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Elina Hutton

I love showing our guests what Finland is for me, nature where I grew up; share its secrets and stories, the flavours and sounds. Northern Norway has become a bit of a home too, that is where we spend weekends, meet friends and have a lot of fun. I enjoy our outdoor adventures and sometimes join Gareth as a second guide, but I am most at home telling stories over the campfire and leading you to calming meditations.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Above Arctic Circle; Rovaniemi and North-West Finland and Northern Norway. We like to keep you active, so even if you are on a road trip with us, we include at least short nature walks to the programme. Our focus is the nature and all the fun you can do there, whether you like day walks or want us to take you on a three-country Nordic ski trip into the wilderness. We know that visiting the famous cities is important, but otherwise, we like to keep you off the busiest destinations and show you the Finland and Norway we love. Whenever possible, we work with small local companies, where we know the owners and who share our values of fun and respect.

As a bonus on our trips, you have a professional photographer as your guide, so you can be sure to see the most photogenic locations, not only the ones famous from social media. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"My first trip I abroad was when I was 19 years old. I travelled around Europe for a month on my own, managed to find my way around with paper maps and getting peer reviews by actually talking to other travellers at hostels and train stations. In the end, I run out of money and made it back home pretty hungry, and with a travelling bug. I have since travelled, studied and worked in Europe and Latin America. I have been working in business travel and regional tourism development, and now I jump in whenever Gareth needs help at the company. I also lead our nature meditation retreats starting spring 2018."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"On my first trip to New Zealand, among other cool adventures, Gareth took me sea kayaking in Abel Tasman. I had only kayaked once before on a lake and I was terrified of the big waves. Between the super enthusiastic guide who called himself “the Pirate” and Gareth, they managed to convince me that “everything will be ok”. I kept breathing and paddling, convinced that I’d only be happy once I’d be out of the water. Until suddenly, a little blue penguin swam in front of us.

One thing on my bucket list had been “to see a penguin” and I was excited to see this creature in the wild, happily swimming on the waves. So excited indeed, that I forgot the waves. The little blue soon went on his way, leaving me in awe and enjoying the rest of the kayaking. I am learning to challenge myself and come out of my comfort zone because that is the best way to see some amazing things.

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