Traveling the 262 miles (422 km) from Bergen to Ålesund is straightforward, and there are a few routes to choose from.

There is a daily direct flight from Bergen that makes this the quickest option for anyone with a time crunch. This route will also give you views of the mountain ranges and fjords that you wouldn’t otherwise get from ground level.

A Hurtigruten (cruise) is another great option to get views you can't get from driving. You can also hire a private transfer or rent a car to explore the Norwegian countryside on your own time. 

This 8-day Western Norway fjord road trip itinerary shows off the best of the best when it comes to Norway’s fjords. You’ll get the chance to check out the Aurlandsfjord from the Stegastein Viewpoint, enjoy art galleries and music venues in Ålesund, and take a fjord cruise in Geiranger.

By Plane

Duration: 40 minutes

By far the quickest to get to Ålesund is by taking a direct flight from Bergen Airport (BGO) to Ålesund Airport (AES). The only thing that you must worry about when you take the plane is booking a window seat as you won't want to miss the scenery below. You'll get to view the North Sea and the Fensfjorden as you soar above.

By Hurtigruten Cruise

Duration: 1 day

Consider asking a local specialist with help in booking your short journey to Ålesund, as the Norwegian website for the Hurtigruten is the only way to access tickets for shorter trips. On the first day, you will float from Bergen to Florø. On this journey, you'll be able to see the architecturally stunning Bergen from the waterfront.

The boat will then move into fjord country, and you'll get to see the beautiful Helgeland coast. There is really no bad views from the ship, but if it's warm enough to be outside, you will be rewarded with mountain views and images of little islands along the way.

You must plan to wake up early on your final day so you can have a chance to take in the stunning view of the Nordfjord. You'll then sail past Norway's most western viewpoint. While this cruise isn't as long as the other itinerary's Hurtigruten offers, it gives you a unique opportunity to see Norway's coastal regions.

By Private Transfer or Car/Ferry

Duration: 7.5 hours

Driving to Ålesund from Bergen isn't the quickest way to get there, but it is quite scenic. You will also find that not only is this drive beautiful, but it’s also quite simple to navigate. If you'd rather, you can hire a private driver in Bergen and focus on relaxing on the drive.

When leaving Bergen, you follow the E39 all the way to Ålesund, but keep in mind that there are toll roads on this route. About an hour and a half past Bergen, you must make a stop at the Tellevik coastal fort, which is also located on the North Sea. After winding through the Norwegian countryside, you'll take a ferry over the Sognefjord, also known as the King of the Fjords. If the weather is good, head out onto the deck and take in the spectacular views. Along the way, from the highway, you'll be able to see the Ykslandsvatnet lake on your right-hand side. As well further down the road, you'll pass by the Langlandsvatnet lake on the left and the Jølstravatnet lake that will be on your right. 

A great place to stop is the picturesque village of Utvik which is located on the Nordfjorden. It's about halfway between Bergen and Ålesund which makes it the perfect rest stop. After Utvik, the drive will captivate you with different bodies of water on your left and beautiful mountain ranges on the right. You'll drive until you get to Festøy Ferry where you will then catch your last boat of the trip. When you arrive back on the mainland, it's only a 20-minute drive till you reach Ålesund.


Map of How to Get from Bergen to Ålesund
Map of How to Get from Bergen to Ålesund