From Earth Day 2019 through early 2022, every trip booked through kimkim was 100% climate neutral—including international flights. In February 2022, kimkim launched a new climate initiative to support carbon removal. Plan your trip with us and support sustainable initiatives around the world, reducing your impact and strengthening communities along the way.

In February 2022, kimkim launched a new climate initiative to succeed the effort from 2019-2022 that is outlined below. We are very excited about this new chapter. Learn more here.

Climate Neutrality Initiative at kimkim

At kimkim, we're passionate about the positive social and economic impacts that travel generates in our destinations—but we also recognize that travel is a significant contributor to climate change.

Climate change poses a risk to our world's environment and communities, and we believe the travel industry can take a leadership role in this crisis by combatting the impacts generated by our businesses. 

On Earth Day 2019 (April 22), we launched an initiative to make every trip booked through kimkim 100% climate neutral, including international flights. We partnered with our travelers, local specialists, and South Pole on three regional projects that offset emissions and strengthen communities.

We hope to inspire other businesses in the travel industry—and travelers around the world—to step up to the crucial challenge presented by climate change. 

How It Worked

  • You planned a trip to any destination with one of kimkim's local specialists
  • Your per-traveler contribution was automatically added to the cost of your trip
  • Kimkim and your local specialist contributed the remainder of the offset cost
  • 100% of the shared cost went toward neutralizing the impact of your trip
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Regional Projects Supported by kimkim Trips

Kimkim climate offset contribution map
Your contribution depends on where you travel

What climate neutrality project did your trip support? That depends where you went. 

We partnered with South Pole, a global leader in emission reduction projects, on climate neutrality efforts in three kimkim destinations: India, Zimbabwe, and Peru. Your contribution went to the project associated with your region. 

For more information about South Pole, visit their website.

Trips in Asia and Oceana: Clean Air Cookstoves in India

Biolite stoves reduce toxic emissions (Photo courtesy of the South Pole Group)
Improved stoves reduce toxic emissions (Photo courtesy of South Pole)

The southern India project designs and distributes efficient improved cookstoves, which cook much faster than previous methods and require less wood fuel—alleviating deforestation in surrounding areas and reducing smoke and toxic emissions by 80%.

With this new cooking resource, families save time and money and are able to better focus on the care and of their children. The program also trains and employs female entrepreneurs, actively involving them in the marketing and sales of the cookstoves. A community group in the village of Khanav also contributes by providing ethical microloans to local families, making the cost manageable for all. Learn more

Trips in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East: Forest Protection in Zimbabwe

Kariba REDD+ brings sustainable solutions to local families (Photo courtesy of South Pole)

In recent decades, Zimbabwe has suffered from political and economic turbulence. With limited opportunities, desperate communities have started clearing forests for subsistence farming and fuel. More than a third of Zimbabwe’s forests have been lost, creating further instability for people with already precarious livelihoods.

Since its launch in 2011, the Kariba REDD+ project has protected more than one million acres from deforestation, preventing more than 18 million tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. And project activities/training in conservation agriculture, community gardens, beekeeping training, fire management, and ecotourism create jobs and facilitate sustainable incomes. Learn more

Trips in the Americas: Biodiversity Support in Peru

Sustainable nut processing in Peru (Photo courtesy of South Pole)

Peru's upper Amazonas region, on the eastern slope of the Andes, is a biodiversity hotspot, endangered species habitat, and home to several indigenous tribes—some in voluntary isolation. This delicate area and those that call it home are at an ever-increasing risk due to deforestation by ranchers and farmers.

This project invests in sustainable Brazil nut processing, forest protection, and the establishment of a federation of concessionaires. Landowners are offered sustainability training and microcredit financing for nut processing, resulting in better incomes, strengthened communities, and job creation. Learn more

Partnering for Impact

The standard per-traveler climate offset cost of $15.20 was split between kimkim, our specialists, and the traveler. Our initiative is collaborative, and all our stakeholders can take pride in doing their part.

When you booked a trip, your $7.60 contribution was automatically added to the trip price, multiplied by the number of travelers in your group. Each individual contribution is small—but cumulatively, they have a large and lasting impact.

For more ways kimkim specialists are making a difference, see this list of our partners' sustainability initiatives. And check out our 2018 Earth Day initiative to mitigate plastic pollution.

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