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Six days in Greece affords you a satisfying trip to Athens, plus one major island. Those interested in ancient history can get lost in the Greek capital, with famous sites like the Acropolis in the city limits and many nearby ruins just a day-trip away. Athens is also a good place for food and culture—you can even take a cooking class based on ancient culinary techniques. For a taste of island life, it is possible to day trip to Hydra and Kea, or spend the majority of your trip exploring Crete, the largest Greek isle. Crete offers a bit of everything: beaches, ruins spanning multiple civilizations, and villages full of opportunities to immerse in local life.

See our itineraries below or read our guide to the best 6-day trips in Greece.

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The blue-and-white domed buildings in Santorini
Map of Athens, Santorini, & Mykonos Exploration - 6 Days
Athens, Santorini, & Mykonos Exploration - 6 Days

This excursion takes you through the major highlights of the country's capital and two of its most popular islands, all in a 6-day timespan. In Athens, you'll visit the iconic Parthenon constructed in 438 BC, then go souvenir shopping at the bustling Monastiraki flea market. In Mykonos and Santorini, you'll lay on famous beaches, explore agricultural villages, eat fresh cuisine, and of course watch the sunset.

The Cretan diet: olives
Map of Food Tour of Crete - 6 Days
Food Tour of Crete - 6 Days

Spend six days exploring the culture, nature, and history of Crete through a culinary lens as you eat and drink your way through olive groves, wineries, gastronomically significant villages, and farms where the night's meal was grown just an arm's length away.

The Santorini village of Oia at sunset.
Map of Taste of Athens & Santorini - 6 Days
Taste of Athens & Santorini - 6 Days

Combine ancient Athens with Santorini sunsets on this quick 6-day jaunt through a few of Greece's most stunning sights. After discovering the capital's classical treasures and gastronomic gems, you'll hop over to Santorini to finish your trip with a taste of island life—sailing its rugged coast, exploring whitewashed villages, and sampling local wines.

Ancient statues in the Agora
Map of Athens City Break - 6 Days
Athens City Break - 6 Days

Does your vacation truly count if you don't get at least three months of Instagram footage out of it? Spend six days strolling through Athens and you'll acquire enough footage to keep your feed buzzing, thanks to this itinerary's food tour, Acropolis visit, and even a professionally led photo walk.

The monasteries of Meteora
Map of Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 6 Days
Enchanting Northern Greece and Corfu - 6 Days

In just under a week, you'll see some of northern Greece's most unforgettable landscapes with this itinerary. From the historical port city of Thessaloniki to the beaches of Corfu, you'll be immersed in history and culture. You'll trek through the hills of Zagori to its photogenic stone villages and bridges, and visit the clifftop monasteries of Meteora. End your journey with a stop in Corfu, where you'll taste local delicacies and trace the path of Homer's Odysseus.

The old port of Chania, built by Venetians in the 14th century
Map of Local Life on Crete - 6 Days
Local Life on Crete - 6 Days

Fall in love with the largest Greek isle with the 6-day version of this unique itinerary. With a focus on culture and local flavor, you'll stick to Chania's highlights and the surrounding countryside. Make (and eat) an authentic Cretan feast, learn and lunch at the famous Botanical Park and Gardens, and relax on some of the most beautiful pink sand beaches in the world.

The famous Portara of Naxos
Map of Delightful Athens & Naxos - 6 Days
Delightful Athens & Naxos - 6 Days

Experience captivating Athens and a lesser-known Cycladic island with this 6-day itinerary.  After getting your first taste of Greece in the capital city, you'll head to Naxos to experience the beaches, history, villages, and culture of the largest Cycladic isle.

Charming Nafplio
Map of Athens and Nafplio - 6 Days
Athens and Nafplio - 6 Days

Live like a local in Greece's idyllic Argolic Gulf with this 6-day itinerary. You'll explore Athens for a few days, including a unique guided tour of some of the city's most important ancient sites before you head to seaside Nafplio, home to winding streets and a historic water fortress. Explore this beautiful area of mainland Greece, then get hands-on in an olive grove before you head home.

Courtyard of the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes
Map of Discover Medieval Rhodes - 6 Days
Discover Medieval Rhodes - 6 Days

Spend six days wandering through the streets of Rhodes with this island-based itinerary. Though you'll start and leave from Athens, Rhodes is the focus of your trip from its Old Town streets to its sunny beaches and the small villages in between.

House in Skopelos town
Map of Central Greece & Skopelos Exploration - 6 Days
Central Greece & Skopelos Exploration - 6 Days

Take a chance on this six-day Greek itinerary and get to know the  country better. You'll start by going from Athens to seaside Volos and Mount Pelion, then sail to Skopelos island where Mamma Mia was filmed for three days of beaches and a location tour before you fly, like the pretty birds, back to your home.

Zakynthos port
Map of Explore Zakynthos Island - 6 Days
Explore Zakynthos Island - 6 Days

The bright blue waters off Zakynthos are home to rare loggerhead sea turtles and monk seals that have been returning to the island for generations. See what keeps bringing the turtles back and maybe even meet some of them yourself with this six-day itinerary that covers the island's beaches, villages, and vineyards.

Cretan coastline
Map of Athens and Crete Family Adventure - 6 Days
Athens and Crete Family Adventure - 6 Days

Get a six-day glimpse of some of the highlights of Crete with this family itinerary. You'll start off atop the Athenian Acropolis with a mythology tour, then down to Crete and into the depths of the dramatic Samaria Gorge before you finish it off by finding equilibrium with a stroll through the stone villages of Apokoronas.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus on the Acropolis
Map of Family Holiday in Athens & Nafplio - 6 Days
Family Holiday in Athens & Nafplio - 6 Days

Take a six-day spin through Greece with this family-friendly itinerary.  Whether you're listening to stories of the city's founding on the Acropolis, channeling your inner Olympic athlete, or watching a play on an ancient stage, there's something to keep everyone entertained.

Some of Naxos' four-legged residents
Map of Family Adventures in Athens and the Cyclades - 6 Days
Family Adventures in Athens and the Cyclades - 6 Days

Get a glimpse of multiple angles of Greece on this six-day family trip. You'll begin with a mythology tour of the Acropolis, then sail to the Cyclades to visit Naxos. This island has a rich agricultural and archaeological legacy that you can explore on horseback or simply via wandering through its castle district, plus plenty of stunning beaches that kids and adults will love.

View of Thessaloniki
Map of Urban Adventures and History in  Athens & Thessaloniki - 6 Days
Urban Adventures and History in Athens & Thessaloniki - 6 Days

Spend six days seeing the sights of Athens and Thessaloniki with this exciting itinerary. Begin in the capital, where you'll be welcomed with a local wine tasting, followed by a jaunt around the Acropolis. You'll tour the city's young, vibrant neighborhoods and markets, and learn to cook a traditional meal as you look out at the Athenian skyline. Then fly north to Greece's second city, where you can appreciate its fascinating architecture on a walking tour of all the hot spots.

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