kimkim is building the next generation travel company. We are a team of experienced travel entrepreneurs based in Palo Alto, California. In the past we built some of the world's most successful travel apps, with hundreds of millions of users. However, while we like today's online travel products, we felt that something is missing so we started working on a new idea.

Editor / Content Manager

Kimkim is hiring a self-motivated content specialist who is obsessed with great travel writing and is interested in managing a team of writers from across the globe.

We are looking for someone who:
  • Has an authentic and palpable enthusiasm for travel and adventure
  • Shares the same level of enthusiasm for great travel writing
  • Has a keen sense of what separates great travel writing from generic travel articles
  • Loves editing, cares about punctuation, and continually makes their work better
  • Would be excited about managing a team of writers from around the world
  • Has the ability to focus single-mindedly on the task at hand, while simultaneously managing numerous projects (and the calm perspective to prioritize intelligently)
  • Help define and cultivate kimkim’s core writing style
  • Come up with and assign new articles to our writers
  • Edit and publish articles submitted by kimkim’s writers
  • Scale our content production from 3-10 new articles per week
  • Map out content for our new travel destinations
  • Hire, manage, and bring writers up to speed on working with kimkim
  • Research, monitor, and analyze key analytics around content production
  • Manage content marketing on our social media channels
Opportunities to grow

Since we are a young, fast-growing company there will be many opportunities to grow with kimkim. With this role, you’ll be coming in at management position where we assume you have strong organizational, communication, and management skills. Having great content is critical for us, and we will be looking for someone who has the potential to be a key player in our team and can grow with the company.

Important details

You will work full-time out of our office in downtown Palo Alto, so you will need to be comfortable with your daily commute.

Traveler Success Specialist

If you’re passionate about travel and customer service, have excellent communication skills and have lots of energy to help people plan amazing trips, this may be your dream job!

Who are we?
Kimkim is a team of experienced travel entrepreneurs on a mission to improve the way people plan travel. We previously built leading travel apps including TripAdvisor and EveryTrail, and since 2015 we’ve been working on kimkim, our next big adventure.

What does Traveler Success mean?
Our passion is to make sure every traveler who plans their trip on kimkim will have an amazing experience. Our traveler success team ensures that travelers have everything they need while they plan their trips with our local travel specialists, their questions get answered, and they have a great experience during all phases of their trip: planning & booking, pre-trip, in-trip, and after they return. As a Traveler Success Specialist, you partner with the traveler on their quest to plan and have the perfect trip.

Who we are looking for?
We are looking for candidates who have the following mix of experience, skills. and passion:
  • Highly organized: Able to keep track of many different trip planning conversations simultaneously, and prioritize as necessary.
  • Attention to detail: Travel planning consists of many small (and big) details. You are able to help our local specialists make sure every detail is taken care of, every question is answered and every request is taken into consideration.
  • Reliable & consistent: You have a strong track record of delivering what you set out to do and you have a habit of letting people know when unexpected delays happen.
  • Great communications skills: Both verbally (phone calls) as well as written.
  • Humility & honesty: You’re comfortable with the fact that you don’t have all the answers, you are eager to learn and always happy to ask a colleague in case the situation calls for it.
  • Empathy: You are great at putting yourself in the traveler’s shoes and understanding what they mean with questions (that are sometimes formulated ambiguously), you are proactively checking in and providing information related to possible concerns, etc.
  • Love and understanding of travel: You appreciate that there are many different travel styles.
  • Good intuition for trip plans: Even though you don’t know every single destination in the world, you are able to understand what kind of trip someone is looking for and help make the right connection with a travel specialist in the kimkim network.
  • Coaching and feedback skills: You are able to build relationships with our local travel specialists and help them provide better support to our travelers.
Key tasks and responsibilities
  • Frontline traveler support: Communicate with travelers via messaging and phone calls, helping them with their trip and explaining how kimkim works, etc.
  • Backchannel with our travel specialists who are based all across the world, coaching them on their communications with travelers and helping them be successful on kimkim.
  • Using our tools, keep track of a running list of currently active trip planning conversations and effectively prioritize which conversations need your attention.
  • Understand, read between the lines of traveler messages, and answer them in a timely and helpful way.
  • Help create a list of FAQs based on your interactions with travelers.

UI Designer / Visual Interaction Designer

We are looking for a full-time User Interface Designer to join our team in Palo Alto.

We are looking for someone who:
  • Has 1-3 years experience designing digital interfaces (as a UI, IaD or Visual Designer)
  • Has strong visualization and communication design skills
  • Can design and prototype digital concepts directions (for mobile and desktop)
  • Loves prototyping and working at a fast pace
  • Embraces user-centered design
  • Ideally has experience designing websites and mobile apps
Experience with:
  • Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch
  • Digital Prototyping Tools (Flinto, Invision,, AE, Keynote etc)
  • Designing user flows and wireframes
  • Translating user flows and interactions into visual design

We’d love to see your portfolio of work showcasing some of the things you worked on.

iOS / Android Engineers

We are looking for a full-time iOS and Android engineers to join our team in Palo Alto.

We are looking for people who:
  • Have 2-5 years experience building iOS and/or Android apps & have strong analytical skills
  • Can build high quality software at an incredibly fast pace
  • Are excited to work on cutting edge products in close cooperation with our world class product and design people
  • Want nothing more than to be part of an ambitious, passionate team who are devoted to building a household global travel brand
You have experience with:
  • Creating iOS and/or Android apps, as well other consumer facing technologies and/or scalable backend systems
  • Building great software that works robustly
  • Successfully working in teams
  • Working at a high pace