This 10-day itinerary will take you on a variety of hiking trails in northern Norway and parts of Finland, traversing lush valleys and craggy mountain peaks, wide expanses of tundra and clear glacial rivers. Tackle 5 to 12 miles a day off the beaten path, and immerse yourself in the crisp natural landscapes of the Land of the Midnight Sun.


  • Visit the northernmost city in the world, Tromsø
  • Hike off the beaten path in the Arctic wilderness
  • Kayak the waters off the other-worldly island of Senja 
  • Be in three places at once at the Three-Country Cairn

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Tromsø; Lyngseidet Lyngseidet, Norway
Day 2 Koppangen valleys and mountains Lyngseidet, Norway
Day 3 Lynsdalen glacier walk Lyngseidet, Norway
Day 4 Three-Country Cairn Treriksrøysa
Day 5 Malla Strict Nature Reserve Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Day 6 Hike the arctic wilderness Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Day 7 Senja Senja, Norway
Day 8 Senja hiking and kayaking Senja, Norway
Day 9 Senja hiking Senja, Norway
Day 10 Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Tromsø to Lyngseidet


Upon arrival in Tromsø get picked up by your guide and make your way to Lyngseidet to hike in Svensby. Enjoy the stunning views of Ullsfjord and the surrounding Lyngen Alps, stopping to eat your packed lunch during the hike. Rest for the evening in your accommodation in the midst of the mountains on the western side of Lyngenfjord, and appreciate the coastal scenery the fjord offers.

Day 2: Koppangen Valleys and Mountains

Koppangen valleys and mountains
Koppangen valleys and mountains

Leave your accommodation behind and start the day on foot in the Koppangen area of the Lyngen Alps. Explore the surrounding valleys and glaciers — an important feeding area for reindeer and sheep — and admire the stunning views from the vantage point of a mountain peak. 

Hiking distance: 6.2 - 9.3 miles
Hiking duration: 5 - 8 hours 

Day 3: Lynsdalen Glacier Walk

Hiking in Lyngsdalen
Hiking in Lyngsdalen

The Lyngsdalen and Vuošvággi area is the gateway to the tallest mountains in the Lyngen Alps and the highest of them all, Jiehkkevárri, at 6,017 feet.  Spend the day mildly trekking through a valley alongside the glacial Lyngsdalselva river and enjoying the majestic natural landscape. Upon reaching the small village of Dalbotn you will be able to see three glaciers at once.

Hiking distance: 9.9 miles 
Hiking duration: 5 - 6 hours 

Day 4: Three-Country Cairn

Three-Country Cairn, on the border between Sweden, Norway, and Finland
Three-Country Cairn 

The day starts with a three-hour drive along the border with Finland to the starting point of your trek. The hike ends at the border cairn of Norway, Finland, and Sweden, and is one of the few places in the world where you can walk freely from one country to another. Note how the terrain has changed: fewer mountain peaks and more open tundra — scenery more typical of Finland.   

Stay the night near Treriksrøysa by the border of Sweden and Finland in a secluded cabin, and enjoy its simple rustic charm: no electricity or running water! 

Hiking distance: 8.7 miles
Hiking duration: 4 - 8 hours 

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Day 5: Kilpisjärvi and Malla Strict Nature Reserve

Malla Strict Nature Reserve
Malla Strict Nature Reserve

Hike to the village of Kilpisjärvi in Lapland, Finland through the Mallan luonnonpuisto (Malla Strict Nature Reserve). Though this unique reserve is home to many rare plants and animals, it is common to encounter large herds of reindeer. Follow the route up the mountain again to experience spectacular views over Finland and Sweden. 

Depending on energy levels, it is possible to take a boat transfer back to Kilpisjärvi. Stay the night in a cozy wooden cabin in Kilpisjärvi and relax aching muscles in your private sauna.

Hiking distance: 7.5 miles
Hiking duration: 4 hours

Day 6: Hike the Arctic Wilderness

Kilpisjärvi wilderness
Kilpisjärvi wilderness

Today your guide will take you off the beaten path. You will leave your cabin and blaze your own trail in the wilds that surround Kilpisjärvi, a region considered to be one of the last true wilderness areas in Europe. In the evening return to Kilpisjärvi and stay the night.

Hiking distance: 9.3 - 12.4 miles
Hiking duration: 5 - 8 hours

Day 7: Senja

Dragon Teeth, Senja, Norway
Senja Island

Drive the three hours to the picturesque island of Senja and enjoy the stunning views of fjords and mountains. Stop for lunch before exploring the best of Senja's many hiking options. 

Hiking distance: 3 - 4.9 miles
Hiking duration: 2 - 3 hours

Day 8: Senja Hiking and Kayaking

Explore Senja via kayak
Explore Senja via kayak

Today drive across Senja island to your resort for the night, stopping along the way to explore the many small peaks and majestic mountains. Check into your accommodations and take the afternoon to explore the island's coastline by kayak. If you'd rather relax for the rest of the day, save the kayaking excursion for tomorrow.

Day 9: Senja Hiking

Senja island, Norway
Senja in Spring

Start the day early and hike to the Ånderdalen nasjonalpark (Ånderdalen National Park), where you'll cross mountain peaks as you admire the fjords. If you want, after dinner take a short hike in the light of the midnight sun (in the summer months, the sun never sets).

Day 10: Departure

Aerial view of Tromso, Norway

Your guide will take you back to Tromsø airport today. If you have time, take the opportunity to explore Tromsø before catching your return flight home.


Map of Hiking in Northern Norway and Finland - 10 Days
Map of Hiking in Northern Norway and Finland - 10 Days