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Elen Turner

I'm a writer and editor based in both Nepal and New Zealand. I ended up here by a rather circuitous route, through my post-grad studies on India, which then led to a job at a Kathmandu-based South Asian studies magazine, and then on to freelance writing about the region.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Nepal, India, New Zealand"

How did you get involved in travel?

"I've been travelling all my life, as my parents were keen travellers. But after a foray into a career in academia I knew my real passion lay elsewhere, and so I became a travel writer!"

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Many people trek to Everest Base Camp, but the most unforgettable experience of my life was flying over it in a helicopter. "

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Namche Bazaar
5 Things to Do During Your Acclimatization Stop in Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar is a thriving Sherpa town in the Everest Region that can only be reached on foot (or by helicopter). It's a common rest stop for acclimatization, and many trekking itineraries include two nights here before the trail ascends to greater heights. Make your day in town count with these activities, from cultural sights to the famed Saturday market—and even an Irish pub with Himalayan views.

Neighborhood Guide to Kathmandu: Thamel & Beyond

In a city as big and diverse as Kathmandu, it'd be a shame to only visit one or two popular areas. Different neighborhoods here offer diverse experiences: Tibetan culture, Hindu temples, unique accommodation, and so on. Here's a quick guide to some of the key neighborhoods of Kathmandu.

Everest Base Camp: Nepal or Tibet?
Everest Base Camp: Nepal or Tibet?

Mount Everest straddles the Nepal-Tibet border, and travelers interested in visiting base camp can do so on either side of the world's tallest mountain. Trekking is only one of several ways to get there, and both starting points come with their own set of considerations. Nepal offers challenging trekking routes and scenic helicopter rides, while Tibet boasts incredible Everest views and the chance to see a less-visited area—read on for more of what to expect.

Nepal, Bhutan, India: Choosing Your Himalayan Destination
Nepal, Bhutan, India: Choosing Your Himalayan Destination

The Himalaya is a great destination for travelers seeking high-altitude adventure and cultural immersion. Much of your experience will depend on the region you visit: Nepal, Bhutan, or the Himalayan regions of northern India. Camping treks and guided cultural tours in Bhutan, remote trekking and varied landscapes in India, or the classic routes (and many trekking alternatives) of Nepal—which should you choose? Read on to find out.

Escape the crowds of the Everest region by getting away with your own tent
Best Campsites in the Everest Region

Escape the crowds of the Everest region by adding a night of camping to your trek. The following camping spots can be added onto most treks and will allow you to experience a truly unique style of trekking in the Himalaya. These camps lie at high-altitude passes or in remote corners of the valley where you'll awake to some of the best views that Nepal has to offer.

Nepal in December: Travel Tips, Weather, and More
Nepal in December: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

December isn't peak season in Nepal—but with clear, sunny skies and mild temperatures in many places, perhaps it should be. If you've been considering coming to Nepal at the start of winter, take the plunge with this monthly guide.