It's no secret that Norway is an outdoor oasis offering every type of recreation you can think of! From climbing some of the most famous trails in the world (like Troll's Tongue) to kayaking through the iconic fjords, there's an outdoor adventure in every corner. And since the entire landscape changes with the seasons, you have a new set of active experiences for each visit.

Getting Oriented

Whether in Northern Norway or Southern Norway, along the coast or in the mountains, you'll never run out of active adventures. The country truly is made for outdoor enthusiasts and active travelers. In both the summer and winter, you can kayak in the fjords, hike in the mountains, go whale watching, and explore the islands. You can enjoy the summertime midnight sun with visits to beaches, zip lines, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Save the winter for snowy excursions like skiing, dogsledding, and snowshoeing, plus viewing the Northern Lights

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Hiking & Zip Lining Adventures

You can't go wrong with zipping through the gorges and hiking in Norway. Some of the world's most famous hikes exist here, including the Troll's Tongue and Pulpit Rock. 

Pulpit Rock Sunrise Hike

Wake early to get the world-famous Pulpit Rock all to yourself at sunrise.

A hike to Pulpit Rock is like a Norwegian rite of passage, which means this trail can get crowded. Avoid the tourist buses and trek up to the incredible views in pre-dawn solitude, listening to the sounds of nature waking with the sun. As you walk out onto the plateau, you'll watch the day's first rays pop over the horizon, illuminating the iconic Norwegian scenery. On the way back down, stop for breakfast at the nearby lodge. Read More

Trolltunga Cycle, Hike, & via Feratta Climb

Cycle, hike, and climb via Ferrata, also known as the "stairway to heaven," to reach Trolltunga.

Hiking Trolltunga along its standard route is already challenging enough, but if you need an adrenaline rush, you can enhance the adventure. This triple excursion includes cycling along the fjord to the trailhead, hiking to the cliffs, and then ascending the side of the rock along the famous via Ferrata (the "stairway to heaven"). Your efforts are rewarded with truly stunning and unique views of the lake and the surrounding region. As a bonus, you'll avoid the typically busy main trail! Read More

Flåm Zip Line & Goat Farm Experience

After ziplining, relax at a local goat farm and taste delicious cheese.

Zip lining across the gorge near Flåm is not only beautiful, but it's also a true adrenaline rush. You'll fly through the air for nearly an entire mile along Scandinavia's longest zip line. Starting at 2,600 feet (820 m), you'll make your way from Vatnahalsen Station to Kårdalen and then end the experience at Rallarrosa Cheese Farm. Visit with the goats and taste a few different kinds of cheese.  Read More

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Kayaking Excursions

With so much coastline (we're talking over 60,000 miles), it's no wonder kayaking is a beloved pastime in Norway. One of the best ways to enjoy the water is paddling along the calm fjords and gliding up to thunderous waterfalls. 

Geirangerfjord Seven Sisters Waterfall Kayaking Tour

Get up close with the Seven Sisters Waterfall on a kayak tour.

Geirangerfjord is one of the most beautiful and popular fjords in Norway, and that's partly due to its stunning scenery and selection of waterfalls. On this kayaking tour, you'll paddle through the fjord, making your way to the famous Seven Sisters Waterfall. Get up close with the thunderous cascade and enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings. Read More

Cycling Experiences

Mountain biking and road biking are two of the most popular sports in Norway. There are cycling regions with an endless number of trails just waiting for you to fly by on two wheels. 

Bike Ride Down Rallarvegen near Flåm

Bike along the river and on the famous Rallarvegen road.

Although Norway is filled with endless cycling trails, you may hear adventure seekers mention Rallavegen, also known as Navvies’ Road. This route features iconic Norwegian scenery, plus opportunities to experience local culture and learn about the region's history. You'll start at Café Rallaren, located 2,900 feet (867 m) above sea level, where you can rent your bike. Then zip down the road, stopping to take photos and eat a picnic lunch. Read More

Cycle Svolvær & Henningsvær in Lofoten

Cycle the historic towns and scenery of the Lofoten Islands.

The coastal regions of Norway also offer excellent cycling, especially the Lofoten Islands. You can ride along the famous E10 roadway and into local and residential areas to experience the true beauty of the islands. Pop into two of the popular villages, Svolvær and Henningsvær. Enjoy the scenery, take photos, and learn about the area's history, polishing off your bike ride with a cinnamon roll from the famous Lysstøperiet. Read More

How to Create the Perfect Active Itinerary in Norway

Norway is an endless playground for active travelers. 

Because active excursions are so popular in Norway, the challenge is not enjoying fun and scenic outdoor activities! Almost every region offers some form of sport. Even leisurely activities like city tours have a more active option (think elevating a typical walking tour with cycling, hiking, or kayaking). 

Depending on how long you stay in Norway, you can combine a few different cities or regions with several active experiences. Popular combinations include exploring the fjord region with hiking, kayaking, and biking, then hitting the coastal Lofoten Islands for more. Because active trips tend to wear you out faster, plan for at least one or two weeks so you can sprinkle in some rest days. 

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