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Bergen's beautiful waterfront after a snowfall.
3 hours
Private group
With about 300,000 residents, Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Rich in culture and seafaring history, this walkable city boasts a vast selection of cultural and outdoorsy activities. On a guided tour you'll get the highlights as you ride the Fløibanen funicular elevator (or hike the trail on foot) to the top of Mount Fløyen—one of Bergen's seven peaks—for the best views of the city. Then it's a leisurely stroll back down the path, which even features hidden troll sculptures along the way. Next is the Bryggen area of downtown. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a series of colorful wooden houses that line the harbor and date back to the 1700s. The tour culminates with a rest in one of the charming local cafés and bakeries. There's nothing quite like enjoying a fresh coffee or hot chocolate and doing some people-watching in one of the most postcard-perfect towns in Europe.
Photo from Rodne Fjord Cruise
3 hours
Small group
If you're in Bergen, you can easily explore some of the region’s best scenery by visiting the Hordaland area. This fjord cruise starts in Bergen and sails through Osterfjord. You’ll venture deep into the fjord, passing steep mountains, powerful waterfalls, and colorful villages. Enjoy the views from inside the heated cabin with panoramic windows or on one of the sundecks. Once you reach the small settlement of Modalen, which houses about 380 residents, you’ll turn around and head back to Bergen. As you sail through Mostraumen Strait, the boat will make a quick stop at one of the waterfalls. Your captain will bring the bow right to the edge of the cascade’s spray, allowing you to feel and sample the refreshing and clean mountain water.Read more about what to do in Bergen and discover other scenic experiences in Norway.
5 hours
Private group
Explore one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen with the help of a local. You’ll first enjoy an informative walk through Bergen, stopping to admire several historic buildings, monuments, and sites. Listen to stories about the city's history and how it has grown to its modern-day size. Stop for a cup of coffee at a local cafe and chat more with your new local friend. Then, as you leave the bustle behind, you'll start a hike up to Mt. Sandviken and Stoltzekliven, a favorite route among the locals. Along the way, you’ll navigate 900 steps built by sherpas from Nepal. Home to one of the world's steepest races, the mountain's summit offers incredible views of Bergen and the surrounding landscape. The world record for running up the steps is 7 mins and 54 seconds. You can either attempt to beat it or enjoy a leisurely climb as you take in the views.Read more about what to do in Bergen and discover other active excursions in Norway.
2 hours
Self guided
Experience an adrenaline rush on the Flåm Zip Line, the longest zip line in Scandinavia. You'll begin at over 2,600 feet (820 m) and fly nearly an entire mile (1,381 m) across the Flåm Valley. Your starting point is Vatnahalsen Station, and your endpoint is Kårdalen near the Rallarrosa Cheese Farm.Enjoy one of the wildest and most beautiful landscapes in Norway from a unique perspective, and end with a cultural experience at the farm. You'll learn about traditional cheesemaking and relax with an assortment of snacks and drinks while taking in the scenery. The operators produce brown and white cheese from fresh, unpasteurized goat milk.Discover more unique active experiences in Norway.
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3 hours
Private group
Let a local help you discover Bergen's historic Alrekstaðir, the Norse King's residence during the kingdom of Norway. The old estate sits dramatically at the base of Ulriken, one of the seven mountains surrounding the city. You’ll first follow your guide through Bergen, exploring the cultural heritage sites that tell the famous Norwegian King's sagas. Written by Snorre Sturlason, the stories take you through Ynglinga, early medieval Scandinavian history, and the times of Vikings and Kings.As your guide shares stories of local, regional, and cultural history, you’ll stop to admire the city’s viewpoints, monuments, and historical landmarks. Then, walk along Norway’s oldest streets and learn about the original city planning. Finally, your walk ends at Alrekstaðir, the 10th-century estate that hosted the Battle of Fitjar!Discover more things to do in Bergen and other interesting cultural and historical experiences in Norway.
Bergen's historic waterfront
Self guided
Situated on Norway's west coast, this wharf city of about 300,000 residents (one of the oldest port cities in Europe) is surrounded by ocean, mountains, and fjords. Rich in culture and seafaring history, Bergen boasts a vast selection of cultural activities.Check out the Bryggen area of downtown to view old wooden houses dating back to the 1700s (a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site), along with Bergen's best historical sites and museums. Then, for a rest, stop in one of the charming local restaurants, cafés, and bakeries. Finally, to polish off your historic minitour, visit Old Bergen (Gamle Bergen), a reconstruction of Bergen from the 18th century.  Save some time for a museum or two! Favorites include the KODE art museums, which host collections from Munch, Astrup, Dahl, and Picasso; the Bergen Maritime Museum with various historic and modern boats and ships; and the fortress museum depicting the military history of Norway, with exhibitions on historical wars, WWII, and modern warfare.For a unique experience, check out the ice sculptures at the Magic Ice Bar or take the city's light rail and walk to the reconstruction of the 12th-century Fantoft Stave Church, also called Trollhaugen or Fantoft Stavkirke. Then, when you're ready for a break or meal, enjoy some regional cuisine at one of the cafes or restaurants. Some local favorites include Altona, Pingvinen, 1887, Cornelius, bare Vestland, Dugg frisk, Spisekroken, Lysverket, and Skyskaperen (on the top of Mt....

Experiences in Bergen, Norway

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Norway has a unique culture, influenced by its centuries-old history and distinct geographic location. You'll find bustling cities with fascinating origins, a quaint culture in fjord villages and coastal fishing towns, and unique customs like dogsledding and reindeer rearing, and mountainside farming. Not to mention, a thrilling Viking history that ties it all together.

Bergen's colorful waterfront
Best Things to Do in Bergen

As an idyllic and colorful harbor city, Bergen is one of the most popular hubs in Norway. It sits on the North Sea coast with access to the county's famous fjord region. But Bergen is much more than just a hub, as it's filled with famous sites, including the historic Bryggen area, Gamle Bergen, several museums, art galleries, churches, and abundant Viking heritage.

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