Make your way through some of Scandinavia's most spectacular landscapes and connect with Norwegian culture in the two biggest cities on this 10-day trip. It starts with a train ride from Oslo that connects you to a three-day trek in the brilliant Aurlandsdalen Valley. From here, ride a scenic ferry to Bergen via the famous Sognefjord, then grab a rental car to make your way to coastal villages and mountain towns on your way back to the capital.


  • Stay three nights in remote mountain lodges that serve meals to hikers
  • Trek past glorious views of icy rivers, majestic fjords, and expansive national parks
  • Tour the hilly city of Bergen with a local private guide
  • Take a scenic road trip that ticks off coastal fishing villages and mountain scenery

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo, Evening Wooden Sailboat Cruise Oslo
Day 2 Explore Oslo, Train to Haugastøl, Short Trek to Lodge Mountain Lodge
Day 3 Train to Finse, Hike to Geiteryggshytta Mountain Lodge
Day 4 Hike to Østerbø Mountain Lodge
Day 5 Hike to Vassbygdi, Ferry to Bergen Bergen
Day 6 Bergen Fjord Cruise & Hike Bergen
Day 7 Drive to Kalvåg Kalvåg
Day 8 Drive to Otta via Lom Otta
Day 9 Hike in Rondane National Park, Drive to Oslo, Dinner in Grünerløkka Oslo
Day 10 Depart Oslo  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Oslo, Evening Wooden Sailboat Cruise

Oslo's up-and-coming neighborhood. 
Oslo is Europe's fastest-growing capital and a modern city with a historic heart

Welcome to Oslo, Norway's rapidly growing capital! This buzzing small city is set on the seaside and surrounded by mountains, combining the best of nature and urban life in one place. The city's charismatic downtown is made for walking, and its charming outlying neighborhoods are easily accessible by public transportation. Use this afternoon to explore Oslo's treasures by foot, tram, train, or bus and get your first taste of Norwegian culture and people.

Later, board a classic wooden sailing boat and cruise along Oslo's beautiful fjord. Over three hours you'll take in the waterfront sights, passing by the Akershus Fortress, Oslo Opera House, pretty islets, and more as you snack on a buffet of seafood and watch a late summer sunset. Pass through a maze of green islands as you kick back aboard the restored traditional boat.

Day 2: Explore Oslo, Train to Haugastøl, Short Trek to Lodge

Vigeland Sculpture Park
Use this morning to explore the Vigeland Sculpture Park

Use your morning to explore more of Oslo before you head to the train station. You could visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park, a green lung in the middle of the city home to 200 larger-than-life sculptures, or choose a cozy museum to explore. Or stroll along the Havnepromenaden (Harbor Promenade)—a modern 5.5-mile (9 km) waterfront park that combines sightseeing, history, art, architecture, and a little adventure.

Later, board a four-hour train to Haugastøl, the highest and most mountainous point on the Bergen Railway between Norway's two largest cities. From here, you'll set off on foot to your first trekking lodge along the Rallarvegen. This route is a cultural and historical monument with scenery that spans from tall mountains and glaciers to lush valleys and fjord views. In fact, Haugastøl is located in the middle of national parks and protected areas, and it's a wonderful starting point for treks and biking. When you arrive, take in the quiet wilderness and enjoy dinner on-site before you go to bed.

Day 3: Train to Finse, Hike to Geiteryggshytta

Follow the well-marked path that crosses rivers and streams.
Follow the well-marked path that crosses rivers and streams

Spend time in the morning at the lodge having breakfast and preparing a packed lunch before getting ready for your first big day of hiking. To begin the day's adventure, you'll walk back to the train and take it one stop to Finse. Find the track and start your self-guided five-hour hike, enjoying great views of Gausta, the Hardangerjøkulen glacier, and parts of Jotunheimen National Park along the 11-mile (17.7 km) route. In the afternoon, take a break and enjoy your packed lunch when you find a beautiful spot—which can be difficult as there are many to choose from!

You'll arrive at the Geiteryggshytta trekking lodge in the mid-afternoon, where you'll stay overnight. Enjoy the surroundings and a three-course dinner with your fellow hikers in the evening.

Day 4: Hike to Østerbø

Views as you enter Aurland Valley.
Soak up views like this as you enter Aurland Valley

Eat a hearty breakfast with your fellow hikers at the lodge, then pack your lunch for the second day and get started on the trail. Today's 12.5-mile (20 km) route will take about six to seven hours, but it will be mostly downhill. The path descends diagonally along the mountain to Steinbergdalen and you'll continue until you pass the Grøna River bridge. You'll eventually reach the start of the beautiful Aurland Valley. When you get to the trekking lodge in the afternoon, rest your legs and enjoy another three-course dinner.

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Day 5: Hike to Vassbygdi, Ferry to Bergen

The hike ends near the Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the Sognefjord.
The hike ends near the Aurlandsfjord, a branch of the famous Sognefjord

This is the last day of your three-day trek! Fuel up with a hearty breakfast, pack your lunch for the day, and squeeze into your boots one last time. Today's 12.5-mile (20 km), six-hour trail passes through the wild and beautiful Aurland Valley, known as one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Norway. Along the path, you'll experience untouched nature combined with several notable stopping points as it passes through old cemeteries, wooden bridges, tiny farms, and steep descents assisted by handrails and steps.

