November is the tail end of fall and the start of winter in Finland. This means dark and gloomy conditions in most of the country, with the possibility of snow sports in the north. Read on to find out more about where to go and what to do in Finland in November.


The weather in Finland in November depends on where you go. In the south, it's the end of fall, meaning you might experience milder temperatures, especially earlier in the month. In the north, especially above the Arctic Circle, there will be plenty of snow on the ground. The average temperature in Finland in November is 32°C (0°C). It's also the wettest month of the year, which means unpleasant slush and ice in the south but good snowfall in the north. 

November is also quite a dark month. Although it's not officially as dark as December, the high rainfall/snowfall means there are a lot of clouds around, so whatever little sun there is tends to be blocked. Expect only around 6 hours of daylight in the south and a couple less in the north. Shorter days can significantly impact what you can see and do in a day, especially outdoors.

Crowds & Costs

November is the low season for travel to Finland. With colder temperatures and shorter days, locals tend not to travel much in November, and international visitors generally stay away. However, Christmas markets do set up in some towns and cities in late November, so if you'd like to experience these without the peak season rush and higher prices of December, it's not a bad time to visit. 

Where to Go

November isn't a bad time to head to one of Finland's cities for a quick city break, especially if you're more interested in indoor cultural attractions than spending time outdoors. Cities such as Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Porvoo, or Jyväskylä offer plenty of indoor things to do if the weather isn't great. 

To participate in winter sports and for the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, head to Lapland. Activities like skiing, reindeer sled rides, and ice swimming will be possible from November. Just remember that with such long nights in northern areas of the country, you can't fit too much into a single day.

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What to Do

Active travelers will especially enjoy winter sports in Finland in November: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, ice skating, snowmobiling, reindeer sleigh rides, dog-sledding, and ice swimming. Lakes tend to freeze over in late November, so take care (or seek local advice) if you want to ice skate on an apparently frozen lake in November. Whatever your outdoor activity of choice, warm up after with Finnish glögi (mulled wine) and a sauna.

November can be a good time to spot the Northern Lights. Head north to rural parts of Lapland for the best chances of seeing this magical natural phenomenon. You can even stay in a specially designed glass igloo that lets you experience the natural phenomenon without leaving your warm bed.

Events in November

Arctic Weekend, Rovaniemi. The Arctic town of Rovaniemi celebrates the onset of winter over three days when the town becomes an epicenter of snow sports. Visitors can take workshops and attend lectures to learn more.

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