Photo from XXLOFOTON

Midnight Sunset Hike in Svolvær


Watch the summer midnight sun melt into the horizon on this hike in Lofoten's mountainous northern side. With a clear view of the sea, you'll climb up to the top of a grassy peak and find the perfect spot to watch the sun's rays fade into the night. The moderate route is a local hidden gem and perfect for summer nighttime hiking or a pleasant walk along the shoreline in Lofoten. 

You'll start with a relaxed walk through grassy mountain valleys and rocky patches. Then, enjoy glimpses of lakes, fjords, inlets, and rugged peaks as the alpine glow begins. Warm, rich colors traverse the sky as you reach the top of the viewpoint. Feel free to simply relax and enjoy the scenic view or try to capture the perfect photo. This hike offers a great opportunity to take midnight sun pictures, and your guides are happy to offer advice on your camera settings.

Below the mountain and just above the sea, you'll follow the sun's journey towards the horizon. Then, after a rest and plenty of time to take in the views, you'll head back down the mountain.

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