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Nestled beneath forest-covered mountains on the edge of a sparkling fjord, Fjærland looks like something out of a storybook. Some 300 inhabitants reside in the tiny village, and most of them couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Their backyard is packed with nature’s treasures: fjords, mountains, and glaciers, all in close proximity and away from the madding tourist crowds. The village is also a haven for avid readers. Nicknamed “Byokben” (Booktown), Fjærland has secondhand bookshops and free mini-libraries, some of which are set in former cowsheds and other abandoned buildings. 

Norway’s natural wonders make a fine backdrop to grand adventures. Previous kimkim travelers have paddled along the fjord on guided kayak tours. It’s hard not to feel awe at the sight of towering peaks reflected in the mirrorlike waters of Fjærlandsfjorden. Another staggering icon is the Haugabreen Glacier, which you can visit on a specialized walking tour that takes you across this slow-moving monolith of snow and ice. For more frosty action, consider visiting in the winter, when you can go for a guided snowshoe hike amid the mountains overlooking the fjord.
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Fjærland Essentials

This historic hotel has easy access to challenging hiking trails (photo courtesy of Kviknes Hotel)
The 12 Best Hotels in the Sognefjord

Given the rugged, remote, and sizable setting in Norway's fjord region, choosing the right hotel (and location) can get tricky, but we're here to help. We've hand-picked a dozen options in the Sognefjord—the country's longest and deepest fjord—and have broken them down into three categories depending on your budget: standard, mid-range, and luxury. Read on for the best hotels in the Sognefjord.

This historic hotel with stylish new interiors is located near hiking trails and glacier tours (photo courtesy of Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel)
The 8 Best Historic Hotels in the Sognefjord

These eight properties—many family-owned and operated for generations—provide plenty of local charm and hospitality after a day's adventures in the Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest fjord.

A pool with a view (photo courtesy of Hofslund Fjord Hotel)
The 8 Best Mid-Range Hotels in the Sognefjord

Choosing a mid-range hotel while exploring Norway's longest and deepest fjord is ideal for travelers who want a step above the standard category but don't want to spend on luxury. These eight properties offer comfortable interiors and perks, like renovated rooms with local bath products, a fireplace lounge, or an outdoor pool facing the fjord.

Flåm Marina and Heimly Pensjonat are neighbors in Flåm (photo courtesy of Norway's best AS)
The 5 Best Standard Hotels in the Sognefjord

Norway's fjord region, like all of Scandinavia, is notoriously expensive, but the Sognefjord—Norway's longest and deepest fjord—has its share of affordable stays surrounded by spectacular scenery. We've hand-picked five simple but charming hotels that don't break the bank, leaving you extra spending money for the area's wide range of outdoor adventures and cultural activities.

Fjærland Itineraries

Get behind the wheel for stunning vistas, where driving is part of the adventure
Map of Norway Mountains & Fjords Road Trip - 8 Days
Norway Mountains & Fjords Road Trip - 8 Days

Steer a relaxing weeklong course through the highs and lows of Norway's spectacular landscapes: from the dizzying zig-zag heights of the Trollstigen (Troll's Ladder) to the depths of Sognefjord, the country's deepest fjord. You'll enjoy the freedom of setting your own pace when visiting museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, not to mention plenty of opportunities to get out in nature and explore the wonders around you. Buckle up and pack your camera—this is going to be one gorgeous drive!

Sail through the Sognefjord to get to Fjærland
Norway Fjord & Island Tour - 8 Days

Travel like a local on this 8-day adventure through some of Norway's most iconic and historic landscapes. Starting in Bergen, set sail for fjord-side villages, fishing towns, and remote islands where you can dive into pristine and peaceful environments. Urban and rural pursuits like hiking, birding, and cycling are also daily highlights. 

Drive through some of the most scenic roads in the western fjords
Map of Western Norway Fjord Road Trip - 13 Days
Western Norway Fjord Road Trip - 13 Days

This 13-day trip covers some of Norway's best fjords, mountains, villages, and cities in under two weeks. Start in Oslo and check out the capital's new architecture and restaurant scene before traveling west (by train and ferry) to pick up a rental car. From here, drive at your own pace visiting charming towns and stunning fjords while enjoying a variety of activities like hiking, kayaking, and biking. Finish the adventure with a fjordcruise to Bergen—famous for its UNESCO-listed Hanseatic wharf.

Family hikes in Norway
Map of Norway Outdoor Family Adventure: Hiking, Kayaking & Boating - 7 Days
Norway Outdoor Family Adventure: Hiking, Kayaking & Boating - 7 Days

Spend a week experiencing Norway's spectacular beauty on this outdoor-oriented family adventure. Head on kid-friendly hikes around fjords and up mountains, feel the spray of the Seven Sister waterfall on a kayak trip, and take a boat tour to a secluded section of the Sognefjord. All this, while sampling Norway's cuisine at local eateries and visiting museums and aquariums in the country's most charming towns and villages.

