Planning your dream trip? Here's a quick introduction to kimkim, how our trips work, and what makes us unique. We'll go over how our itineraries are customized to your interests, and what to expect during your trip.

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Plan with a Local Specialist

When planning your trip on kimkim, we'll connect you directly with one of our local specialists who are skilled at customizing trips built around specific interests. Our specialists are experienced, creative, and highly-vetted travel experts who know the destination well and will help you create the ideal itinerary.

Meaningful Experiences

Travel is about immersing yourself in the local landscape, culture, and experience and this is one of our core values. Sometimes this means taking lesser-known (but just as beautiful) routes to avoid the crowds, and sometimes it means seeing the main highlights in a unique way or at a special time of day that avoids the majority of the crowds. We're just as excited about travel as you are, meaning we seek out these experiences ourselves and then go the extra mile to ensure you have a memorable and meaningful experience.

Customizing Your Perfect Trip

Your customized trip plan will also incorporate personalized approaches to lodging, guides, routes, and even transportation. Our specialists like to ensure you have a more meaningful experience whenever possible, whether that means seeing the main cultural highlights of Cartagena through a back entrance or at a unique time of day or taking an alternative trek in Nepal that offers amazing views without the crowds.

Focus on Private Tours

Kimkim is different than most conventional travel companies. Most of our trips are private and tailor-made, built around your specific interests. Your trip will start and end on the dates that work best for you, and accommodation, number of activities, and travel route are all customizable. 

Flexible Itineraries

Your itinerary can be adjusted each day based on what's realistically possible. During your trip, guides and drivers are there to ensure everything goes smoothly and will work with the conditions of each day. If needed, your specialist can adapt your itinerary during your trip based on how you're feeling, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances that sometimes arise while traveling.

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Local Specialists, Insider Knowledge

Your trip will be planned by people who have spent years living in and traveling around their country, searching out the best routes and unique places. When planning your trip, your specialist will consider the season and weather, your preferred method of transportation, and your travel priorities. Their ideas and insights not only add immense value to the process but are also what sets kimkim's style of trip planning apart.

Unique Ways to Experience a Destination's Highlights

Not everyone wants to get completely off the grid. Even if you want to visit the most popular sites and regions, kimkim ensures a customized experience.

If you're keen to explore Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, your specialist may also recommend a day hike to a nearby waterfall or kayaking through the mangroves of Damas Island. Culinary enthusiasts heading to the Peloponese Islands might be offered a tour of the olive groves in Kalamata to see the pressing process of fresh olive oil (featured in our top 10 things to do in Greece). And for visitors to Kathmandu's World Heritage Sites, your specialist could suggest an overnight in Bhaktapur—you'll have the temples all to yourself before the crowds arrive in the morning.

Experienced & Professional Guides

Your guides are an essential part of your overall experience and someone you'll spend a significant amount of time with throughout your trip. As such, we only work with experienced, certified local guides who have years of experience and are passionate about helping people experience their country.

Working With Local Providers

Whenever possible, we work with local communities and services supplied by people who belong to the local community. This means hiring drivers and guides as much as possible from the regions you're traveling in and staying in boutique hotels that are owned locally. 

Best Accommodation Options

Where you stay each night plays a large part in the overall experience of your trip. Our specialists keep track of the best places to stay, including hidden gems and new places that are popping up. They know which spots have great meals and atmosphere, which are conveniently located away from the crowds, and which have great vantage points. Based on your budget and preferred style, you'll be provided with options that are conveniently located for the activities of the day.

Detailed Itinerary

All trips will have a roadmap that will be sent to you prior to departure. This will include all pertinent information about pick-up times, activity durations, and hotels for each night. In addition, it will often include restaurant recommendations and insider tips for how to spend your free time in each location.

How Our Pricing Works

From the start of your trip planning, you'll be provided with the best price for your trip based on what's required to put together a quality experience that's both fairly priced yet doesn't cut corners. The prices will allow the specialist and their team to make a fair living, pay their staff, guides, and drivers fair wages in order to retain the best people, and provide insurance and medical coverage for their team. 

In-Trip Support & Guidance

While you're on your trip, both your local specialist and kimkim staff will be on hand to support should you have any questions, concerns, or if anything goes wrong. We'll also work with you to make changes or customize your trip on the fly should you want to change things around (assuming the customizations are possible and realistic). 

Kimkim's travel specialists are also there for you after you've decided on the details of your trip. Not only will your specialist provide you with additional tips so you can make the most out of your vacation, but we are available to help once you arrive. That means anything from suggesting the perfect night out or assisting if you hit a snag in your travel plans.

Positive Climate Impact

100% of kimkim trips contribute to carbon removal. Plan your trip with us and support sustainable initiatives around the world, reducing your impact and strengthening communities along the way. Learn more

Everything Is Included

Most trips we organize include all the arrangements from the moment you land to the moment you leave. You don't have to worry about constantly paying for services or organizing transport or hotels during your trip. Everything is included in the tour you book with us, and we'll clearly point out anything that's not covered.

Services that are typically included:

  • Airport transfers to and from your hotel
  • All your domestic transport (flights & ground transport)
  • Accommodations (breakfast typically included)
  • Guided tours and activities

Services that are typically not included:

  • Your international flights
  • Medical and emergency travel insurance
  • Lunches and dinners (when not specified)
  • Tips for guides and drivers
  • Entry fees

Expectations and excitement are high from the moment you hit the ground, and we'll ensure your arrival experience and airport transfer runs smoothly. You'll be provided with details of what to expect upon arrival, contact details of your in-trip support and driver, and someone who will be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to your hotel.