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The pretty little fishing town of Florø on Norway’s west coast was originally established because of the area’s rich herring fisheries. It’s also the westernmost town in the country, and currently home to just over 9,000 people. You’ll find charming cafes and shops as well as easy access to nature experiences like paddling, diving, or a hike up to Brandsøyåsen for a view over the small town, alongside the Coastal Museum that gives visitors a look into how daily life along the coast has evolved from the Stone Age into modernity.

While it is mainly a stopover for a few nights on the route between Bergen and Ålesund, some kimkim travelers have lingered a little longer to take a day trip to Svanøy on the local passenger boat. The island is known for its rich Viking history and, in contrast, modern peaceful deer farm.
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Map of Southern Norway's Fjord Coast - 8 Days
Southern Norway's Fjord Coast - 8 Days

Trace the impact of the sea and the country's maritime heritage across Norway's fjord coast on this weeklong journey. From charming Bergen, set sail for modern-day fishing villages and remote islands where you can not only sample the day's catch, but also dive into pristine environments now home to diverse aquatic wildlife and numerous seabirds. Urban and rural outdoor pursuits from hiking to cycling to kayaking are daily highlights of this active trip.

Sail through the Sognefjord to get to Fjærland
Norway Fjord & Island Tour - 8 Days

Travel like a local on this 8-day adventure through some of Norway's most iconic and historic landscapes. Starting in Bergen, set sail for fjord-side villages, fishing towns, and remote islands where you can dive into pristine and peaceful environments. Urban and rural pursuits like hiking, birding, and cycling are also daily highlights. 

The Nordfjord is located between Ålesund and Bergen
Map of Islands & Fjords in Western Norway - 13 Days
Islands & Fjords in Western Norway - 13 Days

This scenic loop through Western Norway uses a variety of fun travel modes that beckon you to sit back and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Starting in Oslo, you'll ride a train along an emerald river to get to Ålesund. Spend a night in this art nouveau city before taking a Hurtigruten cruise through stunning fjords to get to Florø—your jumping-off point for fishing islands, outdoor activities, and Viking culture. Finish the adventure in UNESCO-listed Bergen before circling back to Oslo on the Flåm Railway.

The Nordfjord between Ålesund and Bergen
Map of Western Norway's Rivers, Islands & Fjords - 11 Days
Western Norway's Rivers, Islands & Fjords - 11 Days

Traveling by train, boat, and coastal steamer, this summertime tour covers areas of Western Norway that are often overlooked by tourists. Start with a local tour of Oslo before boating along the River Rauma to Ålesund, known for its Art Nouveau architecture. From there, bike and hike on coastal islands, explore bustling Bergen, and ferry through both the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord.

Stay a night in Gudvangen on the shore of Naeroyfjord
Map of Norwegian Viking Tour - 8 Days
Norwegian Viking Tour - 8 Days

This 8-day itinerary is a great way to experience a historic side of Norway that most visitors miss. Between the 8th and 11th centuries, Vikinger was a form of adventure, drawing plunderers but also poets, scholars, and traders. Starting and ending in Bergen, you'll travel through Viking-era settlements, islands, and fjords, including the former stomping grounds of one of the most famous Vikings of all: Eric Bloodaxe.

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