Pack your warmest winter clothes and head to the far north to experience the beauty and mystery of the Northern Lights and the peaceful communities that bear them witness. Spend your days frolicking in the snow and your nights hunting the aurora borealis from towns and fjords. Start and end the trip in Tromsø, a lively city known for its culture and restaurants.


  • Hunt for the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, across towns and fjords
  • Snowshoe through the powdery white north on a half-day excursion
  • Sample libations at the world's northernmost distillery like a viking
  • Visit (and assist) a reindeer farm in Kilpisjärvi during feeding time
  • Explore restaurants and bars in Tromsø—nicknamed 'Paris of the North'

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tromsø Tromsø
Day 2 Dog Sledding Tour - Drive to Kilpisjärvi Kilpisjärvi
Day 3 Reindeer Farm Visit Kilpisjärvi
Day 4 Snowshoeing Excursion Kilpisjärvi
Day 5 Northernmost Distillery Tour - Return to Tromsø Tromsø
Day 6 Depart Norway  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tromsø

Aerial view of Tromsø 

Welcome to Tromsø, the largest city in Northern Norway!

Surrounded by snowcapped mountains, Tromsø is a lively place with 65,000 inhabitants. In addition to its lovely scenery and rich history, the city has a large student population and is famous for its robust music and film culture, so get out and explore this self-proclaimed 'Gateway to the Arctic'.

A good place to start is taking a ride on the cable car, which runs up to a mountain ledge in just four minutes. The two gondolas, known as Seal and Polar Bear, each have a capacity of 28 passengers. From the viewing platform at the upper station, you can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of Tromsø and the surrounding islands, mountains, and fjords. 

If you want to stay for dinner, Fjellstua restaurant on top offers dinner with views. Otherwise, head back down to Tromsø for a variety of pubs and restaurants.

Day 2: Dog Sledding & Northern Lights

Glide through the arctic wilderness

After breakfast in Tromsø, you'll dress warmly and make your way east through scenic landscapes to meet a guide and team of huskies. Before you launch, an experienced musher will teach you how to drive. Then you're off to sled 6 to 7.5 miles (10 to 12 km) through the powdery white north on a series of trails.

Following the ride, you'll circle back for a warm meal at a traditional kota (Finnish shelter) before driving to Kilpisjärvi. This small village on the border of Finland, Sweden, and Norway is known for its remote landscapes and Northern Lights. Arrive in time for dinner where you'll learn about the science behind the aurora borealis with instructions on how to best capture them on camera before bundling up and heading out into the night. 

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Day 3: Reindeer Farm Visit

Another night of viewing

After breakfast, you'll spend your first full day in Kilpisjärvi visiting a reindeer farm. Stop by during feeding time and help the farmers feed these unique, beautiful northern animals before enjoying a hearty lunch with the farm family. You'll have a chance to ask questions about their lives and work.

After dinner, it's time to head out again in search of the aurora. Some nights, the hunt may take you into Norway, to its towering fjords. Other nights, you'll stay close to the village. Sometimes you'll don your snowshoes and make your way off the road. It all depends on where the lights are most likely to appear (don't worry—your guide will know). 

Day 4: Snowshoeing Excursion

Snowshoeing is a great workout

Today, get ready for an active adventure: snowshoeing to a scenic location near the village. Expect sweeping views of Finland, Sweden, and Norway (don't forget your camera) as you trek for about 3 to 4 hours through snow.

Afterward, if you're still feeling adventurous, take an optional snowmobile tour to Kilpisjärvi Lake and the three-countries-border—said to be the most peaceful border in the world. There are no border guards or passport controls here. You can go freely from one Scandinavian country to another (in the course of a few minutes). The drive back is a scenic one surrounded by Swedish Fells and the Malla Strict Nature Reserve.

Day 5: Northernmost Distillery Tour - Return to Tromsø

Explore the streets of this lively city

Get ready to pack your bags and hit the road again. Today you're heading to the northernmost distillery in the world where you’ll get a glimpse into the mysterious past of Viking-age drinking customs, moonshine-making practices in Northern Norway, and hi-tech alcohol production on top of the world. After the tour, grab a delicious lunch made with local produce.

Another couple of hours drive along the fjords takes you back to Tromsø city and your hotel. Arrive by early evening and spend some time exploring the interesting local museums (where you can learn about the history of local Polar expeditions) or enjoying some of the city's shopping opportunities.

Day 6: Depart Norway

A reindeer searching for food

It's time to say goodbye to Northern Norway! At the designated time, you'll be transferred to the airport in Tromsø for your flight home or onward journey. Safe travels!


Map of Northern Lights in Norway & Lapland - 6 Days
Map of Northern Lights in Norway & Lapland - 6 Days