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Introducing Greece

Dynamic Greece beckons virtually every type of traveler. From its rich trove of historical sites to its captivating culture and stunning scenery, and from dynamic cities like Athens and Thessaloniki to quaint seaside villages on remote islands, you are certain to find something right for you. Experience the country like a local with the help of kimkim's local specialists, taking in the beauty of today and feeling the weight of past centuries.

Learn more about how kimkim will help you create the perfect Greece trip for your interests.

Greece Tours & Itineraries

Get inspired by trips other travelers have loved
Little Venice in Mykonos
Map of Discover Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete - 10 Days
Discover Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Crete - 10 Days

Experience some of the greatest aspects of Greece and its islands on this itinerary. You'll start in Athens, traveling back in time with a visit to the Acropolis and other key ancient sites around the city, viewed through the lens of Greek mythology. Then head into the islands, starting with a tour of Mykonos and its neighboring mythological island of Delos. Off to Santorini next for sunsets and sightseeing, followed by the historic sites and traditional villages of Crete before you return to Athens.

Sunrise over the Parthenon
Highlights of Athens - 5 Days

A perfect fit for first-time visitors, this five-day city tour highlights both Athens' ancient history and modern culture. Visit the sleek Acropolis Museum, tour Athens' tasty food markets, and bask in the Riviera sun at the Temple of Poseidon.

Balos lagoon on Crete
Map of Laidback Athens, Tinos, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 14 Days
Laidback Athens, Tinos, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 14 Days

Need a vacation? Find your piece of paradise with the 2-week version of this laidback itinerary. Start with street food and native wine varietals in Athens, before heading to Tinos for a cultural tour. Glamorous Mykonos and Santorini are next, before continuing to Crete, where turquoise lagoons and village tours making sure you're fully blissed out before you go back to Athens.

White and blue churches over Santorini's caldera
Map of Discover Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 14 Days
Discover Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete - 14 Days

Delve into Greece's modern culture and ancient history with this exciting itinerary. Immerse yourself in Greek mythology in Athens and Delphi before beginning your island hopping adventure. Explore the picturesque streets and inviting waters of Mykonos and the volcanic island of Santorini, with a stop at the sacred island of Delos along the way. Then head to Crete for more fascinating archaeological sites, hiking in the mountains, and visits to traditional villages before returning to Athens.

Al fresco dining at its finest
Map of Relaxed Athens, Santorini, Naxos & Mykonos - 8 Days
Relaxed Athens, Santorini, Naxos & Mykonos - 8 Days

Escape the troubles of the world with eight days in the Cyclades. You'll arrive in Athens, then head to the islands to explore famous Mykonos and Santorini as well as lesser-known but spectacular Naxos. Enjoy your Greek vacation filled with sun, sailing, and sampling, with cooking classes and traditional dinners accompanying your days of blissful idleness.

Rooftops of Thessaloniki
Map of Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 14 Days
Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 14 Days

Experience the lesser-known side of the country with this two-week trip across Northern Greece. You'll go from Greece's second city of Thessaloniki to living like the proverbial pasha in lakeside Ioannina, then up to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora. Continue on through the stone Zagori mountain villages to wrap up your journey on the shores of Corfu in the Ionian Sea, where you'll follow in legendary traveler Odysseus's footsteps.

Make the Most of Your Time in Greece

Have a fixed number of days? Maximize the things to see and do during your visit
How Many Days Should You Spend in Greece?

Whether you only have time for a long weekend in Athens, a couple of weeks of island-hopping in the south, or (lucky you!) a good few weeks to explore the country from north to...

Red Beach in Santorini
10 Days in Greece - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas

With 10 days to spend in Greece, travelers won't have too many tough choices to make. You'll have plenty of time to island hop around the Cyclades, do a deep dive into ancient...

7 Days in Greece - 7 Unique Itineraries
7 Days in Greece - 7 Unique Itineraries

Sure, you could channel Odysseus and spend 20 years exploring the thousands of islands, countless beaches and historical sites of Greece. But if you only have seven days, where...

8 Days in Greece
8 Days in Greece - 5 Unique Itineraries

Spending a week in Greece is already great—but with an added bonus day, you have another chance to dig into the food, culture, and outdoor activities that make this destination...

Greece Travel Essentials

All you need to know to get started planning the perfect trip
Best Time of Year to Visit Greece

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with four seasons and a long, dry summer. There's never a bad time to visit the country, but depending on how hot you like it, the most...

