Hike the Kjerag Boulder

This guided hike sets off early from the city of Stavanger to beat the crowds. The destination is the top of Kjerag, one of the most famous mountains in Norway and one of the most beautiful hikes in Scandinavia. Known as the "majesty of the Lysefjord," it gets its name due to its location in the famous fjord in the Ryfylke region of southwestern Norway.

In the morning, you’ll transfer to the shore of Høgsfjord, where a high-speed ferry awaits. Enjoy cruising through Lysefjord’s steep mountain walls while passing waterfalls, abandoned farms, and Preikestolen (Norway’s famous Pulpit Rock). Once ashore, your guide will drive you around 26 hairpin turns along the only road from the village of Lysebotn. Finally, you’ll twist up the Sirdal Mountains to the Eagle’s Nest trailhead.

This is a demanding six-hour hike with an 800-meter (2,624-foot) ascent that ends at the famous Kjeragbolten—a massive boulder solidly wedged into a crevasse in the mountain. The strenuous trail flattens as you near the summit, allowing you to enjoy the scenery around you thoroughly. The total height of Kjerag is 1,084 meters (2,556 feet), making it the largest mountain in the region. Its summit offers many lookout points featuring panoramic views of the mountains, fjords, and Norwegian countryside.

If you dare, you can stand atop the Kjerag boulder, which hangs between two cliffs above the fjord. If you’d rather observe, enjoy watching the base-jumpers hurtle down the sides of the cliffs. After lunch, you'll head back down the trail.

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