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Viking Heritage Walk in Bergen


Let a local help you discover Bergen's historic Alrekstaðir, the Norse King's residence during the kingdom of Norway. The old estate sits dramatically at the base of Ulriken, one of the seven mountains surrounding the city. You’ll first follow your guide through Bergen, exploring the cultural heritage sites that tell the famous Norwegian King's sagas. Written by Snorre Sturlason, the stories take you through Ynglinga, early medieval Scandinavian history, and the times of Vikings and Kings.

As your guide shares stories of local, regional, and cultural history, you’ll stop to admire the city’s viewpoints, monuments, and historical landmarks. Then, walk along Norway’s oldest streets and learn about the original city planning. Finally, your walk ends at Alrekstaðir, the 10th-century estate that hosted the Battle of Fitjar!

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This 8-day itinerary is a great way to experience a historic side of Norway that most visitors miss. Between the 8th and 11th centuries, Vikinger was a form of adventure, drawing plunderers but also poets, scholars, and traders. Starting and ending in Bergen, you'll travel through Viking-era settlements, islands, and fjords, including the former stomping grounds of one of the most famous Vikings of all: Eric Bloodaxe.

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