With 10 days to explore nearly 60,000 miles of coastline, you'll want to ensure you're equipped with a plan to tackle Norway's wide-ranging scenery, wildlife, and culture. If you're keen on exploring Norway's fjords, pick up a rental car and journey through Stavanger, Bergen, Voss, and Aurland. Alternatively, consider an action-packed road trip, a winter adventure in northern Norway, a culturally rich exploration in western Norway, or an active trip featuring a multiday hike through the Aurland Valley.

Itinerary #1: Ultimate Fjord Road Trip: Lysefjord, Bergen, Voss, Aurland & Oslo

This scenic 10-day self-drive itinerary is perfect for first-time visitors to Norway who are eager to explore the country's dramatic fjords by hiking, biking, cruising, and kayaking. Between stays in Stavanger, Bergen, Voss, and Aurland, this trip ensures an immersive experience packed with dramatic landscapes and rewarding time in nature. Highlights include hiking up the spectacular Pulpit Rock, a guided kayak excursion in Øygarden, a cruise in Nærøyfjorden, and an overnight in Oslo.

Take a challenging hike to Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, above the Lysefjord
Take a challenging hike to Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, above the Lysefjord
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Stavanger, Explore Stavanger Like a Local Stavanger
Day 2 Pick Up Rental Car, Full-Day Preikestolen Hike Stavanger
Day 3 Drive to Bergen via Rosendal Bergen
Day 4 Half-Day Bergen Tour, Heit Sauna Bergen
Day 5 Guided Øygarden Kayak Tour Bergen
Day 6 Drive to Voss, Canoe Fishing with a Local Voss
Day 7 Drive to Aurland, Fjord Cruise in Nærøyfjorden Aurland
Day 8 Train & Bike in the Flåm Valley Aurland
Day 9 Drive to Oslo, Explore the Norwegian Capital Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Welcome to Norway! Your adventure begins in Stavanger, and after refreshing at your hotel, you'll meet a local guide for a tour of the city's historic sites and artsy districts. Collect a rental car the following morning for a self-guided hike up Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), deemed one of the most beautiful trails in the world. Then, after a night back in Stavanger, you'll hit the road to Bergen. Once here, spend your first evening indulging in local seafood at Lyverket, followed by a stroll along the Sandviksbatteriet trail, relaxation time in a traditional sauna, and a guided kayak excursion around Øygarden.

Midway through your adventure, you'll continue your road trip to Voss, a mountain town wedged between Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. Depending on the season, your time here will be spent ice fishing or hiking through the Bordalsgjelet Gorge. Afterward, hop back in the car and make your way to Nærøyfjord for a cruise before continuing to Aurland. Spend the following day traveling by train to Myrdal, where you'll jump on two wheels and bike past waterfalls and traditional farms. Then, wrap up your road trip with a drive to Oslo and catch your departing flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Arctic Norway Summer Road Trip: Tromsø, Senja, Vesterålen & Narvik

Experience the thrill of the midnight sun and discover isolated islands on this summer road trip through northern Norway. Ideal for those eager for a fast-paced trip filled with hikes and nature-based excursions, you'll drive from Tromsø to Senja, ferry to the archipelago of Vesterålen, and overnight in Narvik. Throughout, you'll join a catamaran sailing safari, whale watch in Andenes, e-bike alongside awe-inducing fjords, and hike in the company of sled dogs.

Discover the best of northern Norway between Tromsø and Senja
Discover the best of northern Norway between Tromsø and Senja
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø, Gateway to the Arctic Tromsø
Day 2 Arctic Summer Sail Safari Tromsø
Day 3 Pick Up Rental Car, Midnight Sun Sea Kayaking, Drive to Senja Senja
Day 4 Guided E-Bike Tour, Free Time in Senja Senja
Day 5 Scenic Drive Surrounding Senja Senja
Day 6 Hiking in Senja, Ferry to Vesterålen Vesterålen
Day 7 Summer Whale Watching in Andenes Vesterålen
Day 8 Drive to Narvik, Scenic Fjord Cruise Narvik
Day 9 Drive to Tromsø, Guided Hike with Husky Dogs Tromsø
Day 10 Depart Tromsø  

Your adventure begins in Tromsø, in northern Norway, where you'll shake off any jet lag with a gondola ride to a mountain ledge, followed by a leisurely visit to the Alpine Botanic Garden. The next day, embark on a catamaran tour and enjoy a stroll around Telegrafbukta. Then, equipped with a rental car, set off for Senja, Norway's second-largest island. Once here, discover the untamed beauty of the island, beginning with a guided e-biking adventure alongside majestic fjords and through narrow streets, followed by a self-guided driving tour of Senja's breathtaking sights. 

