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How did you get involved in travel?

"I traveled to 30 countries on 4 continents before realizing I should probably make a career out of it, and began writing about my experiences abroad. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Visiting Tikal in Guatemala was unforgettable. A friend and I walked through the jungle forest before dawn, listening to the howler monkeys as they began to wake up, and climbed one of the ancient pyramids to watch the sunrise! Having such a popular destination to ourselves was truly magical. "

View of Wadi Musa
5 Best Places to Stay Near Petra

Seeing the ancient city of Petra tops the must-do list for most of Jordan's visitors. Luckily, the nearby town, hills, and desert offer lodging options to accommodate every taste and budget. Whether you value convenient location, local culture, or a room with a view, this list of excellent places to stay (and a few alternatives) has you covered.

What to Eat in Jordan (and Where to Eat It)
What to Eat in Jordan (and Where to Eat It)

Roast lamb with tart yogurt sauce, syrupy pastries, and endless sweet tea and strong coffee: a trip to Jordan is a culinary experience that will leave you craving more. Read on to learn about the distinct flavors of Levantine cuisine, and where to try it all.

Wadi Rum Desert
Ultimate Guide to Wadi Rum - Jordan's Adventure Paradise

An adventurer's paradise, Wadi Rum is a crown jewel of Jordan's ancient desert. Explore the rugged landscape from the back of a Jeep, ride a camel, or take a hike: no matter how you go, you won't be disappointed by this remote wonderland.

Beyond Hotels: Unique Places to Stay in Jordan
Beyond Hotels: Unique Places to Stay in Jordan

There are plenty of typical hotels in Jordan, but this destination also offers a plethora of unique, experiential lodging options that you won’t find anywhere else. From local homestays with Jordanian families to a certified ecolodge on the edge of the Dana Biosphere, these incredible alternatives throughout the country will make you rethink your usual travel routine.

6 Souvenirs to Buy in Jordan (and Where to Buy Them)
6 Souvenirs to Buy in Jordan (and Where to Buy Them)

Any trip abroad merits a little souvenir shopping, but Jordan is a destination with especially beautiful and useful offerings. Pick up some luxe skincare products, support a women's weaving initiative, or splurge on a handmade mosaic for your wall and enjoy the lasting memories of your adventure.