Where are you going?


Go to Europe for a fairytale, and you won't be disappointed—but you might just be surprised at how the story unfolds. Filled with classic travel stops, this is also a continent with endless tricks up its sleeve. Cruise the islands off Croatia's Mediterranean coast, visit one of the world's first wine producing regions in beautiful Georgia, lead your own team of huskies under the Northern Lights at the top of Norway, or bike your way around the dramatic coast of Ireland on a cycling tour. Get off the beaten path or see your favorite places in a new light: the choice is yours.

Middle East & Africa

What do the Middle East and Africa have in common? One is the ancient cradle of civilization, and the other holds an array of wildlife and wild lands—both offering an unparalleled glipse of the history of the world, igniting the imagination like nowhere else. Take a trip to Jordan and Israel—you'll get lost in ancient Petra, experience Bedouin hospitality in the desert of Wadi Rum, and witness a fascinating collision of cultures in Jerusalem. Witness the annual wildebeest migration in Tanzania, watch black rhinos drink from watering holes in Namibia, or head north to Morocco to explore bustling souks, glittering mosques, and camel rides in the Sahara.

Asia & Oceania

Diverse and populous, Asia is a place of exhilarating extremes. Trek among the world's highest mountains in Nepal, visit the rice paddies and jungle paradise of Vietnam, honor centuries of tradition in Japan, and weave among the wildly colorful and densely packed cities scattered throughout. When you're done, keep heading south: kayak through limestone pillars in the Philippines, spot orangutans in magical Borneo, and experience some of the most famous landscapes in the world in Australia and New Zealand.

Central America

Central America is a dream in many forms. Sea turtles nesting on remote beaches and swaths of rainforest in Costa Rica, dense jungle dotted with Mayan ruins and colonial towns with café-lined plazas in Guatemala, and many (many) volcanos to explore throughout—this is just a hint of what you'll find packed into a seven-country stretch between continents. Road trip, whitewater raft, zip line, and sail your way from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula to the Panama Canal with our Central America itineraries.

South America

Modern meets ancient in South America like nowhere else in the world. In Peru, you can eat your way through the haute cuisine of Lima before making the pilgrimage to Machu Picchu, the revered Incan citadel in the clouds. Head to Argentina for late nights of tango in metropolitan Buenos Aires, road trips through wine country, and breathtaking Patagonian treks at the tip of the continent. From the Galapagos Islands to Colombian coffee country and the endless Amazon Rainforest, see for yourself why travelers keep returning to South America.