8 Best Places to Visit in Greece

In Greece, the highlights are many. From pinnacles topped with ancient monasteries to the buzzing capital of Athens, paradise islands to ruins once considered the center of the...

Top 10 Activities in Greece

Whether you’re interested in seeing classical ruins and centuries-old monasteries, scrambling through gorges filled with wildflowers, sailing on the Ionian Sea, or getting...

Getting Off the Beaten Path in Greece
Getting Off the Beaten Path in Greece

When traveling to Greece, most tourists stay on the popular track: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini. But with thousands of years of history, and as many islands, Greece is full of...

Greece Travel Advice

Read our detailed insights to make sure you have the best trip
How to Visit Athens Like a Local
How to Visit Athens Like a Local

You’ve visited the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Ancient Agora—now it’s time to experience Athens like a local. We’ve made it easy by selecting the best places and local...

Greece Destination Guides

A rock formation frames the sea on Corfu, Greece
Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in Greece

Cyclades, Saronic, Dodecanese, Sporades: to plan an island-hopping trip around Greece, you'll need some background on each of the island groups. Read on to learn what to expect,...

Naoussa village on Paros
Ultimate Guide to the Cycladic Islands

Though Greece has more than 1,000 islands to its name, the Cyclades are some of the best-known and most popular of the set. Encircling the former sacred site at Delos in the...

Greece Experiences

Unique things to do in Greece
Cycle by the sea
Naxos Beaches and Villages Bike Tour

Naxos is the largest of Greece's Cyclades islands, known for its hillside villages, ancient ruins, and long beaches. One of the best ways to explore this Aegean gem is on a...

the famous columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus
Acropolis and Ancient Greek Mythology Tour

This guided mythology walking tour reveals much insight into the legends that are such an integral part of Greece's history. It begins at the famed columns of the Temple of...

Red Beach, Santorini
Santorini Catamaran Cruise

Fira is a large village and the capital of Santorini. It's also home to Vlychada Port, which is the starting point of a semi-private catamaran cruise around the island. The...

Cretan olives fresh from the harvest
Food Tour of Crete

Crete is not only the largest of the Greek islands, but it has one of the most interesting food cultures as well. For most of its history, Cretans subsisted on a diet of fresh...

Our Latest Greece Content

Wine regions in Greece
Wine Regions in Greece: Scenery, Cities, and Signature Wines

Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing areas in the world. Sip dry white wine on Santorini, sample rosé on a Peloponnese road trip, try sparkling wines in the mountainous north, or discover the reds of Crete: there is something for every taste. Learn more about the key destinations with this guide.

Beaches of Macedonia
Guide to Thessaloniki & Macedonia: Greece's Mountainous Mainland

There are countless reasons to add Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city) and Macedonia (Greece’s largest province) to your travel plans. From the white sands of Halkidiki to Thessaloniki’s pulsing nightlife, the region is bursting with world-class sites. No wonder that, together, they form the country’s most popular region.

Aerial view of Greece's Paros Island
Map of Off the Beaten Path in the Cyclades: Paros & Naxos - 8 Days
Off the Beaten Path in the Cyclades: Paros & Naxos - 8 Days

The stunning Cyclades are a group of Greek islands famous for their unique architecture, cosmopolitan nightlife, impressive history, and rocky landscapes. You'll start in Paros, where golden sand beaches and charming villages are yours to explore. Then hop a ferry to neighboring Naxos for a tour of Chora, beautiful whitewashed villages, and countryside filled with churches, archaeological sites, and local distilleries.

Greece Travel Maps

Get the lay of land, and understand distances between the places you want to visit
7 Days in Greece - 7 Unique Itineraries
View article
8 Days in Greece - 5 Unique Itineraries
View article
3 Weeks in Greece - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
View article

Meet our Local Travel Specialists

Experienced travel specialists with a passion for Greece
Travel specialist Harris Bitsounis
active 1 min ago

Harris Bitsounis

Traveling is a #never-ending_experience! I come from the cultural hub of Athens with its UNESCO sacred rock of Acropolis and breathtaking Santorini with its spectacular Caldera views. What I...

Travel specialist Chris Leontopoulos
active 42 mins ago

Chris Leontopoulos

Hello, my name is Chris I am Canadian by birth, but my family’s roots can be traced centuries back to two beautiful mountain villages in Greece. One in the shadow of Mount Olympus, and one very...

