Norway has a unique culture, influenced by its centuries-old history and distinct geographic location. You'll find bustling cities with fascinating origins, a quaint culture in fjord villages and coastal fishing towns, and unique customs like dogsledding and reindeer rearing, and mountainside farming. Not to mention, a thrilling Viking history that ties it all together.

Getting Oriented

Scandinavian culture is quite distinct, and Norway knows how to hold onto its heritage. With the Viking era dominating much of its history and the coastal and fjord regions amplifying its culture, Norway is the perfect country to dive deep into unique customs and traditions. Whether you explore Northern Norway, the Lofoten Islands, Southern Norway, or anything in between, you can enjoy city explorations, coastal cruises, visits to fishing villages, and walks through charming fjord hamlets. Plus, you have entire regions, cities, and towns that show off the country's beloved Viking history.

Explore Viking History

One of the biggest draws of Norway is its Viking history, an era that shaped much of the country and still influences present-day ways of life. Learn about the Vikings in cities like Bergen and the fjord region.

Viking Heritage Walk with a Local in Bergen

Explore Viking history in the charming city of Bergen.

Get to know Bergen and its exciting Viking history with the help of a local. You'll walk through the city, making your way to the historic Alrekstaðir, the Norse King's residence during the kingdom of Norway. Along the way, stop to admire the city’s viewpoints, monuments, and historical landmarks while listening to stories from your local guide. Enjoy learning about several Norwegian historical eras, including the Ynglinga, early medieval Scandinavian history, and the times of Vikings and kings. Read More

Viking Valley Experience

Enjoy a visit to the interactive outdoor museum Viking Village.

A visit to Viking Village near Gudvangen is like no other museum experience. You'll walk among over 1,500 buildings depicting daily life during the time of the Vikings in Norway. Learn how this group of fascinating people built their famous ships, lived their lives, and impacted modern society. Chat with actors showcasing professions like blacksmiths, painters, and architects while learning about Viking food, crafts, and religion. Read More

Viking History of Svanøy & Sognefjord

The scenic stretches of the Sognefjord.

If you haven't heard about Eirik Bloodaxe, get ready to dive into the history of this legendary Viking king on Svanøy Island. A local will take you through the island, visiting Viking graveyards and sites while sharing stories of this famous 10th-century Norwegian ruler. The name Eirik Bloodaxe conjures an image of the archetypal Viking warrior: huge, heroic, and the proud owner of a large ax. Although he wasn't first in line for the throne, you'll learn how his father, Harald Hårfagre, secured his son's fate and his ties to the Viking-rich heritage of Sognefjord. Read More

Plan your trip to Norway
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Discover the Island & Fjord Culture

With over 60,000 miles of coastline, it's no wonder Norway is known for its fjords and islands! Visit some of the historic fishing villages and fjord hamlets to discover unique Norwegian culture.

Cruise & Historical Tour of Skrova Island

Learn about the fishing history of Skrova Island. 

If you really want to dig deep into Norwegian history, visiting Skrova Island is a must. Set within the Lofoten Islands, Skrova has evidence of human settlements dating over 10,000 years and a fishing history over 1,000 years old. You'll also find stones dating back to the Mesozoic era, as the area is also geologically rich! Learn about the island's history, traditions, and way of life with a boat cruise and walking tour. Read More

Cultural Evening Walk in Flåm

Walk through the village of Flåm and end with a bonfire.

Enjoy an evening walk through the charming village of Flåm, where stories of the fantasized past await! Your local guide will share tales of trolls and witches, explaining how the area's folklore still impacts the present-day culture. You'll pass along trails within the hills and through the town center, ending with a cozy bonfire and warm drinks on the beach. Read More

Art, Culture & History Walk in Balestrand

Explore the culture of Balestrand, a fjord village hosting an artist colony.

The fjord village of Balestrand is known not just for its unique history and culture but also for its artist colony. Many artisans call Balestrand home, including the locally beloved carpenter Ivar Høyvik who makes furniture. With the help of a local guide, you'll visit Ivan's shop as well as other important and interesting spots, including St. Olaf's Church, Høyvik Hall, and the buzzy harbor area filled with arts and crafts. Read More

Enjoy the Museums & Cities

Although it's tempting to spend all your time in the Norwegian countryside, the country's cities offer some of the best folk and Viking museums in the world. Check out Oslo and Bergen to discover Norwegian history and culture.

A Day of Culture in Oslo 

Discover the unique larger-than-life sculptures at Vigeland Park.

Dive deep into Norwegian history and culture by exploring the renowned museums and parks in Oslo. You're free to explore as you wish, but some of the most popular sites include the Viking Ship Museum, the Norwegian Open-Air Folk Museum, and the Ski Museum, with its incredible ski jump and observation deck with panoramic views. Other options include the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, the Labour Museum (part of the Oslo City Museum), and the unique Vigeland Sculpture Park. Read More

Visit the Museums of Bergen

Discover the history and culture of the historic port city Bergen.

Bergen is one of the oldest port cities in Europe and hosts a historic area protected with UNESCO World Heritage status. You can easily spend all day wandering its Bryggen and Old Bergen areas, but several museums are also worth exploring. Some favorites include the KODE art museums, the Bergen Maritime Museum, the fortress museum, the ice sculptures at the Magic Ice Bar, and the reconstruction of the 12th-century Fantoft Stave Church. Read More

How to Create the Perfect Historical & Cultural Itinerary in Norway

Explore the cities, fjords, and coasts of Norway to discover its culture and history.

History and culture fit well into any Norwegian itinerary; whether you're planning a quick 24-hour jaunt in Oslo or Bergen or a 2-week exploration, you can easily discover the unique heritage of Norway.

With so many different regions, what you see depends on where you want to go and how much time you have in the country. If you plan on sticking to one or two cities, you'll need at least 4-5 days. But if you want to sprinkle in some coastal towns, fjord villages, and cultural activities, then give yourself at least one week

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