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The lively city of Bodø boasts close proximity to a slew of memorable experiences. Northern Norway’s second-largest city sits just above the Arctic Circle, offering scenic strolls, a classy culinary scene, and a great starting point to explore Lofoten, the route along the Helgelands coast to Trondheim, and other parts of the region.

Kimkim travelers can join a guided Arctic coastal walk to learn about the area’s geology and history, including some of the many Viking graves discovered in the area. Check out the world’s strongest tidal current on a guided tour in Saltstraumen, surrounded by scenery and coastal heritage, or chase the Northern Lights on an autumn or winter visit.
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Explore remote beaches on both archipelagoes
Map of Vesterålen & Lofoten Islands Road Trip - 13 Days
Vesterålen & Lofoten Islands Road Trip - 13 Days

This self-guided summer road trip travels at a relaxed pace through gorgeous scenery above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. Explore two distinct archipelagos offering hiking trails, peaceful beaches, guided excursions, and a seaside teeming with whales—not to mention constant daylight hours during the 'Midnight Sun' to soak it in. Start and end the trip in Bodø, a cool little city with street art and a charming harbor.

Lofoten's village of Reine after dusk
Map of Northern Norway Arctic Adventure - 5 Days
Northern Norway Arctic Adventure - 5 Days

In less than a week, experience snow-covered scenery and the Northern Lights with this photogenic road-trip through the Lofoten Islands. The trip begins with a car ferry from Bodø, where you'll drive across the coastline at your own pace and explore some of Norway's oldest and most colorful fishing towns hugging the shore with traditional red 'rorbu' (fishermen's huts). Conclude the adventure with an overnight coastal steamer to Tromsø for a slice of Northern Norway's biggest city.

Look for the Northern Lights while driving through the Lofoten Islands
Map of Lofoten Islands & Tromsø Winter Excursion - 6 Days
Lofoten Islands & Tromsø Winter Excursion - 6 Days

Dramatic, snow-covered mountains and the Northern Lights are highlights of this 6-day adventure above the Arctic Circle. Starting in Bodø, you'll ferry to the stunning Lofoten Islands and drive at your own pace through some of Norway's oldest and most colorful fishing towns. Then, exchange your rental car for an overnight coastal steamer where you'll travel to Tromsø for some urban culture and dog sledding.

The village of Reine stays golden under a Midnight Sun
Map of Best of Norway's Arctic Islands - 13 Days
Best of Norway's Arctic Islands - 13 Days

This fun and fast-paced itinerary explores the best of Norway's stunning Arctic coast. Starting from Tromsø, the 'Paris of the North', you'll head to Senja island, the Vesterålen Islands, and Lofoten Islands, respectively. Choose between a number of scenic outdoor activities as you travel by rental car and Hurtigruten cruise—all under the extended daylight hours of the 'Midnight Sun'—for the ultimate summer adventure.

The breathtaking scenery of Norway's Lofoten Islands
Map of Hidden Lofoten: Explore Norway's Secret Islands - 8 Days
Hidden Lofoten: Explore Norway's Secret Islands - 8 Days

Discover Norway's remote Lofoten Islands on this scenic 8-day itinerary. Set off from the northern mainland town of Bodø and make your way south across the magical archipelago to end your journey on the breathtaking shores of Værøy. Along the way, you'll explore the secluded beaches, rugged mountains, and charming villages of this extraordinary region. With evenings spent in cozy, traditional accommodations and days devoted to a selection of memorable hikes and excursions, this relaxed itinerary is perfect for travelers looking for an intimate, off-the-beaten-path adventure.

A branch of the Svartisen glacier
Map of Summer Road Trip: Helgelands Coastal Tour - 10 Days
Summer Road Trip: Helgelands Coastal Tour - 10 Days

Road trippers will cover a great deal of scenic ground between southern Norway and the tip of the Arctic Circle with this 10-day itinerary. Start the adventure in Bergen's colorful wharf city before you make your way to Fjærland on Norway's biggest fjord. From here, continue towards the mighty Geirangerfjord and city of Trondheim, and finally, the Helgeland Coast—named one of the world’s top undiscovered island gems. This Norwegian Scenic Route (the longest in the country) runs from Holm to Godøystraumen with detours in Svartisen glacier and the Seven Sisters mountain range, to name a few. In other words, outdoor opportunities aplenty!

Snowscapes in the Lofoten Islands
Map of Oslo to Tromsø Winter Tour -13 Days
Oslo to Tromsø Winter Tour -13 Days

Not for the faint of heart, this epic 13-day trip through Norway's wintry north includes a dizzying array of destinations, travel modes, and activities that are highly unique to the Arctic. Start in the capital of Oslo and then take a train to the UNESCO-listed village of Røros. From here, dog sled in the mountains and walk through Trondheim before sailing to the Lofoten Islands. Finish with an overnight cruise to Tromsø for more dog sledding and sophisticated dining options in the 'Paris of the North'.

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