Norway is an outdoor paradise, and one of the most popular activities is hiking through the lush forests, jagged mountain peaks, and rocky fjords. From Troll's Tongue to Pulpit Rock, Norway is home to famous hikes that offer outstanding views of the country's iconic landscapes. You don't have to be an experienced trekker to enjoy the scenery, either. You'll find various trails, ranging from beginner to advanced, for all interests.

Getting Oriented

Norway has some of the most scenic trails in Europe.

Trekking in Norway is a popular activity for both locals and travelers. With so many routes and trails, many visitors plan entire visits with hiking in mind. You can easily combine hiking in northern Norway with trails in neighboring Finland or stick to different regions within the country. For example, hiking in southern Norway includes the famous Troll's Tongue (Trolltunga) rock, plus one of the most famous fjords, Sognefjord

You'll find some of the best hikes in Norway in the fjords, which aside from Troll's Tongue and Pulpit Rock, includes Kjerbag, the famous boulder suspended high in the air between two cliffs. So whether you want to enjoy various day hikes or plan a multi-day trekking excursion, you'll find some of Europe's most striking scenery in Norway.

Hike the Greats

Some of the country's most popular hikes offer incredible views of Norway's fjords. These include the incredible Kjerag Boulder and Pulpit Rock. 

Kjerag Boulder Hike

Get an early start up to Kjerag Boulder.

Hike Norway's famous Kjerag Boulder, departing from Stavanger to beat the tourist crowds. You'll start with a cruise through Lysefjord’s steep mountain walls while passing waterfalls, abandoned farms, and Preikestolen (Norway’s famous Pulpit Rock). Then a car will take you up 26 hairpin turns to the trailhead, where you'll start the steep and strenuous hike. At the top, you'll enjoy panoramic views from atop the tallest mountain in the region. Read More

Pulpit Rock Hike 

Enjoy the scenery from the top of Pulpit Rock.

A hike to Pulpit Rock is like a Norwegian rite of passage, which means this trail can get crowded. Avoid the tourist buses and trek up to the incredible views while staying off the beaten path. This moderately difficult hike is one of the most beautiful in the world, ending atop a flat plateau that juts out into Lysefjord at 1,981 feet (604 meters). Read More

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Hike the Fjords

To enjoy more of the fjords aside from Pulpit Rock and Kjerag Boulder, consider hiking to the glaciers and head a bit deeper into the region. 

Hike to Ruggå in Valldal Valley

Discover the incredible views of Ruggå.

Enjoy exploring one of Norway's most beautiful landscapes by hiking up to Ruggå, overlooking the famous Valldal Valley. You'll pass through traditional Norwegian farmland on this easy hike and stop at rustic buildings dotting the countryside. Ruggå is a large boulder with incredible views of Valldal Valley, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tafjord, and the surrounding mountains. Read More

Hike to Neshaugen with a Glacier View

Experience Norway's glacial history.

You can thank receding glaciers for much of Norway's stunning scenery, especially its fjords. Get a good look at one of the glaciers and its carved valley with a slightly steep hike to Neshaugen Viewpoint. You'll start from Mundal and make your way to an old fjord farm. Stop here to admire the history and rustic buildings, then finish your ascent to the viewpoint, where you'll rest with a picnic lunch. Read More

Hike Lofoten

The Lofoten Islands attract visitors for a very clear reason: the views are unbeatable. Hiking in Lofoten is one of the best places in Norway if you're after some seriously breathtaking scenery. 

Hike the Queen's Route in Vesterålen

Capture stunning views of the Vesterålen Islands.

Get some of the best views of the Vesterålen Islands by hiking along the famed Queen's Route, also known as Dronningruta. Once two separate routes, this historic trail takes you along the ocean's edge and up and over the mountain between Stø and the old fishing village of Nyksund. It's one of the best ways to experience the area's mountains, rugged coastline, and Norway's iconic coastal villages. Read More

Midnight Sunset Hike in Svolvær 

Stay up late and hike underneath the midnight sun.

Summer in Norway allows you to experience the unique midnight sun, and one of the best ways to do so is with a golden hike in Lofoten. With views out across the sea, you'll climb up to the top of a grassy peak and find the perfect spot to watch the sun fade into the night, dipping behind mountains and into the horizon. The moderate route is a local favorite and perfect for summer nighttime hiking. Read More 

How to Craft the Perfect Hiking Itinerary

From sea level to the top of mountains, Norway has it all.

Because hiking in Norway is a popular activity, you can easily add it to any Norweigan itinerary, even for families. For example, if you're visiting Bergen, you can pop up into the fjords and hike some of the country's most famous routes. Or, if you're visiting the Lofoten Islands, you'll find many options for day hikes in the area. Even city-hopping allows for a hike or two, as most Norweigan hubs have trails within city limits or nearby. Therefore, you don't necessarily need to plan a long trip to hit the trails. 

You can tackle some hikes in just a couple of hours, but others require full days or overnights. If you want to add a day hike or two to your trip, plan for at least five or six days. For a hiking-focused itinerary, you'll want at least one week in the country. Or, you can plan a multi-week hiking adventure in the summer!

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