While based in Senja, you'll also embark on a half-day hike of your choice before continuing to the archipelago of Vesterålen. Your destination is Andenes, which is an excellent place to head out on the water in search of orcas, humpback whales, puffins, and porpoises. Hit the road again on the morning of Day 8, this time across the Vesterålen archipelago to Narvik, where you'll board a cruise for a scenic journey through Rombaksfjord. Afterward, return to Tromsø in time to sneak in a hike in the company of some enthusiastic sled dogs prior to returning your rental car. Learn more

Itinerary #3: Western Norway's Rivers, Islands & Fjords 

Crafted especially for travelers eager to explore western Norway's lesser-visited coastal towns and quiet fishing villages, this off-the-beaten-path itinerary features Oslo, Ålesund, Florø, and Bergen. During your journey, watch dramatic landscapes pass by while on board trains, ferries, and an express boat, and rejuvenate during traditional sauna experiences. You'll also sample the traditional aquavit spirit, discover local traditions, and spend time exploring Oslo.

Take a train ride along Norway's peaceful River Rauma
Take a train ride along Norway's peaceful River Rauma
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Explore the Norwegian Capital Oslo
Day 2 Quayside Sauna, Scandinavian Drink Tasting Oslo
Day 3 Train to Åndalsnes, Bus to Ålesund Ålesund
Day 4 Art Nouveau Kayaking in Ålesund, Overnight Ferry to Florø Hurtigruten
Day 5 Arrive in Florø, Explore Florø
Day 6 Ferry to Kalvåg, Sauna Knutholmen Kalvåg
Day 7 Return to Florø, Boat to Bergen, Bryggen Harbor Bergen
Day 8 Bergen Food & Culture Walk, Free Time Bergen
Day 9 Ferry to Flåm, Train to Oslo Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Kickstart your trip with two days in the friendly capital city of Oslo, starting with an afternoon to meander through the Vigeland Sculpture Park and head inside cozy museums. The following day, try out the Norwegian tradition of alternating between sauna sessions and refreshing dips in cool waters and savor the unique flavors of barrel-aged aquavit at Destilleriveien 11. Then, travel by train and bus through dramatic landscapes to Ålesund, a charming city perched on the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you'll explore by kayak and on foot before boarding an overnight ferry bound for the coastal town of Florø.

Spend a day in Florø visiting the Kystmuseet Museum, checking out the nearby island of Kinn, and soaking up your picturesque surroundings. Then, board another ferry for a quick journey to the village of Kalvåg, where a day of hiking, biking, or kayaking is on the agenda, followed by an afternoon unwinding at Sauna Knutholmen. Afterward, transfer to Bergen and dive into this city's rich history during a self-guided tour of the Hanseatic wharf. Spend your final day in Bergen learning about the city's food traditions alongside a local guide before returning to Oslo to catch your onward flight. Learn more

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Itinerary #4: Oslo, Bergen & Southern Norway 

Savor Norway's summer weather and long hours of daylight on this relaxing journey that features fjords, cities, islands, and the famed Flåm Railway. Perfect for visitors seeking a mix of laid-back activities and thrilling excursions, you'll tackle the iconic Pulpit Rock hike, kayak Lysefjord, explore Oslo by bike, and enjoy slow meanders through charming villages. Moreover, with scenic journeys by bus, train, and ferry, every travel day promises to be just as memorable.

The historic Bryggen district in Bergen
The historic Bryggen district in Bergen
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Explore Bergen with a Local Bergen
Day 3 Bus to Stavanger, Full-Day Pulpit Rock Hike Stavanger
Day 4 Day Trip to Flørli Stavanger
Day 5 Train to Arendal, Free Time Arendal
Day 6 Day Trip to Merdø Island Arendal
Day 7 Train to Oslo, Evening Wooden Sailboat Cruise Oslo
Day 8 Explore Oslo with a Local, Oslo Bike Tour Oslo
Day 9 Train to Flåm, Ferry to Bergen  Bergen
Day 10 Depart Bergen  

Arrive in Bergen and spend your first day acquainting yourself with the city, strolling along the waterfront, and savoring Norwegian tapas at Bare Vestland. Then, immerse yourself in local life with a tailored private tour, choosing between a picturesque walk through Nordnes Park or an invigorating hike on Mount Sandviken. Next, take a bus to the charming port town of Stavanger for a trek to the Pulpit Rock viewpoint. Spend the following day in Flørli before boarding a train bound for Arendal, where you'll enjoy a leisurely evening exploring independently. 