At Tirtesva, you can choose the newly restored upper route, giving you an even more spectacular view than the path following the river. When you reach Vassbygdi, your final hiking destination, take a local bus to Aurland where you'll board a 5.5-hour ferry to Bergen, Norway's second-largest city. Situated on Norway's west coast, this small wharf city is surrounded by ocean, mountains, and fjords, including Sognefjord, the country's longest and deepest—which your ferry will cruise along. You'll arrive in the evening and stay overnight in Bergen's city center. 

Day 6: Bergen Fjord Cruise & Hike

Climb Bergen's hills for the best views of town.
Climb one of Bergen's seven mountains for the best views of city

Today you'll join a small group fjord cruise and a guided hike to "The Castle." Admire the magnificent landscapes in Osterfjord to Modalen as you steer thrillingly close to a cascading waterfall on the cruise across the fjord. On arrival in Modalen, your guide will drive from "Mo" to the trailhead. The short but rewarding hike takes around an hour each way, gaining 650 feet (200 m) of elevation. At the top enjoy a packed lunch with your fellow hikers and soak up views of the fjord landscape.

Return to the village with time for refreshments on the pier—and a refreshing swim in the fjord, if you're game—before the return cruise to Bergen. If you're still craving more nature—take a gentle wander through the botanic garden, the green spaces of Nygårdsparken, and waterfront Nordnes Park. Or hike up Mount Sandviken and visit Stoltzekliven, where you'll find 900 steps built by Sherpas from Nepal. This 2.5-hour trail is home to the steepest race in the world and features spectacular views from the top! 

Day 7: Drive to Kalvåg

You'll drive past pretty landscapes as you head north to the coastal village of Kalvåg

It's time for the road trip portion of your adventure, as you collect a rental car and start the 5.5-hour drive north to Kalvåg, an old fishing community on the North Sea. The route offers varied scenery, shifting from barren coastal landscapes to breathtaking countryside, mountains, and glaciers.

Kalvåg is one of the best-preserved fishing village milieus in Vestlandet. The little houses stand close together around the small bay to create a charming setting. Here you can spend the rest of the afternoon hiking, biking, or kayaking. You might like to visit the Vamråk Herring Saltery to see how the fishing industry has evolved from the 1800s to today, or visit a handful of local galleries in this artist community, such as Galleri Frøya. This evening's dinner will be one to remember, as locals pride themselves on serving fresh seafood straight from their own nets.

Day 8: Drive to Otta via Lom

Drive along the Nordfjord and look for wildflowers.
Drive along the Nordfjord and look for wildflowers on the journey

Today you'll swap the coastal area of Kalvåg for the mountainous terrain around Otta, a five-hour drive inland. This will be a beautiful day of driving as you make your way up, down, and along fjords until you start climbing upward to the mountain plateau. Your journey is an adventure, so take your time and stop for photographs as often as you please!

En route, make time to explore Lom, the gateway to the Jotunheimen Mountains and to Jotunheimen National Park. Here you'll find the famous Lom Stave Church, with timber dated to 1158. Once you reach Otta, use the late afternoon to take a short hike through the area or simply relax at your hotel reflecting on the huge change in landscapes you've witnessed over the last few days.

Day 9: Hike in Rondane National Park, Drive to Oslo, Dinner in Grünerløkka

Grünerløkka's street art. 
Look for the cool street art around Grünerløkka in Oslo 

The final leg of your grand road trip is the return to Oslo—but, of course, there's time for one last hike. Rondane National Park is a hiker's dream, with rounded peaks in the south and high, steep peaks in the north. This morning you could embark on the easy 90-minute Kongesteinen loop, departing from the nearby village of Høvringen. After, enjoy the four-hour drive back to the capital. Make plenty of stops to breathe in the fresh mountain air, and find somewhere cute in the countryside for lunch.

Once you reach Oslo, spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the lively waterfront and historic center. For dinner, wander around the city's historic core buzzing with restaurants and outdoor cafés. If you're looking for Oslo's trendiest local scene, head east for Grünerløkka, which many inhabitants refer to affectionately as "Løkka." This once-run-down sector of Oslo is now the site of refurbished apartments, fashionable cafés, street art, and hip restaurants. 

Day 10: Depart Oslo

Oslo's bustling city center.
Savor your final morning in the Norwegian capital

It's time to say farewell to Norway! Enjoy your last few hours walking around Oslo's neighborhoods, relaxing in a café, or visiting local boutiques for one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Then, when the time is right, drive to the airport with enough time to return your rental car and catch your departing flight onward or home. Safe travels!

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Map of Aurland Valley Trek & Norwegian Fjord Road Trip - 10 Days
Map of Aurland Valley Trek & Norwegian Fjord Road Trip - 10 Days