tour group.

Local specialist: David Whale
David Whale
Local specialist in Faroe islands | Reviewed on Sep 27, 2019

Hi Evan. Thank you for taking the time to write the above review. It was indeed a pleasure to spend time with you personally on the southern island of Súðuroy and I am so pleased that you enjoyed your whole week with us. All the best. Regards David