Arendal also provides an ideal base to explore the car-free island of Merdø, famous for its colorful wooden houses and rugged coastal hikes. After a night back in Arendal, whiz to Oslo via a fast train and settle in for two thrilling days of exploration. Highlights here include a cruise along Oslo's fjord in a wooden sailing boat, a private half-day tour tailored to your interests, and a biking excursion through charming neighborhoods. Then, on your last full day, transfer to the village of Flåm by train and pause for lunch before continuing by ferry to Bergen, where your trip ends. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Winter Adventure in Norway's Arctic 

Perfect for travelers seeking an immersive winter getaway, this adventurous exploration of Norway's Arctic is right out of a Christmas fairy tale. Throughout, you'll glide through pine forests on a guided dogsled excursion, sleep in a remote Sámi tent, snorkel with orcas, and horseback ride under the starry night sky. Also featured are numerous opportunities to witness the northern lights, cruise overnight on a coastal steamer, and warm up in cozy restaurants serving traditional Norwegian cuisine.

A northern lights display from the Lofoten Islands
A northern lights display from the Lofoten Islands
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Explore the Norwegian Capital Oslo
Day 2 Train to UNESCO-Listed Røros Røros
Day 3 Dogsledding in Røros, Train to Trondheim Trondheim
Day 4 Explore Trondheim, Fly to Tromsø, Lavvu Experience Wilderness
Day 5 Explore Tromsø, Overnight Cruise to Svolvær  Hurtigruten
Day 6 Arrive in Svolvær, Gateway to the Lofoten Islands Svolvær
Day 7 Explore the Lofoten Islands, Drive to Andenes Andenes
Day 8 Orca Watching & Snorkeling Safari, Return to Svolvær Svolvær
Day 2 Explore Svolvær, Northern Lights Excursion Svolvær
Day 2 Ferry to Bodo, Fly to Oslo, Depart Oslo

Your trip begins with a free day in Oslo, and thanks to the city's easy-to-use public transportation, you can effortlessly explore Aker Byggae and Vigeland Sculpture Park. The next day, a five-hour train journey brings you north to the village of Røros, and you'll quickly discover why it's UNESCO-listed as you stroll alongside its historic wooden houses. While here, you'll join a dogsledding team for a thrilling ride in the nearby mountains before transferring by train and plane to Tromsø. Upon arrival, continue into the wilderness, where you'll sleep in a Sámi tent and (hopefully!) watch the aurora dancing above.

Although it's tempting to linger in your cozy tent, seize your day in Tromsø by wandering through the Alpine Botanic Garden and exploring the Polar Museum. Following these excursions, you'll embark on an overnight cruise to the picturesque Lofoten Islands, with Svolvær as your next stop. After a cozy evening at a local restaurant, you'll pick up a rental car and drive to Andenes for a bucket-list-worthy morning snorkeling with orcas. Lastly, return to Svolvær for a horseback ride under the stars, followed by a ferry trip back to Bodø and a flight to Oslo. Learn more

Itinerary #6: Aurland Valley Trek & Norwegian Fjord Road Trip

Crafted for hiking enthusiasts, this active Norwegian road trip features a multiday trek from Finse to Aurland Valley, as well as a hike up Mount Sandviken and in Rondane National Park. Between, you'll enjoy stays in cozy cabins and quaint fishing villages, embark on a scenic road trip, and cruise dramatic fjords. You'll start and conclude your journey with stays in Oslo, promising a well-rounded and memorable adventure.

Drive through the village of Loen on the Nordfjord at the end of this trip
Drive through the village of Loen on the Nordfjord at the end of this trip
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Evening Wooden Sailboat Cruise Oslo
Day 2 Explore Oslo, Train to Haugastøl, Short Trek to Lodge Mountain Lodge
Day 3 Train to Finse, Hike to Geiteryggshytta Mountain Lodge
Day 4 Hike to Østerbø Mountain Lodge
Day 5 Hike to Vassbygdi, Ferry to Bergen Bergen
Day 6 Bergen Fjord Cruise & Hike Bergen
Day 7 Drive to Kalvåg Kalvåg
Day 8 Drive to Otta via Lom Otta
Day 9 Hike in Rondane National Park, Drive to Oslo, Dinner in Grünerløkka Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

After spending your first day in Oslo exploring by foot, tram, bus, and boat, you'll take a train to Haugastøl, the highest stop on the Bergen Railway. Soon, you'll be enveloped in the magnificent Aurland Valley and ready to begin your four-day trek along the Rallarvegen. Between nights cozied up in remote cabins, you'll hike in Jotunheimen National Park, under the mighty Hardangerjøkulen glacier, and through the Aurland Valley. Then, wrap up your trek in Vassbygdi and reward your weary legs with a 5.5-hour ferry ride to Bergen—Norway's second-largest city.

The second half of your adventure begins with a small group fjord cruise and guided hike, capped off by an optional ascent of Mount Sandviken. The following morning, collect your rental car and drive to Kalvåg, an old fishing village on the North Sea. In Kalvåg, you'll engage in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or kayaking, followed by a meal of fresh seafood caught by local fishermen. Your journey then leads you to Otta for an exhilarating hike in Rondane National Park before heading back to Oslo, where you'll wrap up your adventure. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Norway - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Norway - 6 Unique Itinerary Ideas