Hiking enthusiasts will love this 10-day summer adventure in Central Norway's great outdoors. You'll climb several of the best summits with a guide, and take memorable drives through mountains, fjord-side villages, and working farms. There's also time to hit the water with a kayak in the UNESCO-protected Geirangerfjord and take a rafting trip in the Driva River. Plus, with overnight stops in Oslo and Trondheim, you'll experience just the right dose of urban fun.


  • Walk around Oslo's beautiful sculpture park and waterfront promenade
  • Pick from a range of trails in Norway's most popular national park 
  • Paddle near the town of Geiranger and have lunch in a boathouse
  • Sleep at an authentic summer farm in the Innerdalen Valley
  • Explore the town of Trondheim for antique wooden houses and craft breweries

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Oslo Oslo
Day 2 Oslo - Drive to Lom Lom
Day 3 Hike in Jotunheimen National Park Lom
Day 4 Lom - Geiranger - Åndalsnes Åndalsnes
Day 5 Hike to Romsdalseggen Åndalsnes
Day 6 Åndalsnes - Innerdalen Summer Farm
Day 7 Hike to Innerdalstårnet Oppdal
Day 8 River Rafting - Train to Trondheim Trondheim
Day 9 Explore Trondheim Trondheim
Day 10 Depart Trondheim  

Detailed Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrive in Oslo, Explore

Street art in Oslo's hip Grünerløkka neighborhood.
Street art in Oslo's hip Grünerløkka neighborhood.

Welcome to Oslo! Norway's rapidly growing capital is still considered a small city, helped by the fact that it's surrounded by mountains and sea. Not only is the city center made for walking, but outlying neighborhoods — filled with charm and character — are easily accessible by public transportation, so jump on a tram, train, or bus and explore all of what Oslo has to offer.

Suggested activities include: 

  • Take a half-day and wander around Aker Brygge, an area on the Oslofjord made up of beautiful, modern buildings where you can find bars and abundant nightlife. It acts as a sort of courtyard for the city of Oslo and brings together both tourists and locals alike to enjoy the great food, atmosphere, and entertainment.
  • Spend the afternoon visiting the Viking Ship Museum and the Norwegian Open Air Folk Museum by way of public transportation. Both museums are in the same area, so they pair well together! 
  • Walk along the Havnepromenaden (harbor promenade) -- a new five-and-a-half-mile waterfront park, which combines sightseeing,
  • Visit the Vigeland Sculpture Park, where 200 larger than life sculptures are placed throughout this green lung in the middle of the city. The sculptures depict the ups and downs of life and the raw emotions of human beings. Bring your camera!

Day 2: Oslo - Bus to Lom

This historic cathedral can be found near the river. 
This historic cathedral can be found near the river. 

After breakfast in Oslo, you'll take a bus to Lom, a charming mountain village in the midst of some of the country's most spectacular scenery—close to Geiranger, the western fjords, and Jotunheimen National Park

You'll spend the rest of the day exploring Lom, which has a beautiful rushing river and a famous Stave church constructed in 1170. This delightful Norman-style design sits in the center of town near the water and is one of Norway's finest. Entry to the grounds, free of charge, is open all year-round. Make sure to come back at night and see the church when its lit in a wonderful glow. 

There's also a museum with a collection of 19th-century farm buildings and an old hut where St. Olav is said to have stayed. 

If you're feeling restless, head for the nearby hillside and take a short hike to warm up the legs for more hiking in coming days before dinner in Lom.

Day 3: Hike in Jotunheimen National Park

Hiking opportunities galore in this national park.
Hiking opportunities galore in this national park.

After breakfast in Lom, go for a full-day hike in Jotunheimen National Park, 'Home of the Giants', which is about 45 minutes by car from Lom.

Jotunheimen is a largely undisturbed mountain area in Eastern Norway, covering an area of more than 2,100 miles. The mountain range is Norway’s most popular national park and includes the country’s two highest mountains Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind, as well as rivers, valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and more than 60 glaciers.

In fact, the area has the largest concentration of mountains (more than 275 summits) higher than 6,000 feet in Northern Europe and offers some of the most scenic hiking on the continent with short strolls and difficult treks. Your private guide will determine the best option based on weather, snow conditions, and fitness levels. 

When you're done on the trail, visit the area's local farms. Jotunheimen has a long culinary tradition and some popular local produce include herbs, cured meat, sausages, cheese, jam, and bread.

Return to Lom in the late afternoon and have dinner in town.

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Day 4: Lom - Geiranger - Åndalsnes

Kayak in the Geirangerfjord and have lunch in town.
Kayak in the Geirangerfjord and have lunch in town.

