Trolltunga, the impressively large, flat rock that juts out above Ringedalsvatnet Lake, is easily reached by car from Norway’s main cities, Bergen, Oslo, and Stavanger. Depending on which city you’re departing from, you can also take public transportation,

If you choose public transport, keep in mind, you’ll arrive in the town of Odda and need to take a bus, shuttle bus or private transfer, which takes a little over an hour to reach Trolltunga. Shuttle buses usually operate from June to September so keep this in mind when making plans. 

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From Bergen

Duration: 4 hours by car, 4.5-5 hours by public transit

Driving is the easiest and most efficient way to reach Trollunga from Bergen with a travel time of 4 hours. The route covers a distance of 99 miles (159km) and passes by the North Sea and the Hardangerfjord. There are toll roads and a ferry crossing near the end of the journey. The ferry crosses through the Hardangerfjord so have your cameras ready for some great shots. 

You can take the train to Voss—an hour and 15-minute journey—and then board a 2-hour bus ride to Odda. Trains operate frequently from morning till night.  

Taking the bus directly from Bergen to Odda is an option and takes around 3 hours. Buses are operated by Skyss with frequent departures. However, the most direct bus route is the #930. 

From Odda to Trolltunga, allow an hour to an hour by bus or private transfer. 

From Stavanger

Duration: 5 hours by car

The quickest and most convenient route is via the RV13, E134 and E39 highways and takes close to five hours. This road trip has a ferry crossing and toll roads and covers a distance of 136 miles (219 km)

Less than an hour after you set off, you’ll take the Mortavika-Arsvågen ferry. Ferry crossings operate 3 to 4 times an hour during the day and take 24 minutes. We suggest timing the ferry to avoid extra wait time by looking at the schedule on the Fjord1 website. This ferry crosses the Boknafjorden so you’ll want to be ready with your camera to take many photos. 

You’ll continue on with two-lane roads and views of the Boknafjorden after disembarking the ferry.

During the summer months-July and August- there is an express service that operates between Tyssedal/Odda from Stavanger/Preikestolen

Aside from the summer express service, public transport isn’t recommended because it takes a long time and requires coordinating ferry and bus schedules. If you don’t have a rental car, we suggest a private transfer. 

From Oslo

Duration: 6.5 hours by car or private transfer, 8.5-9 hours by public transport

Road tripping from Oslo to Trolltunga takes upwards of 7 hours without any stops or traffic delays. This route takes the scenic, often two-lane highway, RV13, and E134, which is also a toll road. You’ll pass by several lakes such as Heddalsvatnet, which connects to the ocean via the Telemark Canal

Public transport is also an option. You can take the train from the Oslo train station direct to the town of Voss and then you’ll need to transfer to a bus that takes you directly to the town of Odda. Trains run 3-5 times a day with the first departing around in the morning till the afternoon with a travel time of around 5 hours and a half.

There is also a night train most nights, which takes around 6 hours so be prepared to arrive early in the morning. We recommend that you book your train ticket in advance- at the station or online- as tickets often sell out.

Buses from Voss to Odda depart frequently and take around 2 hours and are operated by Skyss. You’ll want to coordinate your train arrival time with your bus departure time to avoid long wait times. You can buy your bus ticket on board. From Odda to Trolltunga, allow an hour to an hour by bus or private transfer.