One of the most popular fjords in NorwayGeirangerfjord, is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Traveling to Geirangerfjord is easy with several transport options leaving from the cities of Oslo and Bergen. Ålesund Airport is the closest to Geirangerfjord, providing an easy and convenient way to reach your destination. Traveling by car is also comfortable, just keep in mind some routes in the colder months aren’t open. 

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From Bergen

Duration: 45-minutes by air, 4 hours by car, 5 hours by express boat, 5 hours by train

Air travel is the quickest option to reach the town of Ålesund with several departures available from different airlines. Flight time is approximately 45-minutes and allow another 20 minutes by car, taxi or bus to reach the city center. From here, you can decide on the best way to reach the fjord.  

Bergen to Geirangerfjord is a distance is 228 miles (367 km) and the drive is around eight hours. Shortly after departing Bergen, you’ll take the E39 highway for a little less than two hours when you will board a ferry for the Oppedal-Lavik crossing. Ferries depart often and take around 30 minutes, though we recommend you plan around the ferry schedule for a smooth journey.

On this trip, you’ll pass by rivers and farmland and the Innvikfjord. Near the end of the drive, you’ll board a ferry to go through the Geirangerfjord. The crossing takes around an hour and includes a guided tour in several languages. This ferry operates seasonally. Buying tickets in advance is recommended. Check the schedule in advance as crossings aren’t frequent.  

If you’re traveling during the summer months from June to the end of August, you can board the Norwegian Coastal Voyage—Hurtigruten. In the high season, there is a stop in Geiranger and during the off-season, you’ll go to the town of Ålesund, where you can take a bus directly to Geiranger.

Taking the train is convenient and easy with departures a few times a day. Travel time from Bergen to Ålesund is around five and a half hours. Upon arrival, you can catch a bus to the town of Geiranger. 

From Oslo

Duration: 55-minutes flying, 7.5 hours by train + bus, 6 hours by car

Flying is the fastest way to reach your destination with daily flights between Oslo and the Ålesund Airport. Travel time is around 55-minutes and on a clear day, you’ll want a window seat for beautiful views from above. 

Taking the train is comfortable but you will have to take a bus connection to reach your final destination of Geiranger. Trains from Oslo go to Åndalsnes, and from here, you can catch a bus to Ålesund. In the summer months, there are buses to Geiranger. Travel time on the train is approximately five and a half hours with several departures daily. Trains offer free wifi and have outlets to charge your devices. There is a snack bar on board to buy drinks, snacks, and meals. We recommend you buy your train tickets in advance to guarantee traveling on your preferred dates. Allow an additional two hours to catch the bus from Åndalsnes to Ålesund . 

Driving is convenient and allows you to go at your pace. Travel time is approximately five and a half hours and covers a distance of 346 miles (557 km). The drive is mostly inland with views of farmland and beautiful landscapes. Near the end of the drive, you’ll reach the Eidsdal-Linge ferry crossing. Ferries take twelve minutes and there are crossings at least twice an hour.