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Jennifer Kotlewski

Writer & Content Lead

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Jordan, Norway, Iceland, and beyond!"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I traveled to 26 countries on 4 continents before realizing I should probably make a career out of it, and began writing about my experiences abroad. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Visiting Tikal in Guatemala was unforgettable. A friend and I walked through the jungle forest before dawn, listening to the howler monkeys as they began to wake up, and climbed one of the ancient pyramids to watch the sunrise! Having such a popular destination to ourselves was truly magical. "

Featured trips & expertise

Traveler Interview: Christmas Homestay in Iceland

Ted Walsh and his family were accustomed to spending the holiday season in sunny Australia, and wanted to switch things up with a real White Christmas somewhere beautiful. And what better place than Iceland? They went all-in with an immersive cultural experience: a homestay in a remote fishing village, complete with authentic Icelandic traditions and, of course, plenty of snow.

Traveler Interview: Multigenerational Trip to Iceland

With grandparents and a six-year-old in tow, kimkim traveler Lesley Santiago needed to plan a trip that was fun, educational, and great for all ages. Iceland proved to be the perfect place, with plenty of family-friendly wintertime activities to choose from. From the Blue Lagoon to snowmobiling on a glacier, Lesley gives us the highlights and some tips for planning a multigenerational vacation.

Traveler Interview: Multi-Country Trip to Asia

Jo and Jens are no strangers to the Himalaya. With plenty of trekking experience in Bhutan and Tibet, this ambitious couple set their sights on the Three Passes Circuit in Nepal. But that only piqued their appetite for adventure - after sixteen days of trekking, they headed to Myanmar for a totally different kind of fun, complete with a hot air balloon ride over the floating gardens of Inle Lake. Read on to hear more of Jo's travel reflections.

Traveler Interview: A Winter Road Trip in Iceland

Every Christmas, kimkim travelers Jen and Garrison Draper give each other the gift of travel. This year, their goal was to glimpse the Northern Lights - so they headed to Iceland for a once-in-a-lifetime winter road trip. From climbing glaciers to eating hot dogs, Garrison shares his favorite moments and some great advice.

Traveler Interview: Impressions of Northern Morocco from a Seasoned Solo Traveler

Ever since a chance conversation with a Moroccan uber driver about his native land, kimkim globetrotter Niea Rosa was determined to see this magical destination for herself. As an architect and savvy solo traveler, Niea brings an especially unique perspective to the table. Read on for her impressions of beautiful Northern Morocco and how she prioritized her itinerary.

How to Experience Kjerag, Pulpit Rock, and Trolltunga Like a Local

The three most photogenic rock formations in Norway are drawing more in-the-know travelers than ever, and with good reason. Fantastic hiking, beautiful photo ops, and proximity to a charming harbor town make this trifecta a worthy (and crowded) destination - but with some planning, you can still have an experience all your own.