Hike to Neshaugen Glacier Viewpoint

Stretch your legs on a mountain hike to Nesahaugen, a viewpoint with stunning fjord and glacier landscapes. You'll start in the town of Mundal and conquer the first stretch, which is a bit steep. This moderate route weaves through a dense forest up to an old summer mountain farm at about 1,500 feet (475 m). Then, feel free to take a rest and enjoy the rustic buildings.

After the farm, the path turns to the right and starts to gain more elevation. At the top, you'll find the Nesahaugen Viewpoint. Take a rest here and enjoy your lunch while listening to stories about local history, culture, and folklore from your guide. Take in the views of the mountain peaks, distant glaciers, and meandering fjords. When you're ready, you'll head back to Mundal along the same path.

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