Ferry through the Sognefjord to Bergen to finish the trip
Map of Norway's Sognefjord Road Trip - 9 Days
Norway's Sognefjord Road Trip - 9 Days

This 9-day itinerary combines some of Norway's prettiest cities, villages, and mountains surrounding its biggest and most famous fjord: the Sognefjord. After a few days in Oslo, you'll travel by train, ferry, and rental car through several villages boasting scenic hikes, waterfalls, and UNESCO-listed architecture. Finish with a half-day cruise to get to 16th-century Bergen, a seaside city oozing with history and charm.

A branch of the Svartisen glacier
Map of Summer Road Trip: Helgelands Coastal Tour - 10 Days
Summer Road Trip: Helgelands Coastal Tour - 10 Days

Road trippers will cover a great deal of scenic ground between southern Norway and the tip of the Arctic Circle with this 10-day itinerary. Start the adventure in Bergen's colorful wharf city before you make your way to Fjærland on Norway's biggest fjord. From here, continue towards the mighty Geirangerfjord and city of Trondheim, and finally, the Helgeland Coast—named one of the world’s top undiscovered island gems. This Norwegian Scenic Route (the longest in the country) runs from Holm to Godøystraumen with detours in Svartisen glacier and the Seven Sisters mountain range, to name a few. In other words, outdoor opportunities aplenty!

Get close to the views in Naeroyfjord
Map of Norway Fjord Road Trip - 10 Days
Norway Fjord Road Trip - 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary combines some of Norway's best fjords, mountains, villages, and cities. You'll kick off in Oslo with a few days to explore the up-and-coming capital before taking one of the most scenic trains in the world to Flåm. Then, ferry across the Sognefjord and begin a road trip with several days of UNESCO-listed sites, hiking trails, and boat rides to get to Bergen—a seafaring city surrounded by seven hills.

Stay a night along the Geirangerfjord between Bergen and Trondheim
Map of Summer Road Trip: Oslo, Bergen & Trondheim - 12 Days
Summer Road Trip: Oslo, Bergen & Trondheim - 12 Days

This journey highlights Norway's three biggest cities with scenic detours along the way. Start off in sophisticated Oslo before traveling by train and ferry to UNESCO-listed Bergen. From here, drive through fjord-side villages to Ålesund, known for its art nouveau architecture, and Kristiansund. Finish off in Trondheim with colorful wooden homes, café culture, and tree-lined streets for cycling.

Norway's longest and deepest fjord
Map of Western Norway Summer Road Trip - 12 Days
Western Norway Summer Road Trip - 12 Days

This road trip itinerary combines some of Norway's best fjords, mountains, villages, and cities. Start in Oslo where you'll have time to check out the exciting capital before taking the train and ferry to pick up your car. Then, travel at your own pace to various hiking trails, UNESCO-listed marvels, picturesque fjords, and even a national park boasting the country's highest peaks. To end the adventure, return your car and catch a fjordcruise to Bergen—a lively wharf city surrounded by seven mountains.

Take the kids to Norway and discover the stunning landscapes on a family hike
Map of Active Family Adventure in Norway: Oslo, Fjords & Bergen - 14 Days
Active Family Adventure in Norway: Oslo, Fjords & Bergen - 14 Days

Perfect for families with older kids, this epic Norway adventure whizzes you across mountains, glaciers, and fjords as you drive from the pint-sized cultural capital of Oslo to the seven peaks of Bergen. Along the way, you'll whitewater raft in Voss, head to the skies via cable car in Loen, and experience the thrill of Trollstigen's famous hairpin bends. Don't worry, there's time for relaxation, too, as you kayak the gentle Aurlandsfjord and experience the unique stillness of Norway's most famous fjords.

See charming Ålesund's Art Nouveau buildings
Map of Western Norway & Oslo Cultural Adventure - 15 Days
Western Norway & Oslo Cultural Adventure - 15 Days

Travel by train, hike mountains, boat along a fjord, and mountain bike down a valley on this 15-day journey that's perfect for active, adventure-seeking travelers. Soak up culture and creativity in Oslo before making an epic train journey to the west coast, where the real fun starts. You'll hike Jotunheim National Park, drive the spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road, ride the scenic Flåm Railway, see Art Nouveau houses in Ålesund, and zigzag along 11 twisting hairpin bends on the Trollstigen road.

Take a local trail with views of the Aurlandsfjord
Map of Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days
Family Hiking in Oslo, Bergen & the Sognefjord - 7 Days

This fast-paced itinerary covers three popular destinations with plenty of local twists for a unique family adventure. Start in Oslo where you'll have a few days to explore the capital's forests and rivers. Then head west to catch trails and views around the Sognefjord as you travel by train, ferry, and rental car. Finish with a fjord cruise to Bergen and pick between many hikes within its seven surrounding mountains.

Sail through the Geirangerfjord and get up close to waterfalls
Map of Best of Western Norway - 11 Days
Best of Western Norway - 11 Days

This family-friendly road trip covers a mix of popular and lesser-known destinations on Norway's stunning west coast. Start with a few days in Bergen to explore numerous cultural opportunities and easy hiking trails. Then, pick up your rental car and head north through distinct fishing communities to get to Ålesund. From here, choose your own activities as you slowly make your way to Solvorn where you'll stay at the oldest family-run hotel in the country before looping back to Bergen.

Other popular travel destinations in Norway
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