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Five days in Greece affords you a satisfying trip to Athens or one major island. Those interested in ancient history can get lost in the Greek capital, with famous sites like the Acropolis in the city limits and many nearby ruins just a day-trip away. Athens is also a good place for food and culture—you can even take a cooking class based on ancient culinary techniques. For a taste of island life, it is possible to day trip to Hydra and Kea, or spend the majority of your trip exploring Crete, the largest Greek isle. Crete offers a bit of everything: beaches, ruins spanning multiple civilizations, and villages full of opportunities to immerse in local life.

See detailed itineraries below, and for more ideas, see this roundup of recommended 5-day itineraries around Greece.

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Sunrise over the Parthenon
Map of Highlights of Athens - 5 Days
Highlights of Athens - 5 Days

A perfect fit for first-time visitors, this five-day city tour highlights both Athens' ancient history and modern culture. Visit the sleek Acropolis Museum, tour Athens' tasty food markets, and bask in the Riviera sun at the Temple of Poseidon.

Aerial view of Oia on the island of Santorini.
Map of Taste of Athens & Santorini - 5 Days
Taste of Athens & Santorini - 5 Days

Visit two Greek classics during this 5-day tour of some of the country's most beautiful and iconic sites. You'll start in Athens, with a day to experience the Acropolis and the capital's buzzing neighborhoods. End the trip in Santorini with its white-topped cliffs and caldera views, complete with island cruising, wine tasting, and stunning sunsets to spare.

Walk any number of streets for a view of the Acropolis
Map of Best of Athens & Ancient Greece - 5 Days
Best of Athens & Ancient Greece - 5 Days

Long dominated by the omnipresent Parthenon, Athens mingles its classical past with a budding art scene and bustling markets. You'll spend five days exploring this city's many cultural treasures and cool neighborhoods—along with day trips to archaeological sites in nearby Mycenae. See why the epicenter of antiquity and philosophy is well worth a trip today.

The old port of Chania, built by Venetians in the 14th century
Map of Local Life on Crete - 5 Days
Local Life on Crete - 5 Days

The 5-day version of this compact itinerary focuses on the far west region of Chania. Arrive in Crete, the largest of the Greek isles, before heading to the traditional village of Vamos for a cooking class and two nights in a charming guesthouse. Take a guided village-to-village trek, visit the ancient Minoan palace of Knossos on a day trip, and stroll the waterfront in the city of Chania without feeling rushed.

The amphitheater at the Acropolis, Athens
Explore Mythical Athens - 5 Days

Ancient cultures and modern day life meet on this five-day exploration of Greece's capital city. Immerse yourself in the history of the Golden Age with a visit to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Stroll the historic cobblestone streets of Athens' many neighborhoods, learn about the ancient rites of the Eleusinian Mysteries, and relax by the sea on the Athens Riviera.

Hippocrates fountain in the Old Town square
Map of Discover Medieval Rhodes - 5 Days
Discover Medieval Rhodes - 5 Days

Get a glimpse of the evolution of a thriving medieval island turned modern getaway with this five-day itinerary. The island of Rhodes is home to an expansive old town along with a slew of forts, castles, and other features that will transport you back to antiquity.

Coast of Skopelos near Neo Klima
Map of Central Greece & Skopelos Exploration - 5 Days
Central Greece & Skopelos Exploration - 5 Days

If you're looking out for a place to go, dance your way through this five-day Greek itinerary featuring the island filming location of Mamma Mia. After landing in Athens, head down to the slopes of Mount Pelion and then out to Skopelos island where Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried worked on the 2008 film before you return to Athens.

Paleokastritsa Bay on Corfu
Map of Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 5 Days
Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 5 Days

Northern Greece has been the home of mighty civilizations, including the Macedonians, Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs and Ottoman Turks. Get a five-day glimpse into their world with this itinerary.  From the bustling streets of Thessaloniki, you'll go on to see the monasteries of Meteora as they touch the sky, then follow the footsteps of Oydsseus to the Ionian Sea.

