In the middle of Finland's short spring, April in Finland ranges from pleasantly warm to still frozen, depending on where you go. Much of the country is grinding back to life after a long hibernation, so cultural events start appearing on this calendar during this month. Read on to learn more about traveling to Finland in April.


The difference in climate between northern and southern Finland is never as evident as it is in April. While the snow is thawing and spring flowers are blooming in the south, northern areas still seem quite wintery. Average temperatures across the country are 38°F (3°C). Finland's spring season is short, and April is wedged in between winter and summer. But with the increasingly long days (the spring equinox is on March 21), there's a feeling of celebration and optimism in the air, however cool that air remains in April.

Crowds & Costs

April isn't a busy time for travel in Finland. While some people still head north for snow activities, the gradual thaw from south to north makes some outdoor winter activities dangerous or not possible (think, ice skating on thawing lakes!) Northern ski resorts will likely remain open in April but are much less busy than in previous months.

If Easter falls in April, you might find more domestic tourists in some popular resort towns in Lapland over the holy weekend. The cities are also not especially busy in April. 

Where to Go

If you're attracted to Finland as a destination for its snow sports, head as far north as you can in April. Thawing snow and ice in southern and central parts of Finland put many winter activities off-limits, but much of Lapland and the Arctic Circle still experience rather wintery conditions in April. With increasingly long days, this could be a good time to get outdoors and enjoy the last of the winter snow. Combine northern Finland with parts of northern Norway for the ultimate Arctic adventure. The Käsivarren and Tarvantovaara Wilderness Areas, in far north-western Finland, are attractive winter destinations and not far from the Norwegian city of Tromsø

Although a quick city break in Finland might not be possible for many travelers (Helsinki isn't very accessible from New York or even London!), it is an easy place to add to a longer trip around Scandinavia or the Baltic countries. While the weather in Helsinki, Tampere, or Porvoo isn't especially appealing in April, this is a good time to enjoy some cultural activities in these cities.  

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What to Do

Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking, ice skating, snowmobiling, reindeer sleigh rides, dog-sledding, and ice swimming are some outdoor activities you can enjoy in northern Finland in April. Chase them with Finnish glögi (mulled wine) and a warming wood-fired sauna. 

While April isn't the optimal month for chasing the Northern Lights, if you're unable to visit Finland in the real winter, there's still a chance to see the Aurora borealis in April. The colorful display of lights is potentially visible around the country between August and April.

Events in April

Easternationwide. Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Finland. If Easter falls in April, popular tourist areas will likely be busier, with domestic travelers getting away for a long weekend. You may see children dressed up as witches over the holy weekend. 

Reindeer Racing Championships, Inari. This fun event takes place on frozen Lake Inari in far northern Lapland. The reindeer are trained in traditional ways. The festival is sometimes held in late March.

April Jazz Festival, Espoo. This festival west of Helsinki features Finnish and international musicians. It's held over two weeks in late April.

Walpurgis Night, nationwide. Held on April 31 and May 1, Walpurgis Night marks the feast day of 8th-century Christian Saint Walpurga. It coincides with Vappu (Labor Day), on May 1, to create a mini holiday period. Expect to see bonfires and street parties in some smaller towns. 

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