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Beaches of Macedonia
Guide to Thessaloniki & Macedonia: Greece's Mountainous Mainland

There are countless reasons to add Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city) and Macedonia (Greece’s largest province) to your travel plans. From the white sands of Halkidiki to Thessaloniki’s pulsing nightlife, the region is bursting with world-class sites. No wonder that, together, they form the country’s most popular region.

Whitewashed architecture of Naxos Chora
Ultimate Guide to Naxos: The Cyclades in a Nutshell

Naxos is unfairly overlooked by many visitors to the Aegean. It's the largest and most fertile of the Cyclades Islands, and perhaps also its most quintessential, blessed with an abundance of attractions from archaeological treasures to some of the best stretches of white sand beach in Greece. From the main city of Chora to road trip-worthy villages and the glittering southwest coastline, let this guide be your essential handbook for Naxos travel.

A rock formation frames the sea on Corfu, Greece
Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in Greece

Cyclades, Saronic, Dodecanese, Sporades: to plan an island-hopping trip around Greece, you'll need some background on each of the island groups. Read on to learn what to expect, where to go, and how to start planning your adventure.

Enjoy a full day in Athens
24 Hours in Athens

Athens is a vast, modern city brimming with antiquities. What do you do if you only have a day to spend? Here we've curated the best options that combine the popular highlights with a slice of local life.

Ultimate Guide to Crete: An Island for All Seasons
Ultimate Guide to Crete: An Island for All Seasons

Crete is a great island to visit at any time of year. The southernmost Greek isle has beaches, ancient archaeological sites, throwback villages, and myriad nature hikes—not to mention the pleasant winter temperatures. Find out what to do, where to stay, and more in this ultimate guide.

Exploring history in the Peloponnese
Top Highlights of the Peloponnese Region

The Peloponnese region is the little-visited underbelly of Greece. It's a hotbed of history—the Olympic Games were birthed here, it was the home of ancient Sparta, and even today Arcadian Greece survives largely intact here. The Peloponnese is worth a trip, whether you make a day trip from Athens or road trip through the region on a cultural, culinary, or active tour.

Naoussa village on Paros
Map of Ultimate Guide to the Cyclades Islands
Ultimate Guide to the Cyclades Islands

Though Greece has more than 1,000 islands to its name, the Cyclades are some of the best-known and most popular of the set. Encircling the former sacred site at Delos in the Aegean Sea, this island chain boasts picture-perfect beaches, lots of local culture, and historical sites dating back to the Classical era. From big names like Santorini and Mykonos to tiny isles with far fewer visitors, this guide will get you started.

Relax in the Saronic Islands
Ultimate Guide to Spetses and the Saronic Islands

Just south of Athens, in the Saronic Gulf, this group of half-a-dozen or so islands makes for an easy getaway. No two are the same, and which to visit depends on your preference. Match culture with a lively party scene on Spetses, get away from it all on tiny Agistri, and everything in between with this guide.

The old streets of Rethymno
24 Hours in Rethymno

Many travelers spend a few days on Crete, splitting their time between Chania in the west and Heraklion in the east. As you make your way from one region to the other, don't miss the chance to spend some time in the Rethymno, home to a famous monastery, a charming old town, and excellent restaurants. What to do, where to go, and what to see—especially if you only have 24 hours to spend? Follow this guide to find out.