October is right in the middle of fall in Finland, and it's a good month to visit if you enjoy the vibrant colors of nature. Temperatures drop, especially in the north, but there's the chance to spot the Aurora borealis. Read on to learn more about traveling to Finland in October.


October is fall in Finland and while southern parts of the country are in the midst of their orange foliage season at this time, northern areas can be quite wintery. The average temperature across the country in October is 41°F (5°C), and fall is quite a wet season. Expect cloudy skies and some rain, which turn to snow in northern areas.

The daylight hours are getting progressively shorter by October, but are not yet problematically short. In Helsinki, in southern Finland, you can expect the sun to rise at around 8 am and set around 6 pm. Days are shorter the further north you go.

Crowds & Costs

October is not a busy time for travel in Finland. Finland is quite an expensive place to visit year-round, but if you need to keep costs lower, October might be a good time to get a deal on flights and accommodation in Finland. Keep in mind that some smaller towns, especially those away from major tourist attractions, may be closed for the winter season by October.

Where to Go

October is a good time to head to one of Finland's cities for a quick city break. Cities such as Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Porvoo, or Jyväskylä are generally not too cold in October and there are plenty of cultural, historic, and indoor things to do if the weather isn't great. Plus, the fall colors are best in the southern and central parts of the country in October (these are best seen in northern Lapland in September).

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What to Do

October can be a good time to spot the Aurora borealis in Finland, particularly on a fine day. Head north to rural parts of Lapland for the best chances of seeing this magical natural phenomenon. 

Events in October

Helsinki Baltic Herring Market. This niche event has been running in the Finnish capital since the mid-18th century. As well as a market selling fish and other traditional Finnish goods and crafts, a boat race is held off-shore. It lasts for about a week.

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