Colorful Greek home
Map of Athens and Nafplio - 5 Days
Athens and Nafplio - 5 Days

Live like a local in Greece's idyllic Argolic Gulf with this 5-day itinerary. You'll explore Athens for a few days, including a unique guided tour of some of the city's most important ancient sites before you head to seaside Nafplio, home to winding streets and a historic water fortress. Explore this beautiful area of mainland Greece, then get hands-on in an olive grove before you head home.

The Meteora at sunrise
Wonders of Mainland Greece - 5 Days

In just five days, this diverse itinerary takes you to some of mainland Greece's top highlights. Spend a day in Athens exploring the antiquities of the Acropolis before touring Mycenae, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the historic seaside city of Nafplio. Then move on to the ethereal rock formations of the Meteora, a series of ancient monasteries, a family-run winery, and more! You'll hike in the hills, sample regional delicacies, sleep in a mountain lodge, and learn all about Greek history and culture before returning to Athens, where the trip starts and ends.

Ancient Greek columns
Road Trip Around Ancient Greece - 5 Days

In just five days, you can see a lot of Greek antiquity — especially if you have a good map and the keys to a rental car! On this fascinating five-day tour, you'll drive around Athens, Olympia, Mycenae, Nafplio, Delphi, and the Meteora, stopping along the journey to tour ancient ruins, visit key museums, and walk around the original site of the Olympic Games. It's not all history on this colorful road trip, though: you'll also have the chance to hunt for truffles in the woods, dine in traditional Greek taverns, and hike through quiet forests before looping back to Athens, where the trip comes to a close.

Old stone bridge at Argassi beach
Map of Explore Zakynthos Island - 5 Days
Explore Zakynthos Island - 5 Days

Dip into Zakynthos island on this five-day itinerary. Named for the son of the Arcadian chieftain Dardanus, one of Zeus's many offspring, this Ionian island is home to rare sea turtle nesting grounds, scenic shipwrecks, stone villages, and more for you to explore.

Streets of the Naxos Kastro district
Map of Family Adventures in Athens and the Cyclades - 5 Days
Family Adventures in Athens and the Cyclades - 5 Days

See Athens and the Cycladic island of Naxos with this five-day itinerary. Start by taking your whole family up to the Acropolis to experience the myths of Classical Greece up close, then head down to the island of Naxos to explore its former Venetian castle district and lounge on the many beaches.

Samaria Gorge pathway in Crete
Map of Athens and Crete Family Adventure - 5 Days
Athens and Crete Family Adventure - 5 Days

Visit Athens and Chania on this five-day itinerary that brings the whole family into the experience. After a mythology tour of the Acropolis and accompanying tour of some of the highlights of Athens, you'll head to the former Venetian port city of Chania to explore some of the nature and history of Crete.

Taking in the Parthenon
Map of Family Holiday in Athens and Nafplio - 5 Days
Family Holiday in Athens and Nafplio - 5 Days

A short but sweet itinerary perfect for your short people. This five-day trip takes you to some of the child-friendly highlights of Athens and neighboring Nafplio, with storytelling at the Acropolis, a seaside bike tour,  a castle built to defend against pirates, and plenty more to see and entertain regardless of your age.

Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki
Map of Urban Adventures and History in  Athens & Thessaloniki - 5 Days
Urban Adventures and History in Athens & Thessaloniki - 5 Days

Make the most of your five days in Greece with this quick hit tour of its two largest cities. Start in Athens with a local wine tasting before touring the most famous site of them all — the Acropolis. After spending time learning about the ancient Greeks, head to some of the city's more modern neighborhoods, where you'll spot street art and wander through the markets, stopping to sample food along the way. Next, make your way to multicultural Thessaloniki, where you'll explore its Byzantine and Ottoman history on a walking tour of the city.

Pillars at the Library of Hadrian
Athens City Break - 5 Days

Get a taste of the Greek capital with this five-day tour. You'll start off with a stroll through the Athenian food scene and digest it with a mythology tour of the Acropolis, then put your lessons into practice as you take a cooking class under the Parthenon's watchful columns.

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