After breakfast in Lom, you'll travel to the scenic fjord-side town of Geiranger along the Geirangerfjord — the deep blue UNESCO-protected fjord surrounded by dramatic snow-covered mountains, waterfalls, and lush vegetation. In other words, keep your camera close! 

If the weather is good, you will go for a paddle in the fjord. Otherwise, you can explore Geiranger by foot with cafés, shops, and galleries for souvenirs. The town's restaurants and eateries take pride in creating fresh food with a local twist, like Geiranger Brewery partly located in a boathouse so you can enjoy more of those views

You'll continue by car on a 2.5-hour drive down the famous Trollstien road or 'Trolls Ladder'. This adrenaline-inducing zig-zag road, with 11 hairpin turns, is carved into the mountain and supported by stone walls. You can stop at two viewpoints that were designed by architects using steel, glass, rock, and stone. 

Arrive in Åndalsnes, the mountaineering base and scenic town located in the Romsdalen glacial valley. Enjoy dinner in town and stay overnight.

Day 5: Hike to Romsdalseggen

Hike along the challenging Romsdalseggen Ridge.
Hike along the challenging Romsdalseggen Ridge.

Eat a hearty breakfast this morning. You'll take an epic hike to the top of the Romsdalseggen for unforgettable scenery.

This trip across the Romsdalseggen ridge is located in the middle of the most stunning mountain area of Norway! Clocking in at just over six miles, this is arguably the most beautiful hike in Norway with a well-marked path and nice surface. It's a windy but breathtaking experience standing on top of the ridge where you will have time for photos.

Return to Andalsnes for dinner and stay overnight.

Day 6: Åndalsnes - Innerdalen

This verdant green valley is where you'll spend the night.
This verdant green valley is where you'll spend the night.

Today, after breakfast, you will drive three hours east towards the Innerdalen Valley, visiting Eikesdalen, Aurstaupet, and Mardalsfossen along the way. This drive also provides views of Norway's most beautiful valley, the aptly-named Innerdalen Valley.

You'll park the car at the end of the road in Innerdalen and hike to Renndølssetra, a cozy summer farm where you'll have dinner and research tomorrow's hike to Innerdalstårnet. Spend a peaceful night at the farm and check out those stars!

Day 7: Hike to Innerdalstårnet

Aim for the top of that iconic mountain on today's climb.
Aim for the top of that iconic mountain on today's climb.

Today, after breakfast at the farm, you will climb the majestic mountain of Innerdalen, called Innerdalstårnet, with a private guide. The top of the mountain sits at 4763 feet above sea level, and the steep hike will reward you with a stunning view over Trollheimen. 

The trip starts from the farm and the heads to Giklingvatnet Lake before you start the last climb to the summit. This is challenging terrain but climbing experience is not necessary.

After the hike, return to the car and drive to the town of Oppdal for a nice relaxing dinner. 

Day 8: River Rafting - Train to Trondheim

Colorful wooden houses in Trondheim.
Colorful wooden houses in Trondheim.

Today, after breakfast in Oppdal, give your legs a rest and focus on the arms. You'll take a guided river rafting trip along the Driva River, which is well known by Norwegian water enthusiasts. 

After the fun river experience, jump on a relaxing two-hour train ride to Trondheim — Norway's third largest city! Have dinner in town and stay overnight.

Day 9: Explore Trondheim

Rent a red bicycle and explore the streets of this charming city.
Rent a red bicycle and explore the streets of this charming city.

Today, you'll have time to explore Norway's third largest city by foot, or by renting one of the red-painted bicycles at bike racks scattered around the city.

Trondheim is scenic with beautiful parks and cultural sights, including the slightly out-of-kilter antique wooden houses. Walk across the historic Old Town Bridge — a 17th-century iron structure — for photographs. Visit the impressive Nidarosdomen Cathedral, built over the grave of St. Olav, the King of Norway in the 11th century. Head to popular museums including the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Trondheim Museum of Art, the Archbishop’s Palace Museum, and the Rockheim, Norway’s national museum of popular music.

The intimate city center is also great for shopping with independent boutiques, along with local dining establishments, including pubs, cafés, and restaurants — many that serve locally-brewed beer.

Day 10: Depart Norway

Drive to the airport for your return trip home.
Drive to the airport for your return trip home.

After breakfast, head to the airport and catch your departing flight. Although it's time to say goodbye to Norway, the memories from your trip will surely stay with you forever!


Map of Norway Outdoor Adventure: Oslo to Trondheim - 10 Days
Map of Norway Outdoor Adventure: Oslo to Trondheim - 10 Days