The Fjord Region encompasses several famous fjords, including the Hardangerfjord, Geirangerfjord, Lysefjord, and Sognefjord. Reaching this area of western Norway from Oslo and Stavanger is convenient and easy, with several transportation options—air, boat, bus, car, or train. Often, driving is the quickest way to reach the Fjord Region. Bergen is located here, making it convenient to reach several important fjords. 

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From Bergen

Duration: 1-4 hours by car, depending on the fjord

Bergen is often considered the Gateway to the Fjords because of its accessibility and close proximity to several fjords. For example, the longest fjord—Sognefjord, is north of Bergen. The Hardangerfjord is south of Bergen and is a distance of 47 miles (75 km). Driving takes around an hour to reach this fjord. You can go by bus, though this option requires around four and a half hours with two bus rides and a ferry crossing.

If you prefer visiting the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, you'll want to see the Sognefjord. Covering a distance of 123 miles (198 km), the drive is around four hours. You can also take the train—a convenient option via the Bergen-Oslo Railway. You can disembark in Myrdal and transfer to the world-famous Flam Railway to reach the fjord, taking around two hours. Trains depart a few times a day with service year-round.

From Oslo

Duration: 5.5 hours by car, 7-7.5 hours by train + bus

The fjord of Geiranger is possible to reach from Oslo. Covering a distance of 346 miles (557 km), the drive takes around five and a half hours without stops. Mostly inland with views of farmland and beautiful landscapes, you'll want to have your camera accessible to remember this journey. Near the end of the drive, you'll reach the Eidsdal-Linge ferry crossing. Ferries take twelve minutes, and there are crossings twice an hour. 

You can also choose to ride the train from Oslo to Åndalsnes, which takes around five and a half hours. Upon arrival, you can catch a bus to reach the town of Geiranger. In the off-season, buses go to the town of Ålesund. Allow an additional hour and a half to two hours for the bus journey. Trains offer free wifi and have outlets to charge your devices. There is a snack bar on board to buy drinks, snacks, and meals. We recommend you buy your train tickets in advance to guarantee traveling on your preferred dates.

From Stavanger

Duration: 1-1.5 hours by car or 2 hours on the ferry

Covering a distance of 41 miles (66 km), Stavanger to Lysefjord is an hour-and-a-half drive. Your trip begins by boarding the ferry at the Stavanger port. Ferry crossings take forty minutes and are frequent during the weekdays. Travel during the weekends requires some planning as crossings are limited.

When you arrive by ferry to the town of Tau, you'll still have a 30-minute drive passing by farmland and small towns to reach the Pulpit Rock parking lot, or you can stop in another area of the Lysefjord.

You can also experience the fjord aboard a ferry. Ferry crossings take around two hours and typically depart twice a day, so reserve your ferry tickets in advance. Ferries leave from the towns of Lysebotn and Songesand and go to Forsand or Lauvvik. Ferries only operate during the high season. You can also go by express boat with departures year-round, weather permitting, except on Saturdays.