Tromsø is one of the best places to see the northern lights, which is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. Tromsø is located in northern Norway and is above the Arctic Circle.

Due to its remote location, the most popular way to get to Tromsø is via airplane. There are multiple direct flights to Tromsø each day from Bergen, Oslo, and Trondheim.

If you're interested in a more scenic route, you can take a Hurtigruten cruise to Tromsø from Bergen or Trondheim, which will offer stunning views of the fjords and mountain ranges of Norway. One of these ships passes through each city's each port of call daily, and although it's not possible to book a shorter journey ahead of time on their English website, a local specialist can help you get the right ticket.

Renting a car in Oslo can be a decent option for certain travelers, but make sure you're comfortable navigating narrow and winding roads. 

For an extended tour of Tromsø and a unique adventure in Northern Norway, consider this seven-day road trip. If you're interested in adding some time in snowy Lapland to your northern lights adventure, then check out this six-day itinerary

From Oslo

Duration: 2-21 hours

Getting to Tromsø from Oslo is quick when catching a flight from Oslo Airport (OSL), and you can fly directly into Tromsø Airport (TOS) in just two hours.

You can also rent a car in Oslo, but this is only recommended if you're interested in a multi-day road trip. The drive to Tromsø will take about 21 hours, so you will need to make sure you plan ample stops in order to rest and recharge.

The first recommended stop is Trondheim, where you can see the spectacular Trondheim Fjord, the third largest fjord in Norway, and farther along, you can explore smaller villages like Finneidfjord. In order to complete your final leg, you'll have to take a ferry ride over the Tysfjorden

From Bergen

Duration: 2 hours-5 days

The quickest way to get to Tromsø is by taking the direct two-hour flight from Bergen Airport (BGO). This is the best option if you're looking to optimize your time in Tromsø and see the sights. 

If you're looking for a slow and scenic route to Tromsø, you can book a five-day Hurtigruten cruise. On this journey, you'll get to see the beautiful Helgeland Coast. On the first day, you'll stop in Florø, and the next day, you'll be face to face with the Geiranger Fjord and have a breathtaking view of the Seven Sisters Waterfall and the incredible Romsdalsalpene mountains. There is also a quick stop in Trondheim. On the final leg, you will enter the arctic circle on the way to Svolvær. On the last night, the boat will continue to the Raftsundet Strait before terminating in Tromsø. 

From Trondheim

Duration: 1.5 hours-3 days

Although there aren't as many flights out of the Trondheim Airport (TRD), there are a couple of direct flights to Tromsø each day. 

If you'd like to take a slightly shorter cruise, you can do a three-day itinerary from Trondheim. After you get a glimpse of Trondheim's historically rich buildings, like the Gothic Nidaros Cathedral from the 11th century, you will be able to join the cruise coming from Bergen and continue on to Tromsø. 


Map of How to Get to Tromsø
Map of How to Get to Tromsø