Welcome to Lapland! With four days in Rovaniemi, there's so much you can see and do. Visit Rudolph and the elves at Santa Claus Village, catch the Northern Lights, and sled with Huskies through a silent forest. Add on two more days for an optional excursion to the icy wonderland of Kemi.


  • Seek out the Northern Lights 
  • Visit Santa and his elves at Santa Claus Village
  • Go sledding through the forest with Huskies
  • Join a cruise aboard an icebreaker boat

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rovaniemi Rovaniemi
Day 2 Visit Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi
Day 3 Ride with Huskies Rovaniemi
Day 4 Departure, or continue to Kemi Kemi (optional)
Day 5 Explore Kemi's ice fields by boat Rovaniemi (optional)
Day 6 Visit Ranua Wildlife Park and depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Rovaniemi

Snowshoeing in Rovaniemi
Snowshoeing in Rovaniemi

Welcome to Lapland! Rovaniemi is the capital of the region. It's also your main base for the next few days. If you've arrived in town early in the day, there's time for an afternoon snowshoe. Then, over dinner, learn a bit more about the city and what it's like to live in the Arctic Circle. After you've finished your meal, head out in search of the magical phenomena that is the Aurora Borealis. 

Day 2: Visit Santa Claus Village

Getting a ride from the local reindeer
Getting a ride from the local reindeer

Today, visit Santa Claus Village. Send postcards from Santa's post office, get your photo taken with the most authentic-looking St. Nicholas you've ever seen, and, if you're here in winter, go riding with real-life Rudolphs. As you're at the actual Arctic Circle, you might want to get an official certificate to prove you've crossed this most northern of boundaries, too.

Then, in the evening, if the sky's clear and the season's right, you'll definitely want to go on the hunt for the Northern Lights.

Day 3: Sled Through the Forest with Huskies

Sledding with Huskies

In remotest Scandinavia, huskies aren't just man's best friend. Through the centuries, they've provided a vital form of transport. Today, you can go sledding with them! Once you're done and you've finished your evening meal, it's time look up in search of those Northern Lights that flash and dance across the sky.

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Day 4: Departure, or Visit Kemi


If you don't have to end your trip just yet, lucky you! You could spend the morning visiting the little museums and stores of Rovaniemi. Then, in the afternoon, head to the seaside town of Kemi near the Swedish border, which is home to Arctic terns, a winter castle made entirely of ice, and lots of history. In fact, this settlement was founded by decree by Russian Emperor Alexander II back in the 19th century.

Day 5: Visit the Seaside Town of Kemi

Icebreaker Sampo
Aboard the Icebreaker Sampo

The seriously mighty Icebreaker Sampo cruises the Gulf of Bothnia right outside Kemi. Go onboard to experience this giant vessel actually breaking through ice. As you sail the waters you'll see ice fields all around, the ever-changing sky, and the birds of the region. There'll also be time to tour the boat, right through to the engine rooms. There's a cozy restaurant onboard where you can grab dinner. And there's a one-hour stop to go swimming — cold water survival suits included. 

If you have time, you could also squeeze in a visit to the SnowCastle. As you've probably guessed, it's made from snow and ice — both made of seawater. Open from January until mid-April, it's right in the heart of the city, and yes, there's a restaurant inside. There's a hotel, too, if you'd like to spend the night here. 

Day 6: Ranua Wildlife Park and Departure

Polar bears hunting for food
Polar bears hunting for food

If you have time before leaving, visit Ranau Wildlife Park to see polar bears and around 50 other Arctic animal species that make their home in the north. Then it's time to head to the airport or train station for your next destination. Perhaps the Finnish capital of Helsinki is calling?


Map of Rovaniemi & Kemi  - 6 Days
Map of Rovaniemi & Kemi - 6 Days