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Travel operator Raj Gyawali
379 messages
active 5 hours ago

Raj Gyawali

A leader in sustainable tourism, Raj is an expert in a range of activities - from mountain-biking to local cooking classes and market tours.

Travel operator Michelle Maurer
1389 messages
active 16 hours ago

Michelle Maurer

As a former resident of both Japan and Hawaii and currently residing in San Francisco, I look to offer not just highlights, but local experiences when putting together a travel itinerary. When I...

Travel operator Kim Bannister
70 messages

Kim Bannister

Kim is the creator of Kamzang Journeys, personally leading almost all of the featured treks in Nepal and the Indian Himalaya, also including an occasional bicycle trip in Tibet and Bhutan, a trip...

Travel operator Ngima Dorji Sherpa
568 messages
active 9 mins ago

Ngima Dorji Sherpa

Ngima has been running his trekking company out of Kathmandu since the mid 90s. He specializes in treks and adventure travel in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. His work in the travel industry has enabled...

Travel operator Mads Mathiasen
514 messages
active 11 hours ago

Mads Mathiasen

A veteran in the adventure travel business Mads has organized and led trips in Turkey, Morocco, Tibet, India, Cambodia, Bhutan, Australia and Sri Lanka but Nepal remains his true love, where he...

Travel operator Kishiko Shimizu
44 messages

Kishiko Shimizu

All of my life has been about discovering new territories. I was born in Kobe where I lived in a neighborhood which was home to many foreigners. This created a unique atmosphere that made me dream...

Travel operator Amanda Delecca
407 messages
active 4 hours ago

Amanda Delecca

Originally from Australia, I've been travelling for 15 years and found myself coming back to Nepal time and time again. These days Kathmandu is home and I get to show people around this incredible...

Travel operator Jamie McGuinness
124 messages

Jamie McGuinness

I love trekking in the Himalaya and running Project Himalaya is a great way to share my passion, allowing myself and our teams to explore the most amazing areas of Nepal and Ladakh. With the...


Trip Requests

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“Short trek near Pokhara”

I am planning to do a yoga and hiking retreat in Pokhara and then would like to do a short trek. I am not a big hiker, but I enjoy being outside and meeting locals. I have about 4 days for my trek.

— Traveler looking to visit Nepal in October 2016

“Looking for a trek lasting 4-5 days”

While we are in the country for 8 days, we have an event we need to attend in kathmandu so would be most interested in a trek lasting 4-5 days.

— Traveler looking to visit Nepal in September 2016

“6 days in Nepal: Looking for local food markets, and outdoors sports like rafting and kayaking”

We would like to do as much as possible with our time. We would love to interact with elephants but only if they are handled responsibly. Also, we would like to get to know the city of Katmandu, local food markets, outdoors sports (like rafting and...

— Traveler looking to visit Nepal in July 2016

“Looking for a 2-week off the beaten path trek in Nepal”

I have about 19 days total in Nepal. I have no other plans there so wouldn't mind if I was hiking the whole time. I ideally want to go somewhere not too much on the touristy path but still see a little bit of culture and some great views. I don't really...

— Traveler looking to visit Nepal in March 2016

“3-day adventure during the monsoon”

Hi, my wife and I are traveling to Kathmandu on July 9th to attend an event. We depart on the morning of the 15th, so not much time, but we'd like to have an adventure on the 12, 13, and 14th. Considering it is the monsoon, not sure if hiking is a good...

— Traveler looking to visit Nepal in July 2016

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Rafting down the Karnali River (Photo credit: Alex Treadway)

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Co-founder, CEO. Formerly Head of Mobile at TripAdvisor and founder of EveryTrail.
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Co-founder, CTO. Formerly Head of Android at TripAdvisor.
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Head of Community. Founder of TrekkingPartners.
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Head of Design. Formerly IDEO and co-founder of Spoondrift.

Previously, we built some of the world's leading travel apps, including TripAdvisor, EveryTrail and TrekkingPartners.

We're excited to now launch kimkim, a better way to plan and book travel through the help of a local expert.

For many of us, travel planning has become a painful experience; we spend countless hours researching online and are left with too many choices.

Instead, imagine talking with a local travel expert, someone who knows the destination well and can offer curated travel advice. A person who loves recommending great experiences based on your personal interests. And what if they could put the entire trip together to easily review and book in one place?

We believe this is the future of travel — bringing the local expert back into the trip planning process equipped with the tools to put together a truly amazing trip.

We're excited to be part of your travel experience, whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a short holiday with your family.

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