Hike to Ruggå in Valldal Valley

Photo from Valldal Naturopplevingar
Enjoy hiking in one of Norway's famed landscapes, complete with towering mountains, vast valleys, deep fjords, and historic farmland. The area around Valldal is a hiking paradise, rich in all that the country has to offer, plus incredible viewpoints. Many of the routes include off-the-beaten-path trails and quiet, peaceful scenery.

Right in Valldal, you'll find Reinheimen National Park, Geiranger World Heritage Area, several nature reserves, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tafjord. On this easy hike to Ruggå, you'll pass through traditional Norwegian farmland and stop at rustic buildings dotting the countryside. Ruggå is a large boulder with incredible views of Valldal Valley, Tafjord, and the surrounding mountains.

After enjoying lunch at the boulder and taking in the views, you'll head back down to Valldal. On the way back, you'll follow a different trail. Again, enjoy panoramic views as you settle into your pace.

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