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Map of Tips for Visiting Southern Norway: The Norwegian Riviera
Tips for Visiting Southern Norway: The Norwegian Riviera

Southern Norway is a nature lover’s paradise, and the region's nickname—the "Norwegian Riviera"—is perfectly suited to the waterfront towns that dot Norway's southernmost stretch of coast. Here are some tips for making the most of your stay.

A pretty sunset near the village of Arendal.
Map of Explore Southern Norway by Bicycle - 5 Days
Explore Southern Norway by Bicycle - 5 Days

Pack light for this summertime biking adventure that takes you through charming towns in Southern Norway, sometimes referred to as the Norwegian Riviera. You'll start in Oslo and then spend the next three days pumping at your own pace through places like Tvedestrand, Arendal, Fevikkilen, and Lillesand, which are known for their narrow streets, white wooden houses, and warm weather vibes. Enjoy stops along the way for sunbathing on rock formations, visiting historic lighthouses, and taking day-trips to nearby islands.

The historic Bryggen district in Bergen
Map of Oslo, Bergen & Southern Norway - 10 Days
Oslo, Bergen & Southern Norway - 10 Days

Welcome to the Scandinavian coast. This popular journey loops around Southern Norway, visiting key summertime attractions. For the ultimate mix of scenery, outdoor adventure, and history, you can't do much better than this relaxing 10-day itinerary.

Bergen's historic district of Bryggen
Oslo, Bergen & Southern Norway - 11 Days

This relaxing journey loops around Southern Norway to key summer spots for the ultimate mix of nature, history, and culture. Take a local tour of Bergen, visit the charming towns and islands along Southern Norway's coast, get to know Oslo, and take a scenic ride on the famous Flåm Railway. End your trip with a memorable ferry ride through Norway's longest and deepest fjord.

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