Hike with a Local in Bergen

Explore one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen with the help of a local. You’ll first enjoy an informative walk through Bergen, stopping to admire several historic buildings, monuments, and sites. Listen to stories about the city's history and how it has grown to its modern-day size.

Stop for a cup of coffee at a local cafe and chat more with your new local friend. Then, as you leave the bustle behind, you'll start a hike up to Mt. Sandviken and Stoltzekliven, a favorite route among the locals. Along the way, you’ll navigate 900 steps built by sherpas from Nepal. 

Home to one of the world's steepest races, the mountain's summit offers incredible views of Bergen and the surrounding landscape. The world record for running up the steps is 7 mins and 54 seconds. You can either attempt to beat it or enjoy a leisurely climb as you take in the views.

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Itineraries with Hike with a Local in Bergen

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