Welcome to Rovaniemi, the gateway to the Arctic Circle and the capital of Lapland—Finland's northernmost region. This five-day itinerary is designed to make the most of the snowy wintertime, with activities in the beautiful frozen wilderness surrounding the city. Every day brings a new once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventure, from floating in icy open water to chasing the northern lights, ice fishing, and hiking—and sometimes sliding!— in a snow-laden canyon.


  • Float among Arctic ice blocks while keeping dry in a rescue suit
  • Hike in the snow and among the frozen waterfalls of Korouoma Canyon
  • Learn the art of ice hole fishing and enjoy a Finnish barbecue
  • Go hunting for the northern lights on two wilderness excursions

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rovaniemi Rovaniemi
Day 2 Arctic Ice Floating, Northern Lights Tour Rovaniemi
Day 3 Korouoma Canyon & Frozen Waterfalls Adventure Rovaniemi
Day 4 Full Arctic Adventure, Aurora Snow Train Rovaniemi
Day 5 Depart Rovaniemi  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Rovaniemi

A private driver will take you to your accommodation in Rovaniemi

Welcome to the land of Santa Claus and the northern lights! Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is your base for the duration of the trip. A driver will collect you, and you'll spend some time exploring the city, visiting museums, and shopping for souvenirs. End your day with a meal in Rovaniemi's plush restaurants, or head out to a resort for a traditional Lapland kota dinner (a wilderness hut-inspired restaurant, often with an open fire).

Surrounded by incredible Arctic scenery and a wide range of activities, Rovaniemi is an ideal springboard for exploring Lapland and experiencing the Indigenous Sámi culture. There are year-round delights, from tracking the northern lights and snowmobile rides in winter to experiencing the midnight sun and hiking in summer—although this tour is geared up for enjoying the colder months.

Day 2: Arctic Ice Floating, Northern Lights Tour

Suit up and take part in the Arctic Ice Floating activity

Feel the lightness of your body by floating on an Arctic lake between blocks of ice. From a dock, you'll lower yourselves into the freezing water. No need to fear the cold: you'll be protected by a high-quality waterproof "rescue suit" to keep you warm and dry—so let your body and mind float and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It's also possible to do this activity in the evening, maybe even under the glow of the northern lights. 

Later, you'll leave the city on a 4.5-hour excursion into the wilderness. It's in these dark outskirts, free of light pollution, where you'll have the best chance of seeing the northern lights. These green lights dancing across the sky become clearer and more vibrant the closer you get to the North Pole—making Finland one of the best places to see them. You'll be joined by a guide who knows the best spots to stop and view this phenomenon, or there's an optional upgrade to a tour with a professional photographer.
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Day 3: Korouoma Canyon & Frozen Waterfalls Adventure

Keep an eye out for lynx and moose on today's adventure

Today you will visit Korouoma Canyon, a protected reserve around a 90-minute drive east of Rovaniemi. Spanning a length of 20 miles (30 km) and 430 feet (130 m) in depth, this natural landscape is otherworldly in winter, complete with frozen waterfalls and snow-laden forests. It's a haven for wildlife, so keep a lookout for eagles, lynx, and moose.

As you walk through the ethereal setting with a guide, a trail will lead you on a route of around 3 miles (5 km)—and you'll find that sometimes the best way to tackle descents is simply to slide down! Along the way, your guide will teach you about Arctic nature, share interesting survival tips, and offer you all their passion for Lapland. At the end, they'll prepare an open fire, and you can enjoy a delicious Finnish barbecue lunch.

Day 4: Full Arctic Adventure, Aurora Snow Train

Ice fishing is popular among the locals in Lapland
Ice fishing is popular among locals in Lapland

It's time for a survival-inspired Arctic adventure! Strap on your snowshoes, and into the frozen wilderness, you go. Your outdoor guide will teach you how to orient yourself in this extreme environment and take advantage of your surroundings in a survival situation. They'll demonstrate the art of ice fishing, which involves drilling a hole in the frozen lake. If you catch a fish, your guide will show you how to prepare it and grill it over the fire. Don't worry if you're not a natural ice-fisher, a Finnish barbecue snack will be served regardless!

In the evening, it's all aboard the Aurora Snow Train. This snowmobile-pulled carriage will transport you to a remote spot, away from artificial lights, to provide the best chance of seeing the northern lights. Crossing the beautiful snowy landscape to reach a kota wilderness hut, the group will gather around the blazing bonfire to enjoy snacks and hot drinks. A photography-savvy guide will be on-hand to help you capture the northern lights. And if the green glow doesn't show up, you'll still get to experience the serenity of the snowy forest in the darkness and silence. 

Day 5: Depart Rovaniemi 

It's time to leave magical Rovaniemi

As your Lapland adventure comes to an end, your driver will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the airport for your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Rovaniemi Winter Adventure - 5 Days
Map of Rovaniemi Winter Adventure - 5 Days