Outdoorsy travelers and snow-lovers rejoice: this Lapland winter tour was crafted with you in mind. Spend five days on snowshoes and skis, making your way across a winter wonderland that spans both Finland and Norway. Explore Norwegian fjords and arctic tundra - and keep an eye on the snow for wolverine and lynx prints.


  • Ice fishing at a wilderness lake
  • Skiing the arctic backcountry
  • Experiencing the Northern Lights
  • Taking a polar plunge at an icy backcountry lake

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in the arctic wilderness Kilpisjärvi
Day 2 Skiing the Arctic Kilpisjärvi
Day 3 Skiing or snowshoeing Kilpisjärvi
Day 4 Ice fishing Kilpisjärvi
Day 5 Departure day  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to the Arctic

A dramatic Arctic sunset
A dramatic Arctic sunset

Welcome to the Arctic! Today, you arrive in Tromsø via plane and make your way to Kilpisjärvi, admiring your first glimpses of arctic wilderness along the way. If you arrive early enough, make a stop in the Lyngen region on the way for a short snowy walk (or two). When you arrive in Kilpisjärvi, a hearty dinner and a private sauna are the perfect way to relax after a long travel day.

Day 2: Skiing in Lapland

The famed Northern Lights
The famed Northern Lights

Ease into your ski adventure with a morning of easy terrain around the village before heading out into the wilderness for more skiing and a picnic lunch against a picturesque snowy backdrop. Don't forget your camera - the endlessly snowy hills are a photographer's dream. After lunch, head back to the village for a restful afternoon (and another few minutes in your private sauna if you're so inclined).

As evening falls, strap on your snowshoes and explore the Arctic after dark, when your senses are heightened and the stars light your way. With so little light pollution, the skies up here are spectacular - strewn with thousands of stars and, if you're lucky, the famously beautiful glow of the Northern Lights. Pause for a hot drink and listen as your guide spins tales of harsh conditions and arctic animals.

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Day 3: Off-the-beaten-track Arctic adventures 

Skiing the Arctic
Skiing the Arctic

Leave the beaten track behind for another day in the Arctic wilderness. Today, you can choose to snowshoe, ski, or try out the brand-new skin based skis (a hybrid ski-snowshoe) along the Norwegian border or up the fells south or east of Kilpisjärvi. For expert skiers, even more challenging options are available. It all depends on your interests and fitness level and the weather conditions for the day.

Day 4: Ice fishing on a wilderness lake

An ice fisherman drilling into the lake
An ice fisherman drilling into the lake

Ever wondered what Arctic locals do with their time off? Today, you'll learn the answer: ice fishing! Head back into the wilderness by sled, reindeer skins and fishing gear in tow. A short ski takes you to a quiet, snow-covered lake where you'll try your hand at ice fishing for arctic char and trout. Come lunchtime, a warm fire in a wilderness hut and a packed lunch await. In the evening, head home to your private sauna or - if you're feeling brave - do as the locals do and take a cold plunge into a frozen lake. They say these polar bear plunges are mood lifters that activate your sympathetic nervous system. 

Day 5: Departure

Snowy Tromsø
Snowy Tromsø

Wave farewell to the lynx, fox, and snow-capped peaks as you board your transfer from Kilpisjärvi to Tromsø - a city known for its centuries-old timber houses and stunning, peaked-roof Arctic Cathedral. On the way, pause to snowshoe on a trail near Lyngenfjord. If you're here in the late spring, you might even see a few blossoms and patches of green peeking out from the snow.


Map of Lapland Winter Activities - 5 Days
Map of Lapland Winter Activities - 5 Days
Written by G H, updated Jul 22, 2022