Travel specialist Dimitris Zografos
active 3 mins ago

Dimitris Zografos

I have organised my first adventure ski trip in mount Parnassos for my classmates at the age of 14. One year later, I was lucky enough to surf in Oahu Hawaii. Since then I have never stopped...

Travel specialist Tasos Mylonas
active 15 mins ago

Tasos Mylonas

Traveling is a very personal matter! Following masses and ticking checklists has never been my cup of tea! As founder & director of travel12, I see every client as a unique personality who is...


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Trip Reviews for Greece

The latest reviews by travelers who booked their trip on kimkim

Trip to greece, Greece - May 13 - May 23, 2019

Traveler: Daniella G. - Local specialist: Tasos Mylonas

Wow! I have so much to write. My trip was amazing and so was KimKim. I actually met a couple while on a tour that had also used KimKim. Small world! About half of my tours ended up being just me instead of a group, which ended up being completely fine, but was unexpected at first.

Athens Mythology tour through Alternative Athens: Very interesting! Loved my tour guide (I can't remember her name exactly, Demetria maybe?). She was interesting, kept us engaged and very knowledgeable. She... read more

Wow! I have so much to write. My trip was amazing and so was KimKim. I actually met a couple while on a tour that had also used KimKim. Small world! About half of my tours ended up being just me instead of a group, which ended up being completely fine, but was unexpected at first.

Athens Mythology tour through Alternative Athens: Very interesting! Loved my tour guide (I can't remember her name exactly, Demetria maybe?). She was interesting, kept us engaged and very knowledgeable. She clearly loves what she does. I would definitely recommend this tour.

The ferry I took to Tinos was nice. It was on time and the staff helped me carry my way too heavy luggage up the stairs and were very accommodating if I had questions. The announcements were mostly clear. Unfortunately, I do not remember this ferry's name but it was NOT the blue star, it was the smaller one.

Favie Suzanne Hotel: I had to look for the hotel name on the vans in the parking lot but was able to find my ride pretty quickly. The van that picks you up is pretty run down but the brothers who drive you and run the front desk are amazing! So helpful and kind in planning out days and any other questions I had. The room was very comfortable and breakfast was sufficient.

The island of Tinos: Small very quiet island. The shops and restaurants along the port are nice to see and delicious to eat at but other than that, there is not much else to do within walking distance. I was a bit bored on my free day and ended up taking the bus to various villages. Because I went in what is technically off season, the bus did not run very often and therefore I was at the liberty of their schedule. I took cabs in between villages and then in order to see another village after the last bus, I had to find my own cab. Thank goodness for the kindness of Greece because I found probably the only cafe tucked away in the middle of houses to help me call a cab. People could not have been nicer. Depending on the village, there was not much to do besides walk the streets and look at the views and houses. My second full day (technically third and also the day I left) there was much better. I had my Tinian culinary workshop with Aldo and his wife Katia. Some of the nicest most welcoming people I have ever met in my life. I wish I had met them the day before because not only did we make a delicious meal together, they offered to take me around just a bit to see some things I haven't seen before. The weather was pretty chilly so I did not go to the beach and there was interspersed rainfall but it did not last long.

Ferry to Naxos was very late, which I guess is to be expected. Luckily the restaurants were near by and I was able to have a delicious ice cream and use wifi to entertain myself while waiting. Again, this smaller ferry helped me with luggage.

Arrival in Naxos: All my drivers except in Tinos had a sign with my name on it and were all ready and waiting for me. Since I arrived so late in Naxos, I went straight to the hotel, Nastasia Village Hotel, which was very very cute. It was traditional and almost cottage like. It was however, very noisy in the mornings and very cold at night. Great central location though! There was so much to do in Naxos and the vibe was completely different from Tinos. I found it very difficult however, to get to the places I wanted to see as the signs were not the clearest on/around the attractions. Asking for help is definitely your best bet as people are so kind! I was disappointed about the miscommunication for my biking tour with Naxos Bikes. My tour was scheduled for the morning but he was unable to take me until late afternoon. I did not go on the cycling tour because I spent the entire day walking around and was exhausted with old injuries acting up that would have made the tour less than enjoyable.

Ferry to Santorini: I don't remember much about this one. I think it was late and I believe it was a bigger ferry, which had an escalator to take the baggage up but NOT down. I did not know this and was definitely not expecting it. The fellow tourists were not the nicest as I tried to maneuver my bags down a lot of steep steps without falling to my demise. I am certain there is an elevator somewhere that I should have used.

Santorini: My driver, Costas with Agyros Tours, was awesome. So friendly and helpful with bags. There was a group of us he picked up and took to our respective hotels.

Makris Hotel was probably my favorite because of Vasiliki, the evening receptionist and also the view. I could literally hear and see the ocean from my room as well as the black beach and a mountain. Vasiliki went above and beyond for me multiple times during my stay. She was seriously the best!!! I ended up booking a tour with Kamari Tours because I did not have a way to see the Volcano or hot springs otherwise. I would not recommend this company. They were very unorganized once we got to the port and they were very late getting back, which resulted in me being late for my afternoon tour I scheduled with KimKim. The Kamri Tour with Jason Boats was a 4 hour tour to the hot springs and up the volcano. The trip description and items to bring need to be adjusted as well as more time for delays. Additionally, my tour guide was nice but not very engaging and I didn't feel like I learned as much as I should/could have. Christos from KimKim came to my rescue here as I was a bit frantic because I got back too late to make it to my hotel to be picked up for my Argyros Tour. We found a new place for me to join the tour and all was well.

Santorini Highlights and Wine Tour: I went with 4 other people in my group and the guide, Paris (I am not sure of the correct spelling). This tour was not exactly what I expected but overall I think I would recommend it. A couple did not make it so we got a late start. We adjusted the route a bit, and all the stops were enjoyable but very quick. No time to really take it all in or shopping if that was your plan. Definitely eat before as there isn't really time to stop for food. We were literally chasing the sunset so every stop was more and more rushed. The winery we went to, we were there for literally 20-25 minutes. There were 3 wines, cheese, pretzel type sticks, meat, and a paste, with a quick explanation. Inside the building was really cool but there was no explanation or tour for that whole area, which was really disappointing. The view was pretty but not spectacular and again, it was all very rushed. I didn't particularly enjoy any of the wines either. Only one white wine was just ok. Their dessert wine was terrible. The location we ended up at for the sunset was great though. Beautiful and not the normally crowded area. If only it hadn't been overcast.

My last day in Santorini I spent the morning sight seeing and then got picked up with my luggage to be taken to Fira. 5 hours in Fira was way to long for me and it was cold and I was exhausted and just wanted to rest. If I could do it again, I would have taken an earlier ferry to Athens.

Ferry to Athens: This one was giant and one time. It was overnight and the cabin was a necessity as I was completely exhausted. We got in about 30 minutes early and my hotel was not ready, which was torture because I was very hungry and very tired. I did go sight see for a few hours and then came back to the hotel. My room was not ready until about 2pm. This hotel, Pi Athens was also nice and in a central location. The pillows were incredibly lumpy but everything else was great. They even made sure I had breakfast because I was checking out so early. So appreciated!! My driver in Athens, Lampros, was always on time, very nice and helpful and took the time to take the scenic routes for me when time allowed.

Food tour with Alternative Athens: Great and delicious!!! I made the mistake of eating breakfast before hand, which was not necessary because even though it was just a taste at each stop, it was all delicious and filling! Maria was an awesome guide!

Sorry this is so long but I wanted it to be thorough. I hope this helps someone! Greece is SPECTACULAR!

Trip to greece, Greece - May 2 - May 9, 2019

Traveler: Lalat S. - Local specialist: Nicky Korontzi

It was wonderful well organized and everything we had asked for was there I would especially like to mention and thank Nicky, Mr Lampros and Mr Tasso for going out of their way to come pick us up from the port when the ferry got canceled (due to bad weather) and putting us on a flight to Naxos so that we would not miss any part of our tour. I would certainly use them again and have recommended them to all my friends and family

Trip to greece, Greece - May 8 - May 19, 2019

Traveler: Nisah M. - Local specialist: Tasos Mylonas

The amount of attention to detail and care that Travel team 12 and Tasos put towards my customized trip was outstanding! I loved the experiences that they put together for me since I love learning about culture through food- the gastronomic tours, wine tours, and a cooking class allowed me to learn about Greece in such a special way that I will never forget. The boutique hotels that were chosen were such great options that I would have never known of without the help from this team. I have nothing but good memories from this trip and now a part of my heart